EverBlock: Bringing Dreams to Reality


Every kid has dreamed of being able to get life-sized LEGO that can be used for real buildings. Now, thanks to EverBlock, this concept has become a reality. EverBlock makes what is generically known as "modular building blocks." Each one is approximately the size of a concrete block, but with some very important differences: They're made of light concrete, and they're as easy to put together as the toy versions. This development is revolutionizing the events industry since it allows organizers to construct and take down displays within hours, while making the same sort of displays with the same sturdiness would ordinarily take days. Not only that, the blocks can be used over and over again - a feature that saves organizers thousands of dollars over time.

In a recent video, EverBlock showed how an entire "ice castle" shell can be made in just five hours by a small crew. The construction itself became part of the experience for those who saw it going up, and passers-by were taking selfies with the work-in-progress before they even knew what the finished project would be. Once the castle was fully up, it attracted even more attention.

Making Your Own Displays Pop

While speedy setup and take-down are important, the most important aspect of any display is its eye-catching creativity. Using these blocks makes it easy to bring almost any idea into 3D reality. As with toy building blocks, the first step is to plan out the design. This way, you know you'll have enough blocks in all of the right colors. Do this far enough before the show to allow you to buy any more that you might need – you'd hate to run out and have a big gap in your construct come showtime!

Then, you need a large enough space to put up your planned set. This is where venues like ours here at Soho Studios in Miami come in. While a block structure can be set up outdoors, you'll most likely want to have it inside instead. An indoor location makes your event immune to bad weather, greatly reduces the chance of vandalism, and extends the potential viewing hours in the day.

Other Uses for Modular Blocks

Many exhibits are divided into separate areas to allow for different themes, help guide people through in specific patterns, and similar reasons. Modular building blocks are great for erecting temporary walls that look professional and are sturdier than the normal thin partitions. They also come in many colors, so you can easily stick to a theme or mix them up for a fun look.

When it's time for you to have an exhibit in Miami, contact us here at Soho Studios. Our 70,000 sq. ft. venue can be divided up to meet the needs of almost any size of show.

What We Can Learn from LEGO's Quest2Ninjago Summer Tour


In early September, LEGO concluded its extremely successful Quest2Ninjago Summer Tour. The event presented children in seven markets the opportunity to compete in an "American Ninja Warrior" inspired obstacle course. The winning team from each market was flown to Legoland headquarters in San Diego to compete in the finale. The event was not a recruitment program, set on expanding the base or raising awareness, rather it was a campaign that rewarded and engaged existing fans of the two franchises, LEGO and Ninjago, which is also a cartoon and movie. From the success of the summer long, nation-wide event, there are several best practices that others can apply to kid-based marketing campaigns.

  1. The Ease of Friendships for Kids Leads Them to Be Natural Influencers. Though the event was aimed at existing fans, the one thing kids love more than a really fun game or event, is bringing friends to that game or event, and then talking about that game or event before and after it has taken place. With an example like the tour's events course, the natural competition that it inspires also serves as its own form of publicity. When kids went home and bragged about their scores to friends, those same friends would soon come in to see how they would fare, and if they could beat the scores.
  2. Include Something for All Ages. While the central challenge course was aimed at 7-12 year olds, the event planners understood the importance of including younger siblings. LEGOS wisely does not let the activation segment of the course go to waste, setting up 'free play zones' where children can play alone or with a parent. In the Quest2Ninjago Tour, this activation area served a dual purpose by being engineered to create a fun, hands-on play environment for young children of four or five years old.
  3. Combine Large Scale Events with Internal Engagement. LEGO also set up the course's activation at their headquarters. There, instead of kids versus kids, the course was run with kids versus adults. This created a perfect opportunity to create and drive a broader LEGO message. Kai Witbeck, event marketing manager-brand relations at LEGO explains, "to see that interaction, it makes us think about bringing that socialization in our marketing, that LEGO isn’t just about playing upstairs in your room by yourself; you can involve your friends or parents and do a larger activity with them."

These are examples that you can use for planning your next experience. Our event venue offers a space that's perfect for company experience. Call us at Soho Studios and ask about our space.

The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Campaign

First, Fox embraced Austin’s diverse food truck culture and embedded tons of amenities for consumers to try. Then, it created a pop-up Kwik-E-Mart to serve over 3,400 Squishee frozen drinks at 2.6 orders per minute. The Simpsons then transformed 7-11s to resemble Apu’s workplace from the world-renowned Simpsons Movie. Austin’s grand display fired off the truck’s countrywide tour, which, for many months, was considered one of the year’s most innovative marketing experiences. Now, this year’s SXSW will host The Simpsons yet again. Partnering the ongoing renegade tour, SXSW has created a LEGO-based Kwik-E-Mart to boost promotion.

A Show on Wheels

Honing in on the mobile Kwik-E-Mart, Simpsons fans are urged to take note of Fox’s attention to detail and cross-market possibilities. Squishees have been a Simpsons symbol for years. While they’ve made their way into pop culture—and drink culture, too—the mobile Kwik-E-Mart has featured their existence on a grand scale for the first time.

