KijiK Multimedia at Miami Film Month

The growing film industry has generated a wide array of opportunities, and Greater Miami is home to exquisite events and excellent marketing opportunities. Particularly, the 2015 Miami Film Festival generates enough potential for multiple marketing avenues—ranging across booths, art cinemas and brand featurettes.  

Miami Film Month and the Miami Film Festival

All of June will feature Miami’s hottest industry partners and brand supporters. From the 1st to the 30th, Greater Miami’s strongest brand pillars will be considered synonymous with the film industry’s finest hits, trends and innovative offerings.

Miami newcomers and residents will partake in the 2015 Miami Film Festival with $8 tickets. One ticket provides art cinema attendance and permits access to special screenings throughout the month. Of course, downloaded coupons are fully available, and participants can visit for more information.

Kijik Multimedia and the Miami Film Festival

The film industry’s growth is directly supplemented by brand support and cooperative growth efforts. One of the event’s strongest pillars, Kijik Multimedia, delivers outstanding support for the area’s finest projects and platforms.

Kijik Multimedia has produced exclusive, branded multimedia projects since 2000. Reaching many platforms, television projects, films, documentaries, commercials, websites, events, music videos and more, Kijik Multimedia is very attuned to the Miami Film Festival’s dedication to media. Kijik Multimedia’s clients span across many platforms, and across many industries—including The United States Air Force, Miami Science Museum, Sustainatopia and Bacardi.

Well-known for its in-house brand projects, celebrity support and big-time documentary appearances, Kijik is no stranger to high-profile events. Now, they’re extending marketability options while exploring experimental marketing platforms through this year’s Film Festival.

Sponsoring and Opportunities

Kijik Multimedia’s Miami Film Festival sponsorship is dynamic, and it empowers the brand through enriching the lives of film enthusiasts. Miami Film Month, itself, is home to a variety of inspirational panels, galleries and informational speeches. Empowering such an event conceptualizes Kijik Multimedia’s industry approach while connecting its consumer base with animation, web content, documentaries and brand recognition.

Kijik’s story is very potent on Pintrest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sources. Within the “multimedia marketing era”, high social media recognition is important. The 2015 Miami Film Festival shares similar visibility across social media—providing engagement on many levels, and across many consumer spheres.

Primarily, Kijik Multimedia’s opportunities reach film enthusiasts entering the media. Kijik’s full support of rising industry specialists, new entrants and also established members is unique—and its marketing efforts, niche. The film industry targets a particular consumer sphere, as multimedia is widely accessible online. In many ways, Kijik Multimedia’s approach to event sponsoring is invigorating, and it’ll likely become standardized in upcoming years.

Feature Film, Television and Corporate Levels

Miami Film Month provides opportunities for service consumers and companies alike. Documentaries, television features and multi-platform series are all there, and critically acclaimed stars like William Shatner, Kimmy Jean Louis and Daryl Hannah have been featured in Kijik Multimedia’s widespread support. On ground levels, Kijik Multimedia’s event marketing approach meets industry appeal with high connectivity. On a corporate, refined level, its industry approach is highly innovative—and incredibly potent.