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How to Make Your Corporate Event or Party Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Corporate Event or Party Eco-Friendly

Every company can get extra goodwill by making their event or corporate party more eco-friendly. However, it can seem hard to do this when you have to serve or entertain large groups of people. How can you minimize the environmental footprint of 100 or even 1,000 event attendees? Fortunately, there are ways to set up your events so that even large ones have elements that are easier on the environment than their alternatives. Here are some ideas you can implement without much trouble:

Choose Reusable Tableware

Washing dishes requires soap and water, but the alternative – paper and plastic – is even worse for the environment. Paper production uses much more water than washing, and it typically results in large amounts of pollution thanks to the use of bleaches and dyes in the production process. Plastic, of course, is a petroleum product. Even worse, plastic doesn't degrade within a reasonable timeframe (some say it takes 500 years to disappear). Eliminating both paper and plastic is clearly the eco-friendly move.

Serve Vegetarian Meals

A good caterer can make vegetarian food taste great, and if your event calls for snacks and sandwiches instead of dinners, your guests may not even notice that meat isn't on the menu. The environmental benefit results from the efficiency of growing vegetables and grains compared to that of raising meat.

Why avoid meat? Raising meat animals produces pollution in the form of animal waste, contributes to greenhouse gas levels due to methane excretion, and requires more food since the feed has to go through another layer before it gets to you. Plants are much cleaner to grow, and they're more efficient because when you eat them directly, you essentially "cut out the middleman" of the food chain.

Hold Your Event in a Big City

When you have your event in a big city like Miami, your guests will be able to reach the venue via public transportation. This, of course, cuts down on the amount of gas used and air pollution produced. As a bonus, the area will have plenty of other things to do after your event ends, and your guests will love the extra entertainment possibilities.

Use Digital Signage

Many events are festooned with a wide variety of posters, pennants, and other printed materials. When the event ends, all of this paper is simply thrown away. Avoid all of that waste by using digital signs. Thanks to today's lightweight flat screens, these signs can be mounted in stands as well as hung on walls. Since they're digital, there's no need to throw them out when the current graphics become obsolete. Simply program them with new images for your next event. Alternatively, rent digital signs and simply hand them in to the rental company after your event ends.

Use Recycled Paper for Printed Materials

Digital signs eliminate the need for much paper, but you still may want to print out programs, brochures, or business cards for your event. In these cases, use paper that is totally or partially recycled to minimize your ecological footprint.

Avoid Plastic Water Bottles

Provide reusable bottles instead and have refill stations set up so guests can get more water as it is needed. If you just can't see going without the traditional plastic kind, set up recycle bins to collect them as they're emptied. Look for water brands that use recycled plastic for their bottles, too.

Rent Durable Materials

Venues such as our Soho Studios offer the chance to rent props, carpets, and other essentials for your event. Choose this option to avoid needlessly throwing away or endlessly storing items that could actually be used for years. If you do buy your own accessories, donate them to charities if you won't be reusing them.

Use Energy-Efficient Items

Many events require special gear. Make sure to choose the most efficient versions that will do the job. One suggestion is to make sure that you have LED lighting whenever possible. These lights are some of the most efficient readily-available ones on the market today.

Mention How Eco-Friendly Your Event Will Be

Helping the environment is great on its own, but the purpose of a corporate event is marketing. Be sure to let everyone know that your event is as green as possible and mention specific steps you've taken to make it that way. This will ensure that you get the expected bump in goodwill.

These are just some of the ways you can make your event more eco-friendly. Even if you can only implement some of them, you'll have a greener event than you would if you used the old-fashioned versions of everything.

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The Event Trends That Aren't Trending Anymore


Not all event trends are made equal. Sometimes, things don’t work out. In 2017, several event décor elements have been shelved. Today’s planners are yesterday’s industry enactors, and they’re retracing their steps to fortify 2017’s best options. Below, we’re sharing the played-out décor options a lot of marketers have left behind.  

