Winter Music Conference in Miami


The annual Winter Music Conference in Miami has become an annual tradition for aficionados of the music world. Miami has been the proud host of this event for nearly 30 years. The conference showcases workshops, concerts, an abundance of events and, of course, the parties! The 2016 Winter Music Conference takes place from March 21 - March 24. More than 100,000 attendees flock to this event every year with professionals and delegates from over 70 countries represented in the activities.

The ULTRA Music Festival serves as the crown jewel in the Winter Music Conference. This outdoor concert spans the week in Downtown Miami. Concert goers are treated to an amazing array of electronic dance music talent, from artists to DJs. If you love EDM, ULTRA Music Festival is the place to be - the biggest event of the year, anywhere in the industry.

Educational Events - WMC hosts an array of educational events for industry professionals and those just trying to break in. This is a fantastic way to improve your repertoire, network with other artists, and meet industry professionals who can inspire your success and help you improve.

Technological Workshops - WMC hosts the best technological workshops you'll find in a conference, featuring speakers who make their living in the industry and have a passion for inspiring new talent.

The International Dance Music Awards - the WMC caps off with the IDMA awards. The IDMA awards highlight new and emerging artists and well known talent. The event seeks to propel careers and help support electronic dance music, moving this important creative contribution out of the darkness and helping these talented artists get the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Raves - There are literally hundreds of separate raves, parties, and events surrounding this conference. EDM is about music but it's also a celebration and you'll find no shortage of places to bask in the music and socialize with other electronic dance music lovers and industry professionals. You'll find the list of DJs and artists performing in the area number somewhere in the thousands, so you'll enjoy the finest electronic dance music and surroundings, no matter which parties and events you attend in the vicinity during the conference.

If you're attending the Winter Music Conference for the first time, make sure the make your reservations at the workshops and events you'd like to attend as far in advance as possible. Many events do sell out quickly. Different clubs have their own policies, so you should check with the individual venue if you're interested in attending parties near the conference. It's a fantastic event for anyone who loves electronic dance music and Miami is a gorgeous place to enjoy the sights and sounds. Have a wonderful time!