Great Miami Outfitters

“Living for Adventure” Film Series by Great Miami Outfitters


Great Miami Outfitters is hosting its outdoor promotional web series beginning January 9, 2016, inviting brand lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike to partake in its grand adventure. Living for Adventure, a Great Miami Outfitters film series, features a variety of outdoor-related films to educate, inspire and entertain its chief audience and brand newcomers alike.

Outdoor Focus and Target Market

Great Miami Outfitters focuses on hikers, paddlers, travelers and general outdoor enthusiasts, enticing active lifestyle-goers to capture their perfect memories. The event’s introductory film, “Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown” kicks off the event following a warmup invitational. Gordon Brown, himself, is considered one of the world’s best sea kayak instructors.

Such a popular industry face is ideal for the Great Miami Outfitters name. Author of the Sea Kayak manual, Gordon Brown’s presence as an idealist, knowledgeable teacher and leader is undeniable. Event-goers can learn proper kayak safety, technique and etiquette while engaging open-water sports.

Video Outreach and Further Opportunities

Gordon Brown’s video is approximately 80 minutes long, promoting sea kayaking’s foundations and paddle techniques. Greater Miami Outfitters, proud to partner with Gordon Brown, assists filmgoers with their own film creation, crafting beautiful journeys captured on film. Advanced techniques are covered too, including those featured in world-class training seminars.

Gordon Brown’s beautiful travel across the west coast’s most remote areas additionally captures the Isle of Skye. Well-known for its beauty, the Isle of Sky shapes a particular image sought after by Great Miami Outfitters. The company’s certified ACA kayak instructors are present at the event, and each is ready to answer questions. An additional Rescue and Re-entry Workshop Session, too, is hosted, gifting welcomed participants with in-depth discussion and video expansion opportunities.

The Living for Adventure film series is incredibly accessible, and event-goers examining further filming opportunities are relied upon by Greater Miami Outfitters for brand awareness.

Media Event Marketing

Greater Miami Outfitters dominates the event marketing world where media expertise is considered, too. By utilizing a mobilized film series, the brand effectively harnesses outreach while keeping its project in-scope. The film series, while open to a variety of sports, places a high focus on water-centric activities. Brand lovers see the Greater Miami Outfitters name, their love of adventure and Gordon Brown’s representation.

The event’s high focus on safety and etiquette, too, benefits Greater Miami Outfitters. The outdoor product industry relies upon safety, assuredness and guidelines to guarantee quality. The Greater Miami Outfitters Living for Adventure series, in more ways than one, cements its dedication to such ideologies.