Southwest Airlines, Millennials and Music

Wouldn't it be great if companies could tap into the ideas of student entrepreneurs, and bring to the forefront brilliant ideas that the Millennials have in business? And then take those ideas and bring them into fruition? It sounds like a far-fetched idea, but that's exactly what Southwest Airlines did in their Recess 2016 Spring Tour.

Mix Music and Business to Attract New Entrepreneurs

Mid April (April 5 through April 18) Southwest Airlines reached out to 18 universities and colleges to find current student entrepreneurs. Southwest Airlines gave the students the opportunity to meet with the biggest investors and venture capitalists in the country to pitch their startup ideas. These entrepreneurs were then entered into a bracket style competition to compete for a cash prize of $250,000.

After each stop on the tour, the students were invited to an after party concert which featured artists such as Tory Lanez, GoldLink, and Lil Dicky. The concerts and party atmosphere of the competition's after party attracted students to consider the message that Southwest Airlines had to offer: “Your ideas are important and we want to know what you think is important to your generation.”

A Win-Win Situation for All Involved

In Southwest Airlines' Recess 2016 Spring Tour, everyone who participated was a winner. It encouraged Millennials who are naturally more attracted to innovation to team up with investors and venture capitalists, thus networking the two groups. It helped Southwest Airlines develop loyalty among the Millennials that are the most brand loyal generation to come along. Southwest Airlines fostered further loyalty with offering round-trip airline tickets as giveaways.

By introducing new companies and new brands to college students, it is likely to foster brand loyalty in those students throughout their lives. This is vitally important when considering that college students are often the business leaders of tomorrow. By introducing the college students to investors and venture capitalists, it gives the students a deeper understanding how business works and what's required to take their brilliant idea all the way to a product or service. At the very least, it gives the college students inroads into investors and venture capitalists.

Creating Loyalty through Innovation

Because the Millennials embrace technology and innovation more than previous generations, it's important for companies to position themselves as innovators. Millennials look for new technology when considering their brand loyalty. Consumers often form their brand preferences while they are young, which is why it is imperative to reach the Millennials now. Through Recess 2016 Spring Tour, Southwest Airlines has created an appealing way to reach Millennials in an unique venue.

Beyonce's Tour Sells Out and Brings Controversy

Mega pop star Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has become quite the controversial figure since Super Bowl 50. She used the big game as a platform to promote the Black Panthers and criticize police brutality. Beyoncé and her dancers donned black berets along with bandoliers during the performance. Yet her social activism certainly hasn't hit her in the pocketbook. Most of the stops on her upcoming Formation world tour have already sold out. The tour is scheduled to launch this month in Miami. It is the singer's first tour since her Mrs. Carter World Tour in 2013. Though most of the tickets to Beyoncé's tour sold out quickly, it appears as though she might run into some problems due to her willingness to take a stance against police corruption. Her alliance with the Black Panthers has resulted in the National Police Union, known as the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), deciding to boycott the singer's upcoming concert in Miami. It will be interesting to see how security is handled at a show of this magnitude. The concert is scheduled to take place on April 26 in the Marlins Stadium. Beyoncé has refused to comment on the matter as of this article's publish date.

The Miami chapter of the FOP made the decision to boycott Beyoncé's Miami show through a democratic vote. The local union's president, Lieutenant Javier Ortiz, actually called on police officers across the country to boycott all of the Formation shows. The FOP believes that Beyoncé improperly used her Super Bowl 50 platform to spread what the police union describes as an “anti-police message”. Police across the country clashed with the Black Panthers during race riots that took place decades ago. Lieutenant Ortiz has not stated whether the boycott of Beyoncé's Miami concert is applicable to police officers across Miami, those who work in Dade county or only those who are members of the union.

Beyoncé's Formation World Tour will likely take place without a hitch. Beyoncé could hire private security for the event. It is also possible that enough police officers or non-union officers will make themselves available for the Miami show and any other shows that are boycotted by the police. Fans will undoubtedly have a blast at the show regardless of the political activism surrounding the tour. All in all, the tour's producer, Parkwood Entertainment, has sold just under one million total tickets. A number of shows have sold out in addition to the Miami date. The demand for tickets is so strong that seconds shows have been scheduled for May 28 at Chicago's Soldier Field and July 3 at Wembly Stadium in London. Fans who want to put a positive twist on the somewhat negative energy surrounding the show can do so by participating in the singer's #BeyGOOD initiative designed to support Miami's United Way program. Be sure to follow @beygood on Twitter to learn more.

