Event Lighting

Event production lighting is one of the most important aspects of an event. It sets the tone, creates an atmosphere and serves as the visual soundtrack of the event. With proper lighting your event can have attendees looking better, the food more appealing, and focus your guest’s attention on the areas you want them to focus on. Your event space in Miami can be transformed with proper lighting.

Here are a few lighting tips for you to consider for amazing event ambiance.

• If you are using tables, especially if they are decorated with centerpieces, you’ll want to make sure they are properly lit. Some events pour good money into centerpieces, only to have them lost in the shadows.

• If you have a dance floor, make sure it is colorfully light and that the lighting has movement. We’ve seen too many events where the DJ or Band is the focus of the lighting and the dance floor is dim. Make your guests part of the show with great dance floor lighting.

• Use of projectors and videos can add a custom look to your lighting. Projectors available today that can put a logo on a wall, ceiling or floor. Videos can also add to the theme of an event as well, creating powerful event decor from a tropical atmosphere or frozen tundra.

• Inquire about the use of LED Lighting. LED lighting can be wireless, and can be programmed to slowly change colors. LED lighting can add an attractive touch.

• Adding a little event specific lighting to the exterior or entranceway to your event can immediately set the tone for your event. It will let your guests know right away they are in for something special.

Many bands or DJs will provide their own lighting but it is rarely a good idea to let them light your event. Generally their focus will be on making themselves look their best, not your event.

At Soho Studios in Miami, we feel a lighting designer should be a critical component of your event team. An experienced lighting designer can make sure the lighting fits with the tone of your event and the lights and structures are discreet. Technology is advancing in the lighting field quickly, and a lighting designer can help direct you to innovating effects that can add a new dimension to your event.