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2016 Blue Collar Matzo Chase

Soho Studios likes to recognize the excitement Miami has to offer, even outside of our venue. Last month, Chef Danny Serfer invited the entire Miami community, no matter their religious background, to join him on a scavenger hunt to find hidden matzo balls. The 2016 Blue Collar Matzo Chase consisted of the chef placing cardboard matzo balls around town for everyone to find in celebration of the story behind the Jewish holiday Passover. Those who found the faux soup dumplings won cash prizes. Traditionally, in Jewish households, matzo balls are hidden, and the children win a few bucks for finding them. Serfer’s extreme version allowed participants to walk away with prizes such as a Heroes of the Torah commemorative glass, a T-shirt or a $50-gift card to Danny’s Blue Collar Restaurant.

Passover began Friday, April 22, 2016 with Jewish families all over the world gathering for festivities, referred to as Seder by the community. Families substituted bread for matzo, which is symbolic of the Israelites and what they ate as they left Egypt. A traditional Seder consists of the retelling of the story of Exodus, but hiding three centers of matzos under a special plate makes the holiday interesting to children. In Danny’s version, participants were to locate 2-by-2-foot large matzos, but it’s still based on tradition. To make the hunt fair, Danny was the only one to know where they were hidden. Danny primarily stuck with his restaurant’s neighborhood, MiMo, and a little bit north and south of that area.

The contest started on the morning of Monday, April 25, 2016. The entire contest was conducted through Twitter. It began with a tweet from Blue Collar with a photo and a riddle regarding the location of the three matzo balls. Participants waited for the tweet and followed the instructions. Anyone who found a matzo ball had to reply to @BlueCollarMiami via Twitter. On the cardboard cuisine, participants found a hashtag to tweet along with a photo of themselves with the matzo ball.

What a great way to involve and bring some excitement into the community!

"America's Best Breakfasts" Tour Hits the Miami Scene

Breakfast is hitting a level of popularity in recent years that rivals all other meals. There are endless options to have if you love breakfast or brunch. If you are in the Miami area than you can enjoy the tour of “America’s Best Breakfasts.” This event is put on by SoBe Food Fest Creator, Lee Schrager. It’s in celebration of his new cookbook by the same name featuring local recipes from coast to coast. What’s Included With Your Ticket

With your admission ticket you also will receive a copy of this third cookbook,”America’s Best Breakfasts: Favorite Local Recipes From Coast To Coast.” This cookbook is a compilation of 75 of the best breakfast recipes that Lee discovered on a cross country road trip he took a few years ago. His philosophy on breakfast is that it’s obviously, “the best meal of the day.” The fact that no other meal allows you to wear a bathrobe while eating is another one of his takes on this very important meal. Of course, it’s preferred that you get dressed for the “America’s Best Breakfast” Tour.

Where Is The Event?

The event itself takes place at the Magic City Casino with over 40 of the best South Florida restaurants participating. There will be walk up brunch stations all over the casino to sample all kinds of unique breakfast foods. Some favorites, and some that are going to be new to your palate. So if you enjoy Egg Benedict, waffles, and savory bacon galore you aren’t going to want to miss this chance to nosh on breakfast fare that will tantalize your tummy. Some of the key restaurants involved are 27 Restaurant and Bar, DIRT, Palomilla Grill, and Novecento. Although that’s just a taste of which restaurants are going to be there. Check the entire list to find out if your favorite breakfast dining spot is going to be a featured participant.

Not Only Brunch

It’s a 21 and over event only on account of the fact that the Bloody Mary bar, featuring Tito’s Homemade Vodka and the Mimosas, will be free flowing with your pre-purchased ticket. What brunch is complete without these tasty drink options? Some people even say it’s the best part of brunch! Don’t worry though, non alcoholic options will be available as well as coffee and juice.

Buy Your Tickets Early

Get your tickets early to this “Can’t miss food event”, where the lineup of sweet and savory treats will be overflowing in this walk up brunch spectacular! Check out the “America’s Best Breakfasts” event page that will give you all the details you need to purchase your own tickets. It’s Sunday, April 24th at 11:30 am, so mark your calendars now to make sure you don’t miss this popular Miami experience.

Mobile Bars

If you are event planning for an occasion that will require mobile bars, there are some pretty amazing choices available. You may have more options than you realize, and you will want to consider several factors when deciding on a vendor.