Winter Music Conference in Miami


The annual Winter Music Conference in Miami has become an annual tradition for aficionados of the music world. Miami has been the proud host of this event for nearly 30 years. The conference showcases workshops, concerts, an abundance of events and, of course, the parties! The 2016 Winter Music Conference takes place from March 21 - March 24. More than 100,000 attendees flock to this event every year with professionals and delegates from over 70 countries represented in the activities.

The ULTRA Music Festival serves as the crown jewel in the Winter Music Conference. This outdoor concert spans the week in Downtown Miami. Concert goers are treated to an amazing array of electronic dance music talent, from artists to DJs. If you love EDM, ULTRA Music Festival is the place to be - the biggest event of the year, anywhere in the industry.

Educational Events - WMC hosts an array of educational events for industry professionals and those just trying to break in. This is a fantastic way to improve your repertoire, network with other artists, and meet industry professionals who can inspire your success and help you improve.

Technological Workshops - WMC hosts the best technological workshops you'll find in a conference, featuring speakers who make their living in the industry and have a passion for inspiring new talent.

The International Dance Music Awards - the WMC caps off with the IDMA awards. The IDMA awards highlight new and emerging artists and well known talent. The event seeks to propel careers and help support electronic dance music, moving this important creative contribution out of the darkness and helping these talented artists get the recognition and rewards they deserve.

Raves - There are literally hundreds of separate raves, parties, and events surrounding this conference. EDM is about music but it's also a celebration and you'll find no shortage of places to bask in the music and socialize with other electronic dance music lovers and industry professionals. You'll find the list of DJs and artists performing in the area number somewhere in the thousands, so you'll enjoy the finest electronic dance music and surroundings, no matter which parties and events you attend in the vicinity during the conference.

If you're attending the Winter Music Conference for the first time, make sure the make your reservations at the workshops and events you'd like to attend as far in advance as possible. Many events do sell out quickly. Different clubs have their own policies, so you should check with the individual venue if you're interested in attending parties near the conference. It's a fantastic event for anyone who loves electronic dance music and Miami is a gorgeous place to enjoy the sights and sounds. Have a wonderful time!

Rockstar Energy Drink’s Mayhem Festival

Entering its eighth year, Rockstar Energy Drink has become an industry titan. Culturally responsive and influential, the brand has executed numerous marketing efforts in recent years—each of which has encountered resounding success. A proud sponsor of The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, this year’s Wantagh, NY event will unleash a variety of festival amenities, music powerhouses and great industry highlights. Rockstar Energy Drink's Mayhem Festival takes place on July 26, action taking place at 1:00 P.M.

Rockstar and the Consumer Connection

In the past seven years, Rockstar has connected to consumers through its Mayhem Festival. Large-scale marketing campaigns, sampling efforts and brand accessibility are Mayhem’s “names of the game”, and, historically, consumers haven’t minded at all. Each of Mayhem’s stop locations educate newcomers and festival old-timers about Rockstar’s new products, new flavors and new innovations.

Rockstar’s consumer connection, powered by experienced industry decision makers, interacts with dozens of sales and marketing teams across the country. Working hand-in-hand to elicit consumer response, brand awareness and industry evolution, Rockstar and its associates offer ticket price promotions, giveaways, products and prizes. One of the energy drink’s leading brands, Rockstar Energy Drink isn’t new to the experimental marketing forefront.

Brand Responsibility and Industry Insight

One of Rockstar’s foundation corners rests upon its dedication to family. Rockstar Inc.’s own Nick Allen attributes the energy drink’s dedication to camaraderie to brand and music connection. Rockstar, as a brand, intends to provide industry insight through entertainment industry impact by supporting Truth®. Truth® is one of the nation’s largest national youth anti-smoking campaigns existent, and its appearance at Rockstar’s Mayhem Festival furthers the brand’s forward approach to industry health standards.