Ice Bars

Ice bars were big in 2016. In fact, a small tidal wave of experiential ice-based events popped up. They’re cool, but they were overdone. Ice bars and sculptures can be truly artistic, but a fully ice-themed display network is need. Event managers are shelving the ice trend, as it’s simply too hard to secure. Often, thousands of dollars, alone, are needed to secure a viable location.

Paper Flowers

Event leaders like Brian Worley of YourBash! are doing away with paper flowers. Tossing away paper flower displays may be petty, but there’s a method to the materialistic madness. Paper flowers are eye-catching, when installed correctly. That said, they’re difficult to navigate. Event marketers, now, are realizing the legwork needed to create a substantial, laser-cut paper flower display. Modern art only goes so far, apparently.

Gif Booths

What gives? In 2016, digital gif display booths were all the rage. In 2017, however, they’re being left by the wayside. As it turns out, shared photos are losing out to all-new VR experiences. 360-cam features, live-action displays and three-dimensional sets are taking over. Already, well-curated Instagram feeds are focusing on the modern guest’s attention to immersion. Gifs, simply put, are becoming outdated. They won’t necessarily disappear in 2017, but they’ve certainly fallen from good graces.

Anything Shiny

Strictly décor-speaking, we feel shiny surfaces deserve a mention. We enjoy sparkling tables, backdrops and sequin table linens, but we’ve noticed a reduction in overall shine-play. Leaders like André Wells of Events by André Wells have spoken out, and their message is clear: Stone, marble and other organic materials are on the rise. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough room for anything shiny.

Don’t fret, however, because you’re still “in the game” if you’re using the above-mentioned décor and technology options. For every experiential cultural shift, there’s a counterculture. You won’t need to stick with the flow if you’re banking on classic attributions. Tread lightly, however, because several décor options are certainly being stripped away. Whether you’re an event planner, a business marketer or simply researching new ideas, it’s a good idea to stay updated. Listen to today’s creative directors, because they’ve seen it all. Sometimes, critical eyes are needed to keep the events pruned and looking good.

EverBlock: Bringing Dreams to Reality


Every kid has dreamed of being able to get life-sized LEGO that can be used for real buildings. Now, thanks to EverBlock, this concept has become a reality. EverBlock makes what is generically known as "modular building blocks." Each one is approximately the size of a concrete block, but with some very important differences: They're made of light concrete, and they're as easy to put together as the toy versions. This development is revolutionizing the events industry since it allows organizers to construct and take down displays within hours, while making the same sort of displays with the same sturdiness would ordinarily take days. Not only that, the blocks can be used over and over again - a feature that saves organizers thousands of dollars over time.

In a recent video, EverBlock showed how an entire "ice castle" shell can be made in just five hours by a small crew. The construction itself became part of the experience for those who saw it going up, and passers-by were taking selfies with the work-in-progress before they even knew what the finished project would be. Once the castle was fully up, it attracted even more attention.

Making Your Own Displays Pop

While speedy setup and take-down are important, the most important aspect of any display is its eye-catching creativity. Using these blocks makes it easy to bring almost any idea into 3D reality. As with toy building blocks, the first step is to plan out the design. This way, you know you'll have enough blocks in all of the right colors. Do this far enough before the show to allow you to buy any more that you might need – you'd hate to run out and have a big gap in your construct come showtime!

Then, you need a large enough space to put up your planned set. This is where venues like ours here at Soho Studios in Miami come in. While a block structure can be set up outdoors, you'll most likely want to have it inside instead. An indoor location makes your event immune to bad weather, greatly reduces the chance of vandalism, and extends the potential viewing hours in the day.

Other Uses for Modular Blocks

Many exhibits are divided into separate areas to allow for different themes, help guide people through in specific patterns, and similar reasons. Modular building blocks are great for erecting temporary walls that look professional and are sturdier than the normal thin partitions. They also come in many colors, so you can easily stick to a theme or mix them up for a fun look.