A mobile bar is more than a place to dispense drinks. It is a gathering point, a centerpiece of socialization. It can impress with its size, color, and lighting. The right staff can add greatly to the enjoyment of your event.

Here are some things to consider.

- Will the mobile bar enhance your event? Does it offer anything special other than a counter and cooler?

- Does it light up or accommodate custom colors or logos? Is there a “wow” factor that you are looking for and does the    mobile bar company provide it?

- What type of glassware is appropriate for your event and does your mobile bar vendor provide it?

- Is the staff experienced with your type of event?

- Does the staff dress appropriately for your type of event?

- Do they offer flair bartenders to add a little extra to your event?

Is the staff age appropriate for your event?

Remember, attendees at your event will not care that you are using a vendor for your event. They will see the mobile bar as an extension of the event and the mobile bar staff as your staff. You’ll want to get great recommendations and do your due diligence.

Bartending in Miami can be taken to new levels with exciting flair bartenders that can include everything from fire breathing to magic. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box!

At SoHo Studios, we can help event planners with a variety of resources, including mobile bars and bar tenders. These resources can complement your event and make it just that much more enjoyable. If you are planning an event in South Florida, contact SoHo Studios. We love partnering with successful organizations in creating memorable events!


Deering Seafood Festival

What better way to extol South Florida’s incredible setting and regional cuisine than at the Annual Deering Seafood Festival on the Bay held every spring  from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., you’ll find yourself immersed in lively, communal, gourmet celebration events. A dizzying array of restaurants and caterers - Black Point Ocean Grill, Paella Party, Golden Rule Seafood, and many others serve up an equally head-spinning menu of delectable seafood, from conch to lobsters. You’ll be able to stare at the riffled waters of Biscayne Bay (on which pontoon-boat tour run for the event) while tasting the ocean with every bite.

Culinary Instruction

This festival is not just about savoring fabulous seafood plates; it’s also an opportunity to learn how to prepare some of these delectable dishes for yourself. A formidable assemblage of some of South Florida’s leading executive chefs - including Samir Canaan of Truluck’s Seafood Steak & Crab House and Kareem Anguin of The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Miami, as well as Key Largo’s Damian Gilchrist of the Ocean Reef Club - will be leading cooking demonstrations. They will answer questions, provide samples, and everyone in the audience will come away with the recipe for the dish in focus. You’ll also get the opportunity to bone up on food and wine pairings through expert instruction from Crown Wine & Spirits.


Throughout the festivities, you are immersed in the richly varied music of South Florida and the West Indies. From the culture-drenched energy of Bahamian Junkanoo performances to bands such as Caribbean Crew, Code Red, and the Mosquito Heads, your gustatory revelry will enjoy a vibrant soundtrack.

Don’t worry about the kids being bored, either: The Deering Seafood Festival has its own fun, educational component perfectly complementing its focus. Through the “Five Oceans of the World” experience at Deering Discovery Cove, younger attendees will receive a hands-on crash course in marine biology. They’ll also love the play space and age-specific fare.

The Deering Seafood Festival is one of the Miami area’s can’t-miss celebrations.

Miami Taste of Brickell Food and Wine Festival

With all the flavor that Miami has to offer, the Miami Taste of Brickell Food and Wine Festival appeals to foodies and wine connoisseurs alike. The event is scheduled as a two day gathering in the Miami Circle area. The event's festivities happen on March 23rd and 24th. The event features live concerts with artists playing music from around the world. Additionally, there will be selections of fine wine and spirits to enjoy, as well as, a diverse assortment of arts and crafts from local artists.

If the cultural aspects of the festival don't do it for you, there are many other attractions at the Annual Miami Taste of Brickell Food and Wine Festival. Such attractions include a classic and exotic automobile showcase and kids play area. The two day event will provide a safe place for kids to have fun and for adults to enjoy themselves as well. In fact, the event is located at one of the best party venues Miami has to offer. It will be filled with vendors offering free samples of food and wine from many different local restaurants. There will also be cooking demos on many of the delicious dishes.

The event is held at an event space Miami that offers public enjoyment. There is always many of the area's fine restaurants on hand offering tasty cuisine. Some of the Brickell restaurants include China Grill, Taverna Opa, and many others. It is close to the Wynwood District where you can check art in anticipation for Art Basel Miami. There is  always at least one photography studio Miami has to offer.

