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Art Basel 2013 - Start planning now!

Each year during the 1st week of December, Miami is the epicenter of the modern and contemporary art world. During those four days in 2013, Art Basel Miami will return to town, bringing with it an estimated 50,000 collectors, artists and gallery owners from around the globe to celebrate creativity and stunning innovation in the Wynwood District and beyond.

If your goal is to participate in this exciting art show, then now is the time to start looking for event locations in Miami for your function. Most event space in Miami is booked up many months in advance of Art Basel, so it is important to lock down a space as soon as you know the date that you want to hold your event.

Booking early will also allow you to choose from the best event locations in Miami versus having to settle for what is left. By far one of the best locations for an Art Basel Miami event is Soho Studios, which is located in the city's vibrant and exciting Wynwood Art District. Soho Studios is a huge, 70,000-square-foot building with high ceilings and flexible floor plans that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your function and is perfect for any Art Basel Wynwood event.

Soho Studios has hosted other Art Basel events in the past, including two of the world’s largest contemporary art fairs, PULSE Miami and SCOPE Miami. While this huge facility with its industrial detailing is a perfect showcase for big art fairs, it is also a multi-use site that can work for many different events, including concerts, seminars, meetings and parties. Soho Studios can also be used as a photography, television and film studio. Many have used Soho as a space to create videos and other media for Art Basel events.

Every year, Art Basel Miami grows bigger and bigger and adequate space for events becomes harder to come by. Art Basel Miami 2013 should be no different. That is why smart event planners will begin making plans early and booking event space Miami as soon as possible for their Art Basel events.

Japanese Pop Art Shows

There are plenty of art galleries in Miami, but none fit the description of "cute" quite as well as Kawaii Universe in the Wynwood District does. This studio and shop is modeled after the Japanese pop art form Kawaii, which literally means cute in the Japanese language.

What began as a phenomenon in Japan during the late 1970s and early 1980s quickly made its way overseas to the United States, where many American children found the cute culture in Japan to be appealing. The owner of Kawaii Universe found that most Kawaii art was only found online in the United States, so she wanted to bring that art to life in a brick-and-mortar studio.

Since opening Kawaii Universe, just down the street from Soho Studios in 2011, Kawaii pop art in all its colored and cuteness has become quite popular, and is a focal point during many Art Basel Miami Beach events. As the trend continues to catch on, more and more people are getting involved in Kawaii pop art and are interested in working on their own cute pieces.

The Art Basel Miami Beach is one of the most well known Miami events, and it happens each year during the month of December. For those who are interested in displaying their own Kawaii art pieces, Soho Studios is a perfect studio space option for you. This venue is unique and versatile, and is home to many different artistic endeavors. But during this special event, Soho Studios works best as an art studio space and gallery during one of the best art shows Miami has to offer.

Whether you have been into the cute art scene for decades now, or you are just getting started on your first Kawaii work of art, consider displaying your work during Art Basel Miami Beach at Soho Studios. It's the perfect gallery space, and is well complemented by the nearby cute gallery of Kawaii Universe. You'll be in good company with plenty of other Kawaii pop art fanatics who are equally passionate about the colorful, joyful artwork.

Organic food on wheels Miami Food Trucks

Miami is a popular destination for thousands of people every year. Like any major city, Miami has a culture that they can call their own. Even within the city there are divisions of culture that are unique and must be experienced individually. One major hub for art, culture and cuisine in Miami is the Wynwood Arts District, where the Food Truck Round-Up happens during the second Saturday of each month during Art Walk.

The Bocadito's Food Truck has been serving the Miami area for over a year and has made relationships of trust along the way. At Bocadito's you will find only the best organic food and ingredients in each dish. Bocadito's uses the friendliest and greenest methods for producing their foods. This mobile operation has many stops but one that they frequent often is located outside the Wood Tavern. They serve food when the Wood Tavern is not serving. This shows the trust and tenacity of the Bocadito's owner. Some food trucks have been known to setup near open restaurants and compete for business, but Bocadito's is concerned with building lasting relationships. They know that attract customers they must be a trusted truck in the area, because after all the word will spread that they are a good place to eat.