When it's time for you to have an exhibit in Miami, contact us here at Soho Studios. Our 70,000 sq. ft. venue can be divided up to meet the needs of almost any size of show.

Event Decor: How to Create a Memorable Floor

Yes, your event’s flooring is important. Whether you’re installing high-tech pads, decorative carpets or subtle comfort areas, your marketing event’s bottommost layer will need to be spruced up. Event-goers may look up, but they’re bound to check out the floor when navigating traffic. If you want to harness today’s latest, greatest marketing techniques, you’ll need to reinvigorate your space from the ground up. Here’s how.

Use Bricks for Branding

Don’t worry: You won’t seem too old-fashioned. Even if you’re promoting technology, all-brick displays promote class, timelessness and security. Check out your local provider’s offerings, and find a space for sponsor information, logos and branding images. This is an exceptional option for outside events, too, as you needn’t worry about these branding images being washed away. Check out gardening bricks, too, as garden bricks are excellent opportunities for complex images.

Install a Glass Floor Over a Pool

There’s a reason today’s nightclubs and bars are turning to glass pool covers. When lighting is prioritized, the effect can be stunning. You needn’t make the pool accessible, either. Simply add lighting, install a design or two, and cap it off. Make the area a dance floor, and install your brand’s innovative demos off to the side—near the wet bar. If you really want to shine on event-goers, install a neon sign, flowers or displays beneath the glass.

Install a Plexiglass Cover

If you don’t have a pool, you can still get the glass-bound effect with plexiglass. Designers like Preston Bailey offer unique, all-glass dance floors. Capable of hosting an event “focal point,” these floors can harness high-tech lights, art and even flowers. Your guests will love it, and they’re hype up your future events, too.

Create Digital Demo Booth Floors

If you have the money, try installing high-tech picture floors. Fully digital, these floors can present images and movies. They even have slideshow capabilities. They’re constructed with dense materials, so you won’t need to worry about event-goers shattering any television screens. Flash your brand’s image, write notes and—if you’re feeling creative—create a touch-sensitive space for your event’s premium guests.

Paint 3D Art

Floor-bound 3D art is becoming incredibly popular. So much so, in fact, businesses are hiring 3D landscape artists to create immersive, intuitive and funny event floors. While 3D art only pulls off its effects from certain angles, it still offers incredible photo opportunities. If you rep the 3D art, you’ll present your company’s creative side. Why not let the guests have a little fun?

In most cases, the areas your event-goers traverse will be your event’s most memorable aspects. Don’t skimp on the flooring. Align it with your event’s walls, ceiling and décor. You’d be surprised how well a high-tech floor can tie things together.


Event Decor and Event Planning

If you want your event to have a lasting effect to your visitors, make sure that your event décor has that Wow Factor. Event planners know the importance of the décor of an event and consulting  a professional  event planner is a great idea to produce a successful gathering. Select a theme for your event and make sure that your event decor illustrates theme to the best of your abilities. For example, if you want to surprise the guests with a thrilling horror theme party, make sure that multiple spooky elements  are incorporated into the event décor.

Event Decor

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios is a great example of an event with décor based around a theme.

Every day new innovations in event décor can be found online and specialty stores. There is a wide variety of event decorations to choose from on the market. Even simple party decorations such as colored lights, background themes, traditional balloons and party favors can go a long way. Event decor can add color and life to the occasion and with thought and planning any event space can be transformed into mind-blowing.

Event planning professionals can be a great resource when planning an event. They are experts at planning events both big and small and can be a pool of bright and fantastic ideas no matter what type of event space they are working with. By hiring a professional event planner, you can get expert help making your event venue into something spectacular that will leave a long lasting impression with your guests. The right event décor  can add spice in any occasion and even provide the needed atmosphere.

