When Birds in the Backyard Turn into Art


What could be better than a purist approach to event marketing art?  This year’s YoungArts Foundation Gala experienced a slew of action-paced, eloquent and fascinating displays.  The event’s figurehead, highlighted by the Max Mara logo, was incredibly flexible. That said, the Italian luxury brand was only the show’s opening act. Dubbed the 2017 YoungArts Backyard Ball, the Gala far exceeded other, run-of-the-mill charity promotions.

The Backyard Ball

On January 14, 2017, the National YoungArts Foundation posted up in Miami, delivering its annual extravaganza to support the nation’s future artists. While recognizing the year’s talent, the Gala assisted this year’s 691-bodied audience of YoungArts Winners. The event supplied explorative music, awesome additions and amazing contributions to art, including jazz pianist Jason Moran, choreographer Jessica Lang and Max Mara’s north American retailer, Maria Giulia Maramotti.

The Birds

Among the artistic display showcases was an interesting assortment of origami birds. The event’s origami theme, incredibly varied, included many nods to the ancient arts of paper folding—such as abstract bird shapes. The stage’s backdrop was lit, the birds were folded and a dulcet purple framed the entire scene.

The Gala’s graphic cover design reflected this display, revealing different handcrafted art designs, origami’s geometric nature and a variety of event inclusions. Meanwhile, the event’s ceiling origami installation captured nature with hundreds of suspended paper butterflies. All around, floating origami animals impacted the space.

Success and the Prevalence of Art

The evening raised over $1.5 million to support YoungArts establishments, initiatives and programs in Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C. The event’s aspiring artists—along with those abroad—were given extraordinary, life-changing opportunities to connect with their field’s leading impactors. The presence of public-presented work, a nod to tradition and the collaboration of different disciplines, together, made the Backyard Ball stand apart.

The event’s guests, of course, applauded the winners of the National YoungArts Week—which occurred between January 8 and 15. In the world of art, a little experiential marketing goes a long way. Origami birds, the presentation’s frame—in a sense—highlighted the gala's freedom, creativity and curiosity. Sometimes, event displays needn’t be expensive. Sometimes, trending, fun and unique event inclusions can be as pure as the message they’re relaying. In the world of charity promotion, event marketers have a lot of options. The National YoungArts Week presented a unique opportunity, too, which was categorized by a celebration of all things art. Minimalism still works, and events are still using it as an effective presentation too.

What Century 21 Wants Everyone to Know


Real estate continues to dominate the business space, capitalizing on the future. Imagine this – an event that captures the top talent in the industry with an interactive appeal. You’ve found it with Century 21. Realizing the need to attract and keep an audience of professionals that cater to their specific markets, Century 21 introduced not just an event, but an experience. Dubbed “The City of the Future: Where Technology is No Longer Just a Handheld Device, but a Way of Life,” event goers got to mix and mingle, discuss new real estate trends, and network with industry gurus that can help them find a place to thrive.

A casual and informative event, attendees interacted via a 3D cityscape, highlighting what’s coming down the pipeline in the real estate market. Dramatic lighting, signage and contemporary furniture throughout the venue made it a hip and cozy environment to get down to business. Armed with a database, attendees (also known as agents) were able to create custom searches and notifications that will assist in understanding the business and new landscape consisting of micro housing and repurposed malls.

Held in creative and progressive venues, event participants enjoy signature cocktails, plenty of food, entertainment and guest speakers. Designed to adapt to different part of the country, these events leverage their strategic plan to recruit and retain individuals who can make an impact in the industry. As part of this experience, a more formal event is planned to enhance the relationships created during the initial event.

Understanding that real estate is unique and consistently evolving, CEO and president of Century 21 Rick Davidson takes this opportunity to reinforce the need for real estate agents and brokers to be versatile, unafraid to diversify, and ready to make a difference.

A step into the right direction, Century 21 capitalizes on their strong brand and progressive insight to reach prospective candidates for moving the needle a little bit more into the 21st century. With these types of events addressing the new needs of real estate agents and brokers, the company is poised to make a definitive impact for the near future.


What We Can Learn from LEGO's Quest2Ninjago Summer Tour


In early September, LEGO concluded its extremely successful Quest2Ninjago Summer Tour. The event presented children in seven markets the opportunity to compete in an "American Ninja Warrior" inspired obstacle course. The winning team from each market was flown to Legoland headquarters in San Diego to compete in the finale. The event was not a recruitment program, set on expanding the base or raising awareness, rather it was a campaign that rewarded and engaged existing fans of the two franchises, LEGO and Ninjago, which is also a cartoon and movie. From the success of the summer long, nation-wide event, there are several best practices that others can apply to kid-based marketing campaigns.

