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Commercial shoot locations in Miami

Not too long ago many commercials were filmed on South Beach. Now in 2013 Wynwood has become the epicenter for filming most of all Miami commercials. Wynwood is Miami's art district and the last underdeveloped area of Miami. Full of murals and home to several bars and restaurants, the area is great for filming all types of commercials.

This Victoria's Secret commercial featured "Angels" strutting their stuff around Wynwood in high heels draped over Lamborghini's.

Victoria Secret chose to film their latest commercial in Wynwood and boy did they make it sexy! With so much eye candy already in Wynwood, these beautiful models took it to a whole another level. What happens when sex meets Wynood? Play the video and find out!

When choosing a filming location in Miami its important not be too far away from hotels and the I95. This is why Wynwood has become the best location in Miami for filming commercials. If you are interested in looking for a location in Miami for filming commercials then Soho Studios is the ideal choice for directors. With 70,000 sq ft of production space, Soho Studios offers everything a director and film crew will need for filming their commercial shoot. If you need one large space then look no further then our Armory Studio. The Armory is the largest studio in Miami. This studio has 33,000 sq ft of productions space that's ideal for filming commercials.

Filming Location in Miami

Choosing the right filming location in Miami can be the hardest part of a director's job. There are many important factors involved when choosing a filming location in Miami, such as the distance from Miami International Airport and the close proximity of hotels. This is sometimes an overlooked part when choosing a filming location as most directors and production teams mainly look for the right studio in Miami that has the necessary dimensions for the shoot in question. Height plays an important roll in the decision making process as well the depth. Depending on the size of studio, height, length and width will most likely be the overriding factor when choosing a filming location in Miami. No other studio are capable of holding large production. As a filming location in Miami, Soho Studios has upto 100,000 sq ft of production space in Miami. Thinking of filming in Miami? Take a look at our Armory Studio, it has 33,000 sq ft of production space in Miami with all the power a director can dream of.

Puma filmed Bolt and other superstars last year before the Olympics for Puma's Evo speed Commercial.

Make sure that as you narrow down your filming locations in Miami and remember that you may need more space that you initially thought.