People usually attend the party to have fun, be entertained and to share memories. Your event decors can help to shape a memorable experience. Even guests can take some inspirations from the occasion and may also plan the same thing for their future events. When choosing the right event decors just selecting a theme and dream big. Of course one should also consider the budget so that arrangements can be easily implemented. Others employ unusual event decors which can even be more exciting and poses a new experience.

Event décor is one of the more creative responsibilities of event planning. Make sure that you pick a theme envelopes your guests into an experience that will be talking about for years to come and decorate away!

Event Decor and Burningman

Planning an event requires skill, detailed preparation, and execution of many elements that must dance in harmony as one. It is your job as an event planner to set the stage for this dance, and no matter what the theme, selecting the proper decor will set the tone, the ambiance and the overall vibe of the event. Whether it is a corporate event or week long music festival, when your audience walks into the event they should be instantly be transported into the soul of the experience, without having to ask any questions.

Event Decor

In most situations, there are two main aspects of an event an event that you want to base your decoration ideas on.

1. Event Type

2. Event Theme

A great example of an event that has a type and theme is Burningman. Burningman is an arts and music festival that takes place in the Black Rock desert in Nevada each year and is considered by many to be the biggest party of the year, with numbers that reached 68,000 in 2013.  At the end of the week long festival an effigy of a man in burned – hence the name Burningman.

Each year Burningman selects a theme for the event  and much of the event décor is based around this. For example at  Burningman 2013 the theme was Cargo Cult. According to Wikipedia, the definition of Cargo Cult is (in the Melanesian Islands) a system of belief based around the expected arrival of ancestral spirits in ships bringing cargoes of food and other goods. The man is a typical focal point for the event décor at Burningman and this particular theme inspired event planners to build a man that stood proudly on top of a flyer saucer, an epic salute to the event theme of Cargo Cult.

In addition to the event décor of the man, Burningman also incorporated the theme into the event landscape by using street names for specific areas such as Interstellar, Airstrip and Extraterrestrial.  This is great example of making sure that you take a close look at every element of the event to see where you can incorporate event decor.

Event decor can create an unforgettable experience that will keep your guests talking about your event for years to come. Whether your event type is a music and arts festival like Burningman, or a fund raising gala in honor of breast cancer, creating event décor around an event theme is the perfect formula for event planning success. In order to achieve a long lasting effect to event attendees, make sure that you had that wow factor. Pay full attention to detail and get creative in the smallest of things. See what you can do to transform the event venue into something spectacular.

Event Trends and Event Decor

Are you fond of spending time planning events and decorating them? Maybe you are just fond of attending wonderfully-designed celebrations. Either way, you might be particular when it comes to the event decors that you are seeing. You might have some suggestions in mind or maybe you already said something to the event coordinator or planner. In order to give you further ideas with regards to having the grandest event decor, there are some tips for today’s top trends.

One of the biggest event trends in 2013 was providing users with an interactive experience via social media. One example of this is including a Twitter Wall where attendees can Tweet comments at the event and their tweet would be projected onto a large screen for all to see.

Event Trends

As an event coordinator or event planner, how can you say that you are going to be having a success in bringing out the best trends in event decor? It’s simple. All you have to do is ask your client. Their say about the event decorations is very important because it is them that you have to please, including their guests, of course. Thus, you can also give them ideas on how to put up those decors appropriately.

Nowadays, the cocoon style is very famous. What is cocooning? According to an event producer, Timot McGonagle, it is the process of wrapping a certain space in layers, focusing on the moods and creating a multi-sensory environment. For instance, you can divide a certain corner into two to four different environments depending on your style. Then, guests on that part will be able to feel the essence of being in different areas by just staying in one place. Cool, right?

Another option in event decor is the double-duty décor. How does this style works? Well, all you have to do is put a single décor in two different places. For instance, if you have an arrangement near the door, you can put it near the dining if it suits your style. At least, with this trend, you can add a little spice to either element in order to make it less boring. Most of all, this gives a big portion of cut-down on your costs. See? It’s hitting both worlds – quality and quantity.

