The Yamaha Champions Riding School

Yamaha’s stellar consumer outreach has reached unparalleled heights, and the Yamaha Champions Riding School connects brand buyers with the company’s ideologies. August 17 and 18 will host a variety of events for Yamaha drivers seeking the world’s best rides. The Yamaha Champions Riding School delivers high quality classes, first class experiences and New Jersey’s finest offerings.

The Riding School

The Yamaha Champions Riding School, primarily, is a motorcycle training school. Students are partnered with Yamaha professionals and event officials, maximizing their educational time with equipment information, driving instructions, tutorials and more. The event’s breakfast setup and one-night dinner special is handled via Yamaha’s best brand promoters, fully equipped with Arai and AplineStars riding equipment.

The event’s coaching staff operates upon industry approved standards and safety rules. Students are always partnered to their fitness and experience levels, and customer satisfaction is prioritized above all else. Each class hosts 22 riders in the New Jersey Motorsports park, and 15 riders are welcomed to the Indie Motorsports Ranch for Yamaha’s upcoming winter school.

Individual Attention

The event’s big-hitting amenity is its one-on-one design. Riders receive individual attention, obtaining full brand knowledge and custom-tailored lessons. Motocross and generic motorcycle riding requires an attention to detail—and Yamaha’s long-running customer quality program accommodates for each participant. Street riders, brand enthusiasts and newcomers, alike, are welcomed, accessing popular courses with track-day races. The Yamaha Champions Riding School is the country’s annual stop for a variety of big-name professionals, including the Harley-Davidson engineering staff and N2 Trackdays team.

Harely-Davidson’s staff, in particular, has promoted the Yamaha Champions Riding School in the past, enjoying eight years of the event’s success. Life changing themes empower the event from year to year, improving the brand’s consumer relations program continuously. Yamaha Champions Riding School graduates receive full honors and standard credentials alongside the Yamaha industry name.

Yamaha’s Long-term Customer Relations

Yamaha’s persona is unique within the industry. Dedicated to its appearance as an “Exclusive and Trusted Brand”, the company’s manufacturing and marketing mechanics have, historically, worked hand in hand with one another. Yamaha products are geared to custom-tailored needs, focusing on the long-term relationships motor producers need. Lifestyle, for Yamaha, is paramount, as are proactive design, performance excellence and innovative technology. Yamaha’s innovative solutions are constantly pitted against emergent technology and changing customers. As the industry expands, so do the brand’s needs.

Adding vehicle value, of course, is Yamaha’s prime objective. However, such an expansive—yet segmented—industry relies upon customer dedication and education. Yamaha’s brand caters to higher income individuals, as extreme sports vehicles are commonly luxury purchases. Yamaha employees are its most valuable assets, and such assets prove their worth at the Yamaha Champions Riding School. Professionalism and progressive career development, above all, are featured at such events.

Informing customers through good corporate practices, business conduct and environmental workshops, too, is important to Yamaha. As the brand grows, it continually faces new, innovative solutions. Increasing customer and partner loyalty is important, and stakeholder value increases as customers become increasingly knowledgeable about the brand as a whole.