Sapporo Premium Beer’s New Orleans Sushi Fest

Sunday, August 16 will feature New Orleans’s freshest, newest festival. The New Orleans Sushi Fest & Competition pairs a classic love for seafood with eloquent, competitive creations. Japanese-inspired dishes are expected, as are powerful sponsorship presences from Sapporo Premium Beer and Royal Honda. The area’s primary sponsors take part in festivities while promoting their brands throughout events—combining both local and state-wide consumers for ultimate brand recognition.

The New Orleans Metro Area

The New Orleans Sushi Fest & Competition, featured in the New Orleans Metro Area, reaches numerous marketing segments with one, grand celebration. Urban environments carry great visibility potential, reaching high diversity with singular event days. Drinking booths, sushi creations, brand exposure and high quality amenities will be available, reaching a multitude of sushi lovers while combining the 21-plus audience with Royal Honda’s target market.

The Competition

The New Orleans Sushi Fest & Competition, itself, will span across various categories to proclaim winners in several segments. Many winners will emerge—and the 2015 Grand Champion will be selected from the lot by the event’s esteemed judges. Here, quality isn’t only maintained—it’s a primary factor. Sushi competitions and sample panels rely upon top quality dishes to succeed, and The New Orleans Sushi Fest & Competition delivers with world-class dishes.

The New Orleans Sushi Fest & Competition is in its second year, and its previous appearance garnered over 2,800 participants and attendees. Sapporo Premium Beer has enriched the event recently, accommodating for the sushi crowd’s love of sake, Japanese beer and crafts. Live entertainment by Flow Tribe will partner this year’s event, heightening its overall excitement.

The Marketplace and Cat’s Meow Karaoke Club, too, will make an appearance, dedicating the space to Japanese-featured culture, lifestyle events and exciting games. Customized T-shirts, sushi-themed goods, art creations and contest panels, too, will be featured. The festival will host a grand raffle, awarding winners with two Japan airline tickets. The event, itself, will dedicate proceeds to the Japan Society of New Orleans and The Japan Club of New Orleans. Visitors are prompted to “gear up” for The New Orleans Sushi Fest & Competition with its newest Sake Hop event. Presented through the New Orleans Hotel Collection, the Wednesday event will kick off the season’s “sushi-minded” form of entertainment.

Sapporo and Modern Marketing

In May 2014, Sapporo unleashed its newest marketing direction. Its TV campaign focusing upon the brewery’s Japanese heritage invoked a modern twist by including animated TV spots and sumi-e style creations. Sapporo has since targeted consumers with its “pure Japanese” creation, inspiring buyers with quality Japanese ingredient inclusions.

Most beer companies use similar tactics to secure market growth, imbuing marketing campaigns with home-style attribution cultural credits. Sapporo’s cosmopolitan lounge scenes, depicted through its modern TV spots, definitely match with The New Orleans Sushi Fest & Competition’s aesthetic, combining a classic idea with new, rich directions. Its placement in the fest is both effective and informative, as its cultural connection to sushi, sake, Japanese-inspired games and contests, creates understanding while priming the brand for its own marketing future.