Google’s Study Jam Android Fundamentals

From August 5 to August 15, Google Developers Study Jams will offer community-run, in-person study groups to enrich Google’s developing Udacity courses. Developer technology will be featured, accommodating for local Google Developer Group meet-ups and the Android Fundamentals course.

The Study Jam

Google’s Study Jams host tutoring and guidance sessions for students. Fun classroom environments, in-depth learning scenarios and Udacity’s customized course structure power the each week-long session through shared coursework, lectures, workshops and final projects. Each student attends Study Jam sessions with Udacity’s online coursework, and each class covers key concepts, answers addressed questions and focuses on individual projects.

Google’s tutoring sessions and community atmosphere has been designed to assist students in achieving deep learning goals. Each course’s concept is re-accessed weekly, ensuring an ever-changing educational perspective.

Google’s Approach to Education

Google is famed for its approach to education, innovative solutions and future insight. Study Jam honors the company’s cornerstones by segmenting future tech leaders and enriching their careers. Requirements and prerequisites are required, as are credentials in studying Android Fundamentals alongside three years of programming experience. Google’s future will likely rely on Java, and attendees are expected to be Java-fluent while contributing to Github’s overall code structure.

Android device access is also helpful, ensuring total brand immersion as products are conducted. Google believes supplementing online course experiences with various community learning seminars is important. Online learning environments have been persistent in Google’s learning architecture—making its outreach program aligned with the company’s inner functions. As the online world evolves, so, too must its biggest companies. Achieving certification is Study Jam’s endgame, but aligning the industry’s newest, brightest minds with Google’s creative strategies is very important. Collaborative community efforts and a fun environment are commonly identified with the company, making Study Jam’s features recognizable and welcomed.

Deeper Learning, Ideas and Solutions

A departure from normal marketing efforts, Google’s Study Jams Android Fundamentals offers worldwide integration, rather than exposure. Google’s highly intuitive software, design solutions and relevant mechanics needn’t rely on world-class marketing solutions to keep pace with the Internet. Rather, involving new participants with technology’s future is its overall goal. A highly unique marketing strategy, Google’s affinity for involving consumers with the brand’s creative aspects is intelligent. Sharing ideas, problems, alternative designs and programming options is important for such a titan, as is incorporating sessions to highlight the industry’s newest trends.

Over the course’s six lessons and coursework, students become fluent with Google’s key future questions. Again, atmosphere is highly important. Deep learning scenarios sculpt each class’s trajectory, leading involved thinkers with some of the industry’s highest hurdles. In many ways, Study Jams both reflects existing talent while sparking creative growth. Google’s reputation is based upon incredible innovation, grand scale and incorporated solutions. Such a brand thrives upon new minds, community outreach and publicized direction.

Where marketing, itself, is considered, Google’s Study Jams Android Fundamentals highlights the brand’s affinity for “giving back”, depicting itself not only as an industry leader—but as an educational forerunner, technology solutions included.