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How Budweiser Keeps it Lit in DC

How Budweiser Keeps it Lit in DC

The 2017 Stanley Cup was a fantastic opportunity for brand promotion, and Budweiser took full advantage. D.C’s Verizon Center was sold out, flashing over 10,000 Budweiser Red Light Cups. Every Capitals goal against the Maple Leafs was met with additional cup-tossing displays, giving Budweiser much-warranted attention for its pre-planned event.

Bluetooth and Booze: An Uncommon Pairing

So, how’d Budweiser coordinate it? As it turns out, Bluetooth isn’t only for gadgets, cars and high-tech home inclusions. Budweiser passed out a slew of Bluetooth-enabled cups, promoting itself for the playoffs. As hockey-lovers know, a game’s goal light is one of the much anticipated parts of any display.

By coordinating each goal, Budweiser amplified the excitement. The initiative has been a hockey program staple since 2013. That said, 2017 is the first year Budweiser incorporated its high-tech cups. Fans could bring their own cups, too, downloading the offered Budweiser Red Light app. In conjunction with its Bluetooth technology, Budweiser’s own cups were activated alongside other fan-bought containers.

Celebrating Like It’s Live

Budweiser’s ultimate goal was to create a fully integrative experience, wherein game watchers could enjoy their team’s goals from the comfort of their homes. Attendees, meanwhile, could celebrate with real-time applause. Budweiser installed 25 R.F.I.D. transmitters across the stadium, lighting up all the cups at once. Meanwhile, the brand’s Red Light controller sent a signal to each transmitter, releasing a frequency capable of setting off each cup simultaneously.

Using Social Media

Fans were urged to “Rock the Red” with the #LightUpDC hashtag. Because Red Light Cups were available at all participating concession stands, fans had ample opportunity to grab the goods. Those over age 21 were invited to post further on social media, maximizing the ceremony’s visibility. The game’s epic backdrop was, of course, a highlight.

As if that weren’t enough, the red light itself was—you guessed it—a puck-shaped RFID gadget. Fans were invited to keep the cups, saving their technology for later use—and, of course, as event memorabilia. Available as of April 15th, the cups were only available to those attending the Capitals Playoff Game 2. They were, however, available at specific concession locations for the remaining playoff games. These locations included the Etihad Lounge, the Budweiser Brewhouse and Becks Lounge at the 100, 200 and 400-level concession stands.

The Party Never Stops

As stated above, event-goers could bring home the cups, downloading their own Budweiser Red Light apps on Android and iOS. Because the gadgets could be synced up at any time, Budweiser enabled ongoing celebrations via at-home “Rock the Red” parties.

It takes effort to coordinate a highly digital event remotely. Budweiser, here, displayed the savviness of a brand which knows its customers. Sure, hockey games are notoriously watched at home. As with football, it’s important to include stay-at-home fans while giving attendees something special. The widespread fan attention worked, and Budweiser expertly pulled off an unexpectedly lit display. Parties aren’t just for party-goers. Where beer is concerned, it pays off to honor the distant celebrations—no matter how far off they may be.

Jack Daniels Breaks New Social Media Sharing Records

In the social media world, success only comes when your message is spread. Sharing of that message, rather than advertising it directly, is what drives most of the views to your ad or other content. This makes it so that the immediate goal of most social media campaigns is to get shares.

Social media sharing comes under many names, most of which depend on the platform in question. On Facebook, you want "likes." If it's Twitter, you're looking for "retweets." Other platforms use different names, but each has some method of sharing that is far better than the platform's other options.

Recently, Jack Daniels nailed this aspect of social media marketing so well that it broke its prior records for shares. Here's what they did:

Set Up an Entire Themed Venue

In the case of Jack Daniels, this was not a bar or distillery, but instead, a motel. "Motel No. 7," to be exact. Visitors "checked in" at the front desk and then were sent through a series of rooms and other areas each with their own themes. In these areas, 25 distinct "photo shareable" attractions were set up. These put the visitors into scenes that they would naturally want to post on their social media accounts. One example was a hair salon where visitors picked their styles by spinning a wheel-of-fortune type selector. It was almost instinctual for the people to post these eye-catching scenes.