Try selecting a theme for your event and base the decor around it.  A Las Vegas themed event would have casino-like decorations,   poker-like tables and chairs and don’t forget the most important thing – colorful Vegas-esque lights everywhere! You can also try rock star-themed events. Now, if you want it plain, black and white is the most recommended. It’s plain yet it’s bold and classy at the same time.

These are only some suggested styles for event decor.  Now, if you want to modify it, you are always free to do so. You can add a little warmth by adding some lamps decors or pillows. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and don’t use dark colors if you want to brighten up the place.

Experiment! Don’t be afraid to do so because through experimentation, you can be able to discover the most suitable event decor that you may love. Wait, don’t forget to take pictures, too.

Choosing a theme for your event

Are you trying to plan a Miami event and feeling overwhelmed by a multitude of choices? Are you in need of a few tips on planning your event? It's not surprising. Right now, you're probably trying to figure everything from catering to entertainment and what kind of décor. Should you have swag or gift bags for your event? Those just a few of the many decisions that you need make during event planning.

One of the best ways to narrow your choices down is to have event management choose a theme for the event. Having a theme will also give the event an overall cohesive look. Even "serious" events such as business conferences can benefit from having a theme.

The theme that event management chooses should be one that ties in with the general purpose of your conference or event. For instance, a company beginning a new venture could use "sailing" as its theme, as in "Sailing into a bright new future."

Once a theme is chosen, you will see how the other pieces will fall into place. With the "Sailing" theme, for example, you can now choose nautical colors and decorations. If you are going to have swag, select items related to sailing or the ocean and then present them in gift bags adorned with sea creatures. As for dining options, you might want to choose seafood or give your menu items names with sailing references such as "Barnacle Bill's Burgers."

When choosing a venue, try to find one that will naturally compliment your chosen theme, such as a seaside location for the "Sailing" event, or one that is neutral, such as Soho Studios, which is located in Miami's vibrant Wynwood Art District. This is a 70,000-square-foot "blank canvas" of a structure that can be transformed to meet the needs of your theme.

While not every event needs a theme, having one will help you greatly narrow down your choices and will also help make marketing your event easier. Potential attendees are more likely to remember an interesting themed event over one that fails to conjure up a mental image.

Event Lighting

Event production lighting is one of the most important aspects of an event. It sets the tone, creates an atmosphere and serves as the visual soundtrack of the event. With proper lighting your event can have attendees looking better, the food more appealing, and focus your guest’s attention on the areas you want them to focus on. Your event space in Miami can be transformed with proper lighting.

Here are a few lighting tips for you to consider for amazing event ambiance.

• If you are using tables, especially if they are decorated with centerpieces, you’ll want to make sure they are properly lit. Some events pour good money into centerpieces, only to have them lost in the shadows.

• If you have a dance floor, make sure it is colorfully light and that the lighting has movement. We’ve seen too many events where the DJ or Band is the focus of the lighting and the dance floor is dim. Make your guests part of the show with great dance floor lighting.

• Use of projectors and videos can add a custom look to your lighting. Projectors available today that can put a logo on a wall, ceiling or floor. Videos can also add to the theme of an event as well, creating powerful event decor from a tropical atmosphere or frozen tundra.

• Inquire about the use of LED Lighting. LED lighting can be wireless, and can be programmed to slowly change colors. LED lighting can add an attractive touch.

• Adding a little event specific lighting to the exterior or entranceway to your event can immediately set the tone for your event. It will let your guests know right away they are in for something special.

Many bands or DJs will provide their own lighting but it is rarely a good idea to let them light your event. Generally their focus will be on making themselves look their best, not your event.

At Soho Studios in Miami, we feel a lighting designer should be a critical component of your event team. An experienced lighting designer can make sure the lighting fits with the tone of your event and the lights and structures are discreet. Technology is advancing in the lighting field quickly, and a lighting designer can help direct you to innovating effects that can add a new dimension to your event.