Comcast’s Outdoor Film Festival

A pioneer in outdoor movie presentations, Comcast has hosted some of the country’s largest screenings. The Comcast Outdoor Film Festival takes place this August 27 through August 30, delivering state-of-the-art digital projection and art cinema to the community. Montgomery County first witnessed the Comcast Outdoor Film Festival in 2013 alongside the Rockville Drive-In. The drive-in, itself, closed 30 years ago, making its reemergence a much-welcomed Comcast tie-in to kick off the event’s attribution to classic cinema. Comcast’s ongoing sponsors has enabled the festival’s progression, hosting NIH Charities with acquired funds and support.

The Festival

Homemade lemonade, popcorn and food items invigorate big-name features and other events. The film festival has appeared in several locations, spanning from Strathmore to Bethesda’s Rockville Pike. Shady Grove University, too, has hosted the event, increasing its relevancy to modern culture in previous years.

The Comcast Outdoor Film Festival has reached over 10,000 attendants per night. Film enthusiasts, locals and distant networks have visited the festival, empowering its special events through multimedia and community support. Often placed near its location’s historic districts, attendees are encouraged to walk, bike or take community transportation to the event’s features. Comcast has, in the past, showed its community dedication by directly assisting community transportation efforts—bringing friends and family together before, during and after main events.

NIH Children’s Charities Support and Comcast

Comcast’s close partnership with NIH Children’s Charities creates expansive community outreach. The charities include The Children’s Inn, a private location for NIH pediatric patients and families. Additionally, Special Love delivers family network care coverage to families, including attendance to Camp Fantastic. The charity’s sponsored Friends of the Clinical Center offers emergency financial help to patients and surrounding families alike.

Comcast, the world’s largest communication and mass media company, has always been well-engrained in cultural affairs and charity support. Its community-level Film Festival generates attention between family spheres, garnering support from its primary audiences without being remote. Comcast provides internet, cable and telephone services to businesses and individual households. Its importance as a network provider requires intensive marketing mechanics at personal levels, making such community interaction efforts appreciated.

Strengthening Connections

Often, event marketing serves a company by engaging consumers and creating leads. Comcast, however, engages such mechanics through strengthening the evolving consumer. The world’s biggest networking service hardly needs to engage new marketing strategies to increase its customer base. Rather, the Comcast Film Festival fortifies its existing consumer base—maintaining steady service consumers as internet, television and communication technology evolves.

Films are considered cultural nutrition, and the organization has proudly sponsored the event for years to derive continuous success. Partnered with effective, altruistic organizations like NIH Charities, Comcast’s efforts are quite effective. Giving back to the community, empowering consumers and strengthening relationships are Comcast’s primary goals—and the Comcast Outdoor Film Festival doesn’t fail to reach each goal. The Comcast Outdoor Film Festival continuously pleases attendees, regardless of location. In many ways, the event, itself, has little need for promotion. Comcast’s appearance at a local, personal level is appreciated by its consumer base, making it a potent marketing strategy.