  1. The Ease of Friendships for Kids Leads Them to Be Natural Influencers. Though the event was aimed at existing fans, the one thing kids love more than a really fun game or event, is bringing friends to that game or event, and then talking about that game or event before and after it has taken place. With an example like the tour's events course, the natural competition that it inspires also serves as its own form of publicity. When kids went home and bragged about their scores to friends, those same friends would soon come in to see how they would fare, and if they could beat the scores.
  2. Include Something for All Ages. While the central challenge course was aimed at 7-12 year olds, the event planners understood the importance of including younger siblings. LEGOS wisely does not let the activation segment of the course go to waste, setting up 'free play zones' where children can play alone or with a parent. In the Quest2Ninjago Tour, this activation area served a dual purpose by being engineered to create a fun, hands-on play environment for young children of four or five years old.
  3. Combine Large Scale Events with Internal Engagement. LEGO also set up the course's activation at their headquarters. There, instead of kids versus kids, the course was run with kids versus adults. This created a perfect opportunity to create and drive a broader LEGO message. Kai Witbeck, event marketing manager-brand relations at LEGO explains, "to see that interaction, it makes us think about bringing that socialization in our marketing, that LEGO isn’t just about playing upstairs in your room by yourself; you can involve your friends or parents and do a larger activity with them."

These are examples that you can use for planning your next experience. Our event venue offers a space that's perfect for company experience. Call us at Soho Studios and ask about our space.

Experience Kissimmee Creates Zip Line Adventure to Get People Wishing for Warm Sunshine


Most promotional events seek to make the comfort of the visitors paramount. And when holding an outdoor event in Chicago in February, snowfall would usually be viewed as bad news. But when Experience Kissimmee they hosted an outdoor zipline in Millennium Park, snow was the perfect final touch. The goal of the event was to provide residents of the windy city with a fun experience, but also to get them thinking about how welcome Florida sunshine really would be. Though it was frigid, people waited in long lines, sometimes more than two hours, to take a ride on the zipline. Altogether, 1,362 people took the ride, warmed only by their adrenaline.


After, they were invited to sip hot chocolate while enjoying a warming tent, complete with baby alligators, ready to pose for a photo. A total of 4,220 people visited the tent. Inside the tent, visitors could speak with representatives from Experience Kissimmee to learn about the many tourist and travel opportunities they offer. Adding a community service component that tied into the staying warm in winter theme, Experience Kissimmee worked with One Warm Coat, inviting participants to donate a winter coat. 1,000 coats were donated to Chicago Public Schools because of the event.

The novelty of frigid ziplining provided by a tourism company based in the sunshine state got lots of attention—the goal of any experiential marketing campaign. All told, there were 32 unique stories broadcast in the press, including on NBC and CBS local affiliates. Word spread fast on social media as well, garnering seven million impressions across social.

Adding to the event was the fact that this was the first marketing event that has been hosted in Chicago's Millennium Park. Also, that it was held over Valentine's Day weekend made it the perfect adventure before a romantic evening for couples, and because it was free, young couples who would have had a hard time affording what generally constitutes a special day, could partake. Also, the events official title, "Escape the Cold. Warm Your Heart." tied in perfectly with all aspects of the event.

If you're interested in hosting an event that gets great organic attention and excellent press, planning the unexpected is the perfect way. Our multiple event spaces in Miami's Arts District provide incredible opportunities to go against the grain and create an experience that will get you noticed. To find out more, give us a call.

Power of the Purse in Miami

For decades, it’s remained one of Miami’s most anticipated springtime events -- the annual “Power of the Purse” luncheon and auction. Attended by nearly a thousand of the region’s best and brightest, “Power of the Purse” is a social and networking event that raises money for The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade. This year it all happens on April 7 at 11 a.m.., at BankUnited Center at the University of Miami in Coral Gables. Last year’s event raised more than $450,000 for The Women’s Fund.

Not only do we look forward to this annual event as the place to see and be seen, but also as a chance to be truly inspired by the personal stories traditionally shared at the luncheon. Attendees will also witness moving tributes to the civic leaders and influential philanthropists who are fiercely determined to better the lives of area women and children.

Adding extra glamor to the event is returning Honorary Event Chair Elle Macpherson, a respected businesswoman and, of course, one of the world’s most famous supermodels. She joins Event Chairwoman Mary Young, Director of Ziff Graduate Career Services Center at University of Miami School of Business Administration, and Sissy DeMaria, President of Kreps DeMaria Public Relations & Marketing.

