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Jack Daniels Breaks New Social Media Sharing Records

In the social media world, success only comes when your message is spread. Sharing of that message, rather than advertising it directly, is what drives most of the views to your ad or other content. This makes it so that the immediate goal of most social media campaigns is to get shares.

Social media sharing comes under many names, most of which depend on the platform in question. On Facebook, you want "