Deering Seafood Festival

Deering Seafood Festival

What better way to extol South Florida’s incredible setting and regional cuisine than at the Annual Deering Seafood Festival on the Bay held every spring  from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., you’ll find yourself immersed in lively, communal, gourmet celebration events. A dizzying array of restaurants and caterers - Black Point Ocean Grill, Paella Party, Golden Rule Seafood, and many others serve up an equally head-spinning menu of delectable seafood, from conch to lobsters. You’ll be able to stare at the riffled waters of Biscayne Bay (on which pontoon-boat tour run for the event) while tasting the ocean with every bite.

Culinary Instruction

This festival is not just about savoring fabulous seafood plates; it’s also an opportunity to learn how to prepare some of these delectable dishes for yourself. A formidable assemblage of some of South Florida’s leading executive chefs - including Samir Canaan of Truluck’s Seafood Steak & Crab House and Kareem Anguin of The Oceanaire Seafood Room in Miami, as well as Key Largo’s Damian Gilchrist of the Ocean Reef Club - will be leading cooking demonstrations. They will answer questions, provide samples, and everyone in the audience will come away with the recipe for the dish in focus. You’ll also get the opportunity to bone up on food and wine pairings through expert instruction from Crown Wine & Spirits.


Throughout the festivities, you are immersed in the richly varied music of South Florida and the West Indies. From the culture-drenched energy of Bahamian Junkanoo performances to bands such as Caribbean Crew, Code Red, and the Mosquito Heads, your gustatory revelry will enjoy a vibrant soundtrack.

Don’t worry about the kids being bored, either: The Deering Seafood Festival has its own fun, educational component perfectly complementing its focus. Through the “Five Oceans of the World” experience at Deering Discovery Cove, younger attendees will receive a hands-on crash course in marine biology. They’ll also love the play space and age-specific fare.

The Deering Seafood Festival is one of the Miami area’s can’t-miss celebrations.