Bocadito's can also be found at the Wynwood Green Art Walk on the last Sunday of every month. They continue at each location to offer the best in food choices. They have been a part of the Wynwood District area since it came about. They have become an icon to many events that go on there. Their food is organically produced and the people who eat there don't have to ask about the food since they already know all about this organic delight of the Food Truck Round-Up.

To find out more check out this great article by NBC Miami reporter John Wood entitled… NiteTalk: Ryan Echaus Brings Bocaditos Back to Wynwood Green

Soho Studios is located minutes from the Food Truck scene in Wynwood. Next time you're checking out the area during Art Walk Miami take a visit to Soho Studios.

The Wynwood District draws in comic book culture

Miami might be best known for sun, sand, bikini clad girls on roller skates and retirees, but comic book culture is making an inroad as well. Geeks and nerds have moved out of the basements and dark corners of the urban landscape and into the world of mainstream pop culture and art. Comic art and comic influenced art has infiltrated the Wynwood district and its galleries and cinemas. What was once a marginalized style has overflowed with talent in recent years and gained ground as a legitimate form of visual and narrative expression.

O’Cinema serves as a sometimes hub for comic book movies and culture and has shown an extensive line-up of documentaries exploring the rise of the geeks and nerds and super hero movies. Among them is Morgan Spurlock's (Super Size Me) look at the San Diego Comic Con. This Mecca for geeks and nerds has turned the underground world of slightly obsessive interest into a festival and commercial proposition. A culture previously viewed as nearly exclusively male now encompasses an entire industry of attractive Cos-Play models making their living dressing up in the often ludicrously skimpy costumes of their ink and paper heroines and loving it. For a deeper look, check out this article. The galleries in the area hosts relevant art, including some from local Marvel artist David Sexton.

That the Wynwood District and Miami in general, should attract such attention from comic book culture is little surprise to those who pay attention. Nestled on Bird Road is A&M Comics, one of the nation's oldest comic book shops. It's the archetypal shop full of boxes, clutter, and a proprietor who knows where everything is with near supernatural accuracy. The owner, Jorge Perez, has gained quite the reputation for being able to find anything that his patrons want.

As nerds, geeks and comic book culture spread into the mainstream and the high class art world the show is sure to be interesting. The Wynwood District is looking like a fine vantage point to take it all in.

Many that visit Soho Studios have commented that the red building in the middle of the industrial area has a comic book pop to it. The fact is that Soho Studios in many respects is an important character in the Wynwood Miami arts and studio scene. Since it's one of the largest under air studio spaces in Miami, Soho certainly gains the attention and it's well deserved.

Arts map makes Wynwood adventures more fun

Even CNN knows that Wynwood is the place to go in Miami. In a recent article entitled Miami beyond the Beaches they talk about its vibrant scene and encourage travelers to visit during The Wynwood Art Walk on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Take a stroll through the galleries to experience world class art and music. Hungry? Thirsty? The food and libations that Wynwood has to offer will leave even the most particular foodie with a smile on their face. There’s always something there that will blow your mind and stimulate your senses.

To help plan out your adventure, The Wynwood Arts Association’s Art put together an Arts District Map. This way you can be sure to hit all your favorite spots and as CNN put it “keep track of what artists are in the hood.” Make sure you’re not looking down on the walk to the next gallery. Internationally known muralists and graffiti artists were brought in to produce an urban landscape full of life, color and glimpses into intricate worlds of creativity. If you’re planning a trip to Miami it’s essential to schedule some time in Wynwood. You’re in for an inspirational time of Miami life beyond the beach.

To hear more about Wynwood, Coffee and more fun stuff to do in Miami check out CNN’s article…. Miami Beyond the Beaches