second saturday

Arts map makes Wynwood adventures more fun

Even CNN knows that Wynwood is the place to go in Miami. In a recent article entitled Miami beyond the Beaches they talk about its vibrant scene and encourage travelers to visit during The Wynwood Art Walk on the 2nd Saturday of the month. Take a stroll through the galleries to experience world class art and music. Hungry? Thirsty? The food and libations that Wynwood has to offer will leave even the most particular foodie with a smile on their face. There’s always something there that will blow your mind and stimulate your senses.

To help plan out your adventure, The Wynwood Arts Association’s Art put together an Arts District Map. This way you can be sure to hit all your favorite spots and as CNN put it “keep track of what artists are in the hood.” Make sure you’re not looking down on the walk to the next gallery. Internationally known muralists and graffiti artists were brought in to produce an urban landscape full of life, color and glimpses into intricate worlds of creativity. If you’re planning a trip to Miami it’s essential to schedule some time in Wynwood. You’re in for an inspirational time of Miami life beyond the beach.

To hear more about Wynwood, Coffee and more fun stuff to do in Miami check out CNN’s article…. Miami Beyond the Beaches