Energy drinks, in particular, have come under fire from parents and health board executives who work on health and safety awareness efforts. However, Rockstar Energy Drink has buffered its brand image by partnering with Truth®, simultaneously maintaining its youthful image by supporting DJ spinning, signature metal bands, dynamic industry changes and great music.

Mayhem Festival Giveaways and Visibility

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival wouldn’t be promotional without free giveaways, and its sponsors are stationed to connect consumers with music, products and services. Contests, one-on-one company conversations, live events and giveaways are all present at The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, available each day of the tour.

Rockstar Energy Drink has also connected with the #FinishIT campaign—further promoting an anti-smoking campaign with Truth® managers. Mayhem’s new represented message will appear at the Wantagh, New York event, kick-starting its newest brand angle: one dedicated to consumer safety, health and cultural necessities.

Rockstar Energy Drink will benefit greatly from its return sponsor, Metal Injection. The online consumer resource will cover the event’s entirety, further solidifying Rockstar Energy drink as an industry mainstay. Metal injection offers annual ticket contests and giveaways, expanding Mayhem Festival visitor access to online platforms. Receiving great past responses, Metal Injection annually hits over 2,000 contest submissions, proving itself a more-than-viable sponsor for both Rockstar Energy Drink and accompanying brands.

Several multi-platform sponsors support The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, too, extending the brand’s awareness to near-synonymous levels of comparison with the big-name musicians featured within.

The Vans Warped Tour

On July 19, Vans unleashes its iconic Warped Tour at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. Well respected for its cultural additions, Vans has repeatedly underlined the indie, punk and skating industry with great music shows, unique events and rock and roll lifestyle. Warped Tour fans resonate with their favorite artists in a jam-packed day session built to please. Organized from the ground up, annual Warped Tours deliver intuitive design, the world’s favorite rock artists and highly accessible admittance.

The Vans Warped Tour Clientele

Warped Tour does cater to younger audiences, though their recent program changes admit free parents. Warped Tour offers a single, complimentary parental admission ticket to accompany a ticket-holder under the age of 18. Wise in both responsibility and brand exposure, Vans supports the 2015 Warped Tour admittance policy vita its centrally located, yellow-top Vans Warped Tour guest tent.

Located near the venue’s forefront, the Vans tent idealizes the event’s sponsorship while gathering the event’s primary consumer base and fiscally empowered parental consumer base, too. Non-transferable, patrons must show actual ticket proof to gain entrance. This selective clientele program is new, likely expanding the Vans brand to parents capable of supporting its primary youngsters—teens under age 18.

The Music Saves Lives Program

Additionally, the Vans Warped Tour brings something new, hearty and altruistic to the music scene. The nonprofit Music Saves Lives program offers free backstage wristbands for up to 100 ticket holders. The only requirement is a blood donation before Warped Tour’s event setup. Patrons can earn their Music Saves Lives voucher in an official Music Saves Lives tent, gaining backstage admittance for the event’s duration. Drives begin April 2015 and are active until July 19.

Free Giveaways and the Vans Sponsorship

While Vans has sponsored Warped Tour in the past, its newest hallmark exists within the many non-profit freebies accessible through the tour’s wheel-spin event. Games, vendor villages and associate brands are all there, and visitors meet the music industry’s lead impactors alongside the adjacent fashion industry’s hottest styles.

Music has historically impacted fashion culture, and Vans has taken great leaps with its Warped tour build-up, design and attribution. Sponsorship prevailing, Vans will continue expressing its up-to-date identity with modern artist selection, new ticket selection options and its famous “compilation CD” downloads. Of course, Vans extends its patron services to online portals, where download links, ticket obtainment and event schedules are available.

The SideOne Dummy tent is available for visitors, creating a small economy for “everything Warped”. Warped Tour’s lineup varies per stop, though New Jersey’s featured event harnesses some of the brand’s newest, innovative options. The Warped Tour Fan Club has recently benefited from Vans, too, and its ticket holder line has become a primary mode for access—further expanding the Vans brand into primary, on-location ticket sales for eligible buyers.

Warped Tour is one of the music industry’s most memorable occasions, and its featured venues notoriously profit from its appearance and spillover marketing boons. Retaining its great inertia, Warped Tour will likely last years—Vans at the helm.