The Squishee’s popularity has opened an interesting door for Fox, who aptly tied waiting lines into a much more immersive experience. Attendees were enticed with branded iPads—which were tethered to the Kwik-E-Mart truck. Each iPad hosted episodes of The Simpsons, encompassing every season. Passerby could additionally capture photos of themselves, exploring the Kwik-E-Mart and gaining popularity on Fox’s multitude of social media outlets.

The LEGO Tie-In

Green-screen magic, too was implemented, creating a full Simpsons experience within the rollaway mart. Once inside, Squishee customers were prompted with the all-new Kwik-E-Mart LEGO set, released as a late-date tie-in to The Simpsons Movie.

A precursor to this year’s SXSW displays, the LEGO Kwik-E-Mart—stationed in the real Kwik-E-Mart—was an excellent visibility tool. This year’s SXSW took place in May, and its branded buildings were relatively hard to get into due to their size: five inches high, and 14 inches wide. The SXSW display extravaganza was packed with mini renditions of popular sets, and the Kwik-E-Mart definitely took the stage in terms of memorability and originality.

LEGO has historically encountered success with Simpsons construction sets. Their mini-figures, too, have experienced great popularity, giving the brand more than one reason to save the show’s unveiling for an SXSW Friday. The Kwik-E-Mart is iconic, and it’s regularly featured on the show. The set shot off the store racks on the same date, May 1, and became an instant hit in the retail world. Hard-core fans make any Simpsons-branded product a treasure trove. As for LEGO fans, the Kwik-E-Mart within the rolling display was much more than an Easter egg.

Few LEGO displays can compete with the iconic dark-orange Kwik-E-Mart bricks, and Fox’s alignment with Apple and LEGO alike is notable. Big shows get big displays, and big providers like FOX are more than capable of doing a brand justice. Really, the mobile Kwik-E-Mart was far more than a rolling experience: It was a perfectly premeditated retail preview display and cross-market access point. The Simpsons might be whacky, but it certainly knows what it’s doing.

LEGOLAND's Kids Marathon Mile

January 16 plays host to LEGOLAND’s exclusive marketing outreach event. The special, one-mile run-a-thon, titled the Kids Marathon Mile, invites kids and parents alike to experience everything LEGO. Before the event’s doors are opened to public arrivals, LEGOLAND hosts sound-packed entertainment, a park wind-up and a spectator-filled race. Event-goers can skip, stroll, walk or run through the event, facing an end reward inspired by LEGO's grand product designs.


LEGOLAND’s Kids Marathon Mile is presented alongside its newest SEA Life Aquarium grand opening. The Kids Marathon Mile begins early at 6:30 AM, offering activities, a DJ, refreshments and LEGO-bound booths. Concluding at 10 AM, the Kids Marathon Mile compliments the SEA LIFE Aquarium’s door opening. Event-goers are welcomed to enter with specialty deals, including a parental 50 percent discount and free tickets for any under age 12.

LEGOLAND regards the SEA LIFE Aquarium’s opening with grand appeal. The brand excels at utilizing its sheer recognizable power, enriching its market slice with toys, entertainment and enthusiasm. Each finisher’s flashy medal showcases efforts with success. No walker is left behind, and all benefit from the SEA LIFE Aquarium’s opening discounts—discounts which are alluring to post-event families.

Youth Marketing and the Tyke Hike

LEGOLAND’s feature Tyke Hike stages the Kids Marathon Mile. Instantly recognizable, the Tyke Hike utilizes LEGOLAND’s comforting premises. Youth marketing often engages parents, and LEGOLAND extends every effort to the parent’s behind tiny legs. Each registered youth may be accompanied by an adult, imbuing the direct marketing effort with long-lasting parental relationships.

The Kids Marathon Mile isn’t timed, and results aren’t posted. Complimentary refreshments span the premises, too, engaging both children and parents at every level. Experiential marketing typically engages unique attributes, and the Kids Marathon Mile maintains an excellent pre-opening strategy. Following the event’s completion, parents are enriched by LEGOLAND’s shops, newest products and promotions.

The Merlin Entertainments Group

LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE both benefit from the LEGO logo, the area’s brick configuration, the Minifigure and LEGOLAND California’s unique design. The Merlin Entertainments Group, powering both LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE, streamlines the area for perfect visitor retention and SEA LIFE’s promotion. SEA LIFE is tied to LEGOLAND in both brand and spirit the aquarium, part of the LEGOLAND California RESORT, is its newest attachment, tying a love for toys with a love for animals.

The SEA LIFE Aquarium offers interactive and educational dynamics. Unrivaled, its featured fun facts, play zones and quiz trails enhance the LEGO-lover’s experience. Parents are enticed by the event’s willingness to teach, engaging further with everything LEGO. SEA LIFE is primarily designed to be a child’s guide to the ocean’s diverse life. Due to LEGO’s widespread product coverage, SEA LIFE absolutely benefits the “urge for exploration” felt by many brand lovers.

SEA LIFE, powered by The Merlin Entertainments Group, embodies the LEGOLAND promotion strategy. Similar routes, mysterious encounters and fun events align it with LEGOLAND directly, and its location’s LEGO brick inclusions identify it directly with LEGOLAND’s exterior, interior and products.