Included Themed Peripherals

One such peripheral was the "Bung" donut shop. The donuts were infused with whiskey, but the old-timey set were what made it so photogenic.

A few aspects of the extravaganza were more directly related to the Jack Daniels brand and its actual product. There was a limited-seating discussion on whiskey-making by one of its master distillers, a history area focusing on music photographer Jim Marshall (who is connected to the brand), and Kevin the Barrel Maker who demonstrated his craft. This cemented the association between the Jack Daniels band and the event.

Pre-Event Advertising

Some advertising was still used. After all, a seed group of people have to see an event before they can start sharing its highlights. Jack Daniels generated hype by having two characters from the event promote it over social media channels. It also had a pre-event extravaganza including DJs, bands, and even a pillow fight. This drew people to come in and see the rest.

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Rockstar Energy Drink’s Mayhem Festival

Entering its eighth year, Rockstar Energy Drink has become an industry titan. Culturally responsive and influential, the brand has executed numerous marketing efforts in recent years—each of which has encountered resounding success. A proud sponsor of The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, this year’s Wantagh, NY event will unleash a variety of festival amenities, music powerhouses and great industry highlights. Rockstar Energy Drink's Mayhem Festival takes place on July 26, action taking place at 1:00 P.M.

Rockstar and the Consumer Connection

In the past seven years, Rockstar has connected to consumers through its Mayhem Festival. Large-scale marketing campaigns, sampling efforts and brand accessibility are Mayhem’s “names of the game”, and, historically, consumers haven’t minded at all. Each of Mayhem’s stop locations educate newcomers and festival old-timers about Rockstar’s new products, new flavors and new innovations.

Rockstar’s consumer connection, powered by experienced industry decision makers, interacts with dozens of sales and marketing teams across the country. Working hand-in-hand to elicit consumer response, brand awareness and industry evolution, Rockstar and its associates offer ticket price promotions, giveaways, products and prizes. One of the energy drink’s leading brands, Rockstar Energy Drink isn’t new to the experimental marketing forefront.

Brand Responsibility and Industry Insight

One of Rockstar’s foundation corners rests upon its dedication to family. Rockstar Inc.’s own Nick Allen attributes the energy drink’s dedication to camaraderie to brand and music connection. Rockstar, as a brand, intends to provide industry insight through entertainment industry impact by supporting Truth®. Truth® is one of the nation’s largest national youth anti-smoking campaigns existent, and its appearance at Rockstar’s Mayhem Festival furthers the brand’s forward approach to industry health standards.

Energy drinks, in particular, have come under fire from parents and health board executives who work on health and safety awareness efforts. However, Rockstar Energy Drink has buffered its brand image by partnering with Truth®, simultaneously maintaining its youthful image by supporting DJ spinning, signature metal bands, dynamic industry changes and great music.

Mayhem Festival Giveaways and Visibility

The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival wouldn’t be promotional without free giveaways, and its sponsors are stationed to connect consumers with music, products and services. Contests, one-on-one company conversations, live events and giveaways are all present at The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, available each day of the tour.

Rockstar Energy Drink has also connected with the #FinishIT campaign—further promoting an anti-smoking campaign with Truth® managers. Mayhem’s new represented message will appear at the Wantagh, New York event, kick-starting its newest brand angle: one dedicated to consumer safety, health and cultural necessities.

Rockstar Energy Drink will benefit greatly from its return sponsor, Metal Injection. The online consumer resource will cover the event’s entirety, further solidifying Rockstar Energy drink as an industry mainstay. Metal injection offers annual ticket contests and giveaways, expanding Mayhem Festival visitor access to online platforms. Receiving great past responses, Metal Injection annually hits over 2,000 contest submissions, proving itself a more-than-viable sponsor for both Rockstar Energy Drink and accompanying brands.

Several multi-platform sponsors support The Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, too, extending the brand’s awareness to near-synonymous levels of comparison with the big-name musicians featured within.