Each day the festival is held from 12 pm to 10 pm. Admission is $10 and $15 if you buy tickets for both days. Furthermore, food and beverage vouchers are selling for anywhere from $1 to $8. There is also VIP tickets available for $125 for one day and $200 for both, with some of the money going to charity.

Tasting Event in Miami

During November 8, 9, and 10, Soho Studios will host a tasting event in Miami where fine crafted spirits and beers will be available to taste, while having the opportunity to educate and enjoy the fine art of how these drinks came to be. Jennifer Massolo is the founder of The Liquid Projects and is the former executive director of the Miami International Wine Fair. If your interested in attending the best tasting event in Miami then click here to purchase tickets. Tickets start as low as $25. There's also the opportunity in tasting the finest American Craft Whisky and Dinner with host Chuck Cowdery. Don't hesitate, book now for the ultimate tasting event in Miami.

Jennifer has explored the world of craft spirits and will bring what she has learned to Miami through a rare and common selection of drinks during this tasting event in Miami. Jennifer has a hope of bringing women together with a desire to educate and empower them so they have a better understanding of where, how and why these craft drinks are made. This tasting event in Miami should not be missed!


Interviewed on Comcast News Makers, Jennifer explains the importance of tasting white wines and wines that she would like to introduce to people that are different from the rest.

You may ask why women? Jennifer explains;


"Historically, the world of making and appreciating spirits, especially darker spirits - whisky, rum, brandy etc. - has been populated by men. That is changing, as more and more, women are sharing that same appreciation, not only due to our refined palates, but also because we are interested in a unique and sophisticated experience. Craft spirits are increasingly present in our restaurant experiences, our shopping choices and in the many unique cocktail bars we like to visit. It's hard to know what's what sometimes. Why craft spirits? Let's consider the farm-to-table food movement we have watched grow over the past decade. Why is it so appealing? It's appealing because we care about taste, supporting the smaller producer and the quality of what we put in our bodies. There are passionate individuals involved and traditional methods practiced at the core of craft spirits. That's worth supporting!"

Want to find out more information then check out regularly for updates. You can also keep in touch with Jennifer's updates through her Spirited Sirens Blog.

If you are interested in becoming sponsor or want to contact Jennifer for the tasting event in Miami you can email

Miami Asian Culture Festival

If you are interested in taking a trip to the Far East, then the Miami Asian Culture Festival has your ticket. Featuring a wide variety of Asian cultures, from Pakistan to Japan, the festival incorporates dances, shows, food, art, and other cultural displays to allow the people of Miami to get a genuine taste of the East.

The Asian Culture Festival has been held for over two decades, and continues to attract visitors from both the local population as well as tourists. This year it was on March 3, 2012 from 10 am to 6 pm in Fruit & Spice Park located at 24801 S.W. 187th Avenue in Homestead.

One of the more popular events to witness is the tournament of Sepak Takraw, which originates in Malaysia. It is often compared to a volleyball game except participants are not allowed to use their hands. Some of the other more popular performances include the Chinese Lion Dances, the Japanese Taiko drummers, and the Dragon Boat display.

Children also find many fun activities to do in the global village, oriented towards the younger visitors. The children have a access to a variety of games, rides, and activities to introduce them to the wide variety of cultures found throughout Asia.

Of course, no Asian festival would be complete without the food. The Miami Asian Culture Festival offers a wide variety of foods. To begin, there are the popular demonstrations of fruit and vegetable carving techniques. The finished products are stunning to behold. There are also a variety of meat and pasta dishes such as kabobs and beef and chicken cooked in a variety of ethnic sauces. There are also fun ethnic creations such as bubble tea, which are very popular. A great deal of the food is cooked right on site which makes the experience even more enjoyable for visitors.

When you are looking for a chance to step outside of your normal cultural experience and witness all Asia has to offer, the Miami Asian Culture Festival is the place to be. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Organic food on wheels Miami Food Trucks

Miami is a popular destination for thousands of people every year. Like any major city, Miami has a culture that they can call their own. Even within the city there are divisions of culture that are unique and must be experienced individually. One major hub for art, culture and cuisine in Miami is the Wynwood Arts District, where the Food Truck Round-Up happens during the second Saturday of each month during Art Walk.

