Zipcar and The Baroudeur

Wayne State University has taken steps to increase its location’s “green” way of life. Its noncompetitive scholarship fundraiser, powered by Zipcar, will explore Detroit, experiencing the Motor City with an emphasis on alternative power methods. Zipcar, the world’s biggest car club and sharing service, has found an excellent event to promote further growth by enhancing its perceived future viability and ethical standards. The event, itself, is called The Baroudeur.

About The Baroudeur

On Saturday, August 22, Wayne State University’s cycling event will procure funds for student scholarships. Riders are granted explorative opportunities on pre-selected bike trails, assisting economically disadvantaged individuals obtain education at the university level.

The Baroudeur doesn’t inhibit riding, as it’s an open road course. Cyclists travel alongside traffic, adhering to area motor laws. Ensuring safety is a priority, and The Baroudeur’s officials conduct directional signage, court marshaling and patrolling. Police patrols, too, will conduct traffic through each route, ensuring total safety through course completion.

“Baroudeur”, itself, is “warrior” or “fighter” in French. Riders not afraid to break from the pack are rewarded with such a status, though they might be considered an underdog. Baroudeurs are considered adventurers, chance-takers and opportunists, reaching critical acclaim in Paul Fournel’s Vélo essays. Reaching for excellence and pushing against convention is the Baroudeur “way of life”, maintaining a risk-taking approach to discipline. In many ways The Baroudeur exemplifies new innovations, inspirations and inventions.

Zipcar’s Appearance

Zipcar’s sponsorship is telling, as The Baroudeur’s highlight of multiple disciplines, multiple routes and fight against conventionalism matches the brand’s dedication to unique travel options. Zipcar, in the past, has faced opposition due to its highly unique design and implementation. Fighting “against” conventional travel means, Zipcar has been widely considered a “risk taker” in its departure from mundane motor travel.

Many alumni and students propose similar beliefs, making Zipcar’s appearance and sponsorship quite welcome at the event. The Baroudeur’s ties to Detroit are significant, as baroudeur French adventurer and explorer, Antoine Laumet de La Mothe founded the city in 1701. Rider amenities reflect the historical event by focusing on dedication to community and exploration. Riders are granted refreshments to fuel the journey, as well as a post-ride beer, lunch and music festival.

Amenities also include a limited edition Baroudeur T-shirt and the event’s Support and Gear vehicles. Free parking and Zipcar-followed events are present, as is a collection of informative history material.

Zipcar and Universities: Marketing through Education

Zipcar is highly reliant on university-based travel. Its primary consumer bracket lacks transportation needs and is very mobile. Some of the world’s largest universities host Zipcar for consistent transportation options, Stanford, Yale and Brown leading the collection. Faculty, students and even local community members rely upon Zipcar in university towns, creating a highly unique system contingent upon a specific denomination.

Likely, Zipcar will continue marketing to this segment with future events. Over 100 North American universities have witnessed a massive surge in Alternative Transportation Masters students, and even more have benefited from Zipcar’s growth and overall success.