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Professional sound for events

For any event to go smoothly and with no flaws, it is better to consult audio professionals and hire professional sound companies. A sound system is an integral of any event, irrespective of whether it is a music festival, a corporate event, or a wedding. A PA tends to be a sophisticated arrangement and to ensure that your guests leave the event remembering the experience and not the sound issues, it is important to have a clear plan to for your sound.

The Grateful Dead’s Wall of Sound was the largest sound system of its day, featuring 604 speakers and its own monitor system so that the band could have the same sound experience as their audience.

Sound for Events

Most professional sound companies offer a number of services, in addition audio engineering. Many offer staging and rigging, lighting systems and other areas of event production such as visuals or video streaming.

When you hire an experienced audio engineer for your event, you are ensuring that you and your guests experience the exact kind of sound system that is appropriate for your event. Professional sound companies have the required technical skills and access to many different types of audio equipment. They know that they same set-up of equipment that will work for DJ at Winter Music Conference, may not work for a lecture at Art Basel Miami Beach.

An audio engineer for a professional sound company is experienced in all stages of sound for your event. They are in charge of setting up the sound system, mixing the sound for the event and breaking the sound system down when the event is over. It is important that you provide your sound engineer with a technical writer prior to the event so they know what your sound requirements will be long before the event.

It is important to ensure that your guest’s audio experience is of quality, as this can make or break an event. A good sound engineer plays a very significant role in terms of the experience as a whole. While being in the constraints of budget is good, be sure not to risk the quality of your guest’s sound experience, which could cost you a lot more in the long run.

Minimize Event Planning Stress

Planning an event can make you feel like you are juggling balls of fire. There are so many things that can go wrong and it seems like it falls completely on your shoulders alone to keep the whole thing from crashing and burning. That's one reason why it seems like a high volume of stress and event planning go hand-in-hand.

It does not need to be this way. You don't need to put yourself in nervous breakdown territory just to put an event together. Following these tips can show you how to plan an event while maintaining your health and sanity:

Create Smaller Tasks

Stress can come from trying to do too many things at once. Break the event down into smaller tasks and write them down on a checklist. Writing down these smaller tasks will help you put the event on paper and allocate different tasks to various people, so you aren't solely responsible for everything from A to Z.

Avoid Multitasking

The ability to multitask is seen as a good trait. It's one of those overused resume buzzwords people use to convey the idea they are a hard worker. There's nothing wrong with working hard. Still, to borrow a football term, you should not out kick your coverage either. Find capable people you trust, form committees from these people and delegate event responsibilities to those committees. Micromanaging every little thing is not good for you or your event staff.

Prepare for Every Scenario

If you are afraid something will go wrong at the last minute, create back-up plans to address any potential problems that could arise. Preparation is a good way to combat stress. You can't control every detail related to an event. Accept that fact and just focus your planning on the details you can control. Don't leave these details to the last minute, though. Do your part to see that everything is in place well ahead of time.

Schedule a Few Breaks

Give your body rest when it requires rest. That means getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy, exercising and carving out downtime where you can do a relaxing activity. Event planners are much more productive and less likely to feel stressed if they take care of themselves.



Mobile Bars

If you are event planning for an occasion that will require mobile bars, there are some pretty amazing choices available. You may have more options than you realize, and you will want to consider several factors when deciding on a vendor.

A mobile bar is more than a place to dispense drinks. It is a gathering point, a centerpiece of socialization. It can impress with its size, color, and lighting. The right staff can add greatly to the enjoyment of your event.

Here are some things to consider.

- Will the mobile bar enhance your event? Does it offer anything special other than a counter and cooler?

- Does it light up or accommodate custom colors or logos? Is there a “wow” factor that you are looking for and does the    mobile bar company provide it?

- What type of glassware is appropriate for your event and does your mobile bar vendor provide it?

- Is the staff experienced with your type of event?

- Does the staff dress appropriately for your type of event?

- Do they offer flair bartenders to add a little extra to your event?

Is the staff age appropriate for your event?

Remember, attendees at your event will not care that you are using a vendor for your event. They will see the mobile bar as an extension of the event and the mobile bar staff as your staff. You’ll want to get great recommendations and do your due diligence.

Bartending in Miami can be taken to new levels with exciting flair bartenders that can include everything from fire breathing to magic. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box!

At SoHo Studios, we can help event planners with a variety of resources, including mobile bars and bar tenders. These resources can complement your event and make it just that much more enjoyable. If you are planning an event in South Florida, contact SoHo Studios. We love partnering with successful organizations in creating memorable events!