The Bocadito's Food Truck has been serving the Miami area for over a year and has made relationships of trust along the way. At Bocadito's you will find only the best organic food and ingredients in each dish. Bocadito's uses the friendliest and greenest methods for producing their foods. This mobile operation has many stops but one that they frequent often is located outside the Wood Tavern. They serve food when the Wood Tavern is not serving. This shows the trust and tenacity of the Bocadito's owner. Some food trucks have been known to setup near open restaurants and compete for business, but Bocadito's is concerned with building lasting relationships. They know that attract customers they must be a trusted truck in the area, because after all the word will spread that they are a good place to eat.

Bocadito's can also be found at the Wynwood Green Art Walk on the last Sunday of every month. They continue at each location to offer the best in food choices. They have been a part of the Wynwood District area since it came about. They have become an icon to many events that go on there. Their food is organically produced and the people who eat there don't have to ask about the food since they already know all about this organic delight of the Food Truck Round-Up.

To find out more check out this great article by NBC Miami reporter John Wood entitled… NiteTalk: Ryan Echaus Brings Bocaditos Back to Wynwood Green

Soho Studios is located minutes from the Food Truck scene in Wynwood. Next time you're checking out the area during Art Walk Miami take a visit to Soho Studios.

The bean scene in the Wynwood District

The creation of an excellent cup of coffee requires skill, delicate execution and exquisite knowledge of the journey from bean to cup. Beans must be grown within the precise convergence of climate and horticulture and then roasted to perfection before they become the wake-up beverage of choice for many across the world.

Two of the world’s most prominent regions are famous because exactly that. Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, responsible for growing 1/3 of the planet’s coffee beans. In recent years coffee culture was put on the map by the Pacific North West, with cities such as Seattle and Portland, opening numerous coffee houses and roasters serving as a platform for multiple coffee giants (For example Starbucks) to spread coffee culture awareness and participation on a global scale.

At Panther Coffee in the Wynwood District these two delectable coffee worlds collide and complement each other immensely. Owners Joe and Leticia Pollack take their collective coffee experience and bring Pacific North West coffee culture to Miami with a Brazilian twist. Leticia grew up in the Brazilian coffee region of Serra De Mantiquera and worked for an espresso machine company. Joe is from Portland Oregon where he worked for years as a professional roaster. After meeting at a coffee convention in Minneapolis the two moved to Miami and Panther Coffee was born.

On the second Saturday and third Friday of every month you can go to Panther Coffer for a free coffee tasting or ‘’cupping” and experience the true essence of the coffee roasted there. Similar to a wine tasting it, it’s recommended that you spit out the coffee after each taste to prevent the effects of coffee from tainting your perception.

To find out more about Panther Coffee read this great article by Miami Herald reporter Linda Bladholm titled Wynwood’ s Panther brings West Coast coffee culture to Miami

Next time you’re in the Wynwood District be sure to stop by Panther Coffee to take a big gulp of what happens when Brazil Beans meet West Coast Roasting techniques and lands in Miami…

South Florida honey makes Wynwood sweet

Honey is a delicious natural sweetener. This delightful gift from one of nature’s queens is surprisingly low in calories and super good for you. Honey can help ease a sore throat, soften dry patches on skin and soothe a sun burn. Studies have shown that eating honey from a local source can help ease the pain of allergy sufferers by building a tolerance to local pollen. Bees are they only insects in the world that that produce a food supply humans can eat. Bees are truly amazing!

Honey is also pretty tasty and local honey is usually the tastiest. One South Florida beekeeper is keeping the Wynwood District Pretty Sweet. Meet Ian Wogan of South Florida Raw Honey. His backyard beehives produce about 200 gallons of honey a week. He started out by giving the honey away and now it’s become a full fledged business. “To see it grow into something that's becoming a business is not surprising, just not expected," Wogan told South Florida News Chanel WPLG. And business is booming! He started out selling to Wolf’s Wine in Coral Gables and the “buzz” spread from there and now he supplies South Florida Raw Honey to Sustain Restaurant in Mid-Town and the Wynwood District’s Panther Coffee.

Check out this great video of WPLG’s news story here…. Buzz over Locally Grown Honey Grows

So the next time you are in the Wynwood District be sure to stop by Panther coffee and take a taste of this sweet nectar of the animal kingdom. You’ll be supporting your health, local business and the amazing honey bee. BZZZZ!