The luncheon and auction has a serious slogan -- “Powering our Community to Change the World” -- but the event itself is anything but staid. Lucky ticket-holders will dine in style at the BankUnited Center, and also have a chance to bid on a range of hotly-contested items.

The auction is slated to be one of the most fought-over (stylishly, of course) in years. Putting the “purse” in “The Power of the Purse” will be a Fendi “3Jours” blue leather tote bag, valued at $5,000, with an expected starting bid of $2,500. More than a dozen other high-fashion clutches and bags will also be available.

Other hot-ticket items are a Parmigiani fine quartz timepiece; a luxury stay at your choice of Sandals resorts in the Bahamas, Antigua, St. Lucia or Jamaica; spa treatments, fine artwork; two deluxe golf foursome packages at International Links/Melreese Country Club; Miami Dolphins tickets; private lessons at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio; restaurant passes; and several exclusive wine-tasting packages.

All money raised will go toward supporting The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade. Since 1993, this stellar organization -- the only one of its kind in the greater Miami area -- has donated more than $3 million to hundreds of organizations that work to better the lives of women and girls. Among the issues The Women’s Fund tackles are domestic abuse, poverty, reproductive freedom and access to health care.

Tickets are still available. Visit  http://www.womensfundmiami.org for more information.

Winter Music Conference in Miami


The annual Winter Music Conference in Miami has become an annual tradition for aficionados of the music world. Miami has been the proud host of this event for nearly 30 years. The conference showcases workshops, concerts, an abundance of events and, of course, the parties! The 2016 Winter Music Conference takes place from March 21 - March 24. More than 100,000 attendees flock to this event every year with professionals and delegates from over 70 countries represented in the activities.

The ULTRA Music Festival serves as the crown jewel in the Winter Music Conference. This outdoor concert spans the week in Downtown Miami. Concert goers are treated to an amazing array of electronic dance music talent, from artists to DJs. If you love EDM, ULTRA Music Festival is the place to be - the biggest event of the year, anywhere in the industry.

Educational Events - WMC hosts an array of educational events for industry professionals and those just trying to break in. This is a fantastic way to improve your repertoire, network with other artists, and meet industry professionals who can inspire your success and help you improve.

Technological Workshops - WMC hosts the best technological workshops you'll find in a conference, featuring speakers who make their living in the industry and have a passion for inspiring new talent.

The International Dance Music Awards - the WMC caps off with the IDMA awards. The IDMA awards highlight new and emerging artists and well known talent. The event seeks to propel careers and help support electronic dance music, moving this important creative contribution out of the darkness and helping these talented artists get the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Raves - There are literally hundreds of separate raves, parties, and events surrounding this conference. EDM is about music but it's also a celebration and you'll find no shortage of places to bask in the music and socialize with other electronic dance music lovers and industry professionals. You'll find the list of DJs and artists performing in the area number somewhere in the thousands, so you'll enjoy the finest electronic dance music and surroundings, no matter which parties and events you attend in the vicinity during the conference.

If you're attending the Winter Music Conference for the first time, make sure the make your reservations at the workshops and events you'd like to attend as far in advance as possible. Many events do sell out quickly. Different clubs have their own policies, so you should check with the individual venue if you're interested in attending parties near the conference. It's a fantastic event for anyone who loves electronic dance music and Miami is a gorgeous place to enjoy the sights and sounds. Have a wonderful time!

Hermes Party

As 2015 comes to a close, Soho Studios would like to wish everyone a Happy New year. 2015 was a great year for us, so in the spirit of celebrations we would like to share with you some photos and videos of the best party at Soho Studios of 2015.

Facebook's "Buy Tickets" Button

Social media has become a highly mobile realm, and Facebook’s approach to event access hits the mark with total smartphone control. Now, event-goers can access tickets immediately, engaging well-known local artists, providers and businesses via the social media giant’s services.

The Facebook Interface

Total access to event times, locations and details via Facebook’s ‘Buy Tickets’ button reinvents the way event-lovers engage providers. Facebook’s extensive social network coverage has made it an able location provider, and smartphone owners need only select their app’s ticket offers beneath event pages to turn their social media experience into a fully functional event site.

Facebook is partnered with a wealth of artists, venues, promoters and location sponsors, granting users quite a bit of access to popular happenings. Facebook as an e-commerce too succeeds, too. Its off-website control easily navigates consumers between social media and event pages, creating a dynamic environment for “everything eventful.” Facebook may remain strictly social while offering a great amount of cultural, e-commerce and even informational resources.