Event Lighting

Event production lighting is one of the most important aspects of an event. It sets the tone, creates an atmosphere and serves as the visual soundtrack of the event. With proper lighting your event can have attendees looking better, the food more appealing, and focus your guest’s attention on the areas you want them to focus on. Your event space in Miami can be transformed with proper lighting.

Here are a few lighting tips for you to consider for amazing event ambiance.

• If you are using tables, especially if they are decorated with centerpieces, you’ll want to make sure they are properly lit. Some events pour good money into centerpieces, only to have them lost in the shadows.

• If you have a dance floor, make sure it is colorfully light and that the lighting has movement. We’ve seen too many events where the DJ or Band is the focus of the lighting and the dance floor is dim. Make your guests part of the show with great dance floor lighting.

• Use of projectors and videos can add a custom look to your lighting. Projectors available today that can put a logo on a wall, ceiling or floor. Videos can also add to the theme of an event as well, creating powerful event decor from a tropical atmosphere or frozen tundra.

• Inquire about the use of LED Lighting. LED lighting can be wireless, and can be programmed to slowly change colors. LED lighting can add an attractive touch.

• Adding a little event specific lighting to the exterior or entranceway to your event can immediately set the tone for your event. It will let your guests know right away they are in for something special.

Many bands or DJs will provide their own lighting but it is rarely a good idea to let them light your event. Generally their focus will be on making themselves look their best, not your event.

At Soho Studios in Miami, we feel a lighting designer should be a critical component of your event team. An experienced lighting designer can make sure the lighting fits with the tone of your event and the lights and structures are discreet. Technology is advancing in the lighting field quickly, and a lighting designer can help direct you to innovating effects that can add a new dimension to your event.


Selecting the perfect event coordinator in Miami

Planning an event, choosing a venue, inviting your guests, meeting everyone’s expectation of a great time, and filling in all the little details in between can seem like a completely overwhelming task. But before you lose it or give up on the idea altogether, take a load off: instead of drowning underneath the weight of your to-do list, all you really need to worry about is selecting a great event coordinator.

First and foremost, the person with whom you decide to work should have a great deal of experience, be dedicated to your ideas instead of their own, and be capable of meeting demands with a minimum of sweat and a maximum of good cheer. Events are stressful, but that doesn't mean that your event coordinator should ever show it. When selecting your candidates, make sure you give them a clear idea of what you want, and ample time to decide whether or not your expectations are for them.

Your event coordinator will also need to possess a high level of versatility, both in terms of what they’re capable of planning and in terms of who they’re capable of drawing into the job with them. Think of your planner as the head of a snake – they need the body as much as the body needs them. If they don’t have a wide network of connections on which to draw, they may not end up getting the help they (and you!) need for your perfect day. Check reviews, look at resumes, and make sure you know who you’re getting before you say yes.

Lastly, always ensure that you like the person you select. You’ll be working closely with your event coordinator over a period of months, or sometimes even years. It is crucial to trust their temperament and judgment just as much as their talent and skills. But keep these ideas in mind, and you can’t go wrong.

Tools for planning your event

Planning an event is a lot like baking a cake, only in addition to mixing and baking it, you've got to come up with the recipe as well! It can be a difficult process at first, but really all that’s required is a solid timeline, basic organization, and getting the right people to help. To take your event from idea to realization, you need to plot the steps along the way. Deciding on a stylish venue, a guest list, what to serve, what to do, and who to hire are all important, but they don’t need to be tackled all at once. Create a week-by-week checklist of what you need to accomplish and when you will accomplish it. That way you can work steadily toward your goal without feeling swamped.


Make sure you are also getting the right people to assist you. Generally venues will offer a certain amount of staff, and will either help you with hiring the rest or leave it up to you. Figure out ahead of time how much guidance they offer in this arena, whether or not you want an event coordinator, and who else you’re going to need - caterers, musicians, DJ s, and so on - to make your day a win.

Once you feel like you've got a handle on the logistics, remember to get the word out! Whether you are planning a full scale production or a more intimate family party, it’s important to let people know the Who, What, When, Where and Why. Consider blogging about it, using social media outlets or sending out newsletters. If that’s not for you, feel free to use more conventional channels, like invitations, phone calls and the grapevine. Either way, though, keeping people informed is the key to a successful event and a wonderful time.

If at first you feel overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and take it one step at a time. With these tips you can’t go wrong.