Facebook’s Big Boom

While Facebook isn’t taking price cuts from tickets yet, their outreach will likely dictate a new direction in marketing. On its own, Facebook’s approach to live event marketing is a near “match made in heaven.” Facebook lovers connect, share information and meet up daily. Now, its attachment to off-platform events has proposed a step in the right direction.

Currently, Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” option is active in the Bay Area. Local concerts beyond the area aren’t yet available, but the entity’s industry presence will likely push the effort further. Facebook’s adoption of map-based services have already become commonplace, and its influence over event-hosting sites will likely increase in upcoming years.

Will Call Tickets

Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” option doesn’t extend to print or electronic options, either. Users must pick up their tickets at will call. Likely, this feature is a logistical one. Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” button is still picking up steam, and it likely operates on a scale too small to regulate without physical ticket pickup.

Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” button will likely grow, however. The social media titan has moved towards commercialization in recent months, and it carries a lot of momentum. Facebook’s recent plans have extended to the integration of messaging services, and its shift in purpose hasn’t been ignored by business professionals. The “Buy Tickets” button, while a small inclusion, promises a slew of new things to come.

A Nod to Business Culture

Event linking, in its smallest form, still succeeds in creating potent business culture. Future event venues linked with Facebook might receive offers, promotion or—at the very least—a lot of visibility. Facebook’s overarching capabilities have inspired more information-based services, and optimization, customization and integration, to say the least, are probably its next steps.

As Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” option receives feedback, new regions might experience the service. In the world of marketing efforts, trends expand quickly. Facebook’s newest innovation, while small, proposes a huge leap into the world of location marketing. Location-based services have redefined the mobile experience, and big-name providers are catching on.


Facebook Fit comes to Miami


Event Space Miami

This June Facebook comes to the best event space in Miami to invite businesses to experience an exceptional line-up of speakers and breakout sessions. Every attendee will get $50 in Facebook Ad credits to put their new learned knowledge to work.

Join Facebook this summer as we host events across the U.S. to help small businesses achieve success. With leaders from Facebook, Intuit, LegalZoom and Square, you’ll get tips on marketing, legal services, finance management and more.

Plus we’ve teamed up with best-selling author Rhonda Abrams and technology expert Mario Armstrong, both of whom are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small businesses grow. Whether you’re just getting started or are ready to take the next step, Facebook Fit events are designed to serve all types of small businesses.

Tickets are $25. Space is limited, so register today. We look forward to seeing you!


The Morning (AM) and Afternoon (PM) sessions will be exactly the same.Please choose only one at checkout.

Here’s what to expect at both sessions: Keynote - Dan Levy, Facebook Small Business Panel Facebook Workshops (details below) Partner Workshops (details below)

Facebook Workshops - select one at checkout Getting Started: Start using Facebook for your business In–store Sales: Optimize Facebook to bring more people into your store Online Sales: Use Facebook to increase sales on your website

Partner Workshops - select one at checkout Intuit Quickbooks: Six tips to grow your business Square: Learn how to increase sales LegalZoom: Legal help for your small business

Facebook Fit Miami
Event Space Miami

DADA Land Compound Miami

DADA LIFE Compound  

The times has come and the biggest electronic artisis "DADA LIFE" will be at Soho Studios in Miami on November 23rd for the DADA Land Compound event. 5000 people will decend at Soho Studios, know as the best event space for music concerts in Miami. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here .

Dada Life is a Swedish eclectric house artisits. Made up of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom. Dada Life was voted #89 in 2010 of the DJ Magazine's annual Top 100 list of the most popular DJ's. They moved up in ranking to #38 in 2011 and then #24 in 2012 out of DJ's Mag's top 100. Come to DADA Land COMPOUND and experience tracks like "Rolling stones T-shirt", "Happy Violence", "Kick Out The Epic Motherf*cker", "Unleash the F*cking Dada", "White Noise / Red Meat", "Feed The Dada", and their remixes of"Dynasty" and "Llove" by Kaskade (feat Haley), "Big Bad Wolf" by Duck Sauce, "Who Is Ready To Jump" by Chuckie, and "Prutataaa" by Afrojack and R3hab.

Having risen so fast amongst the electronic house community, Dada Life now appears during the two largest electronic dance festivals, at the Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival.

Listen to there latest track here

Check out the DADA Land COMPOUND trailer. The venue has moved to Soho Studios to increase the capacity and provide a better experiecne for DADA LIFE fans.


For further information vist www.dadalife.com .

See below for directions

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DADA Land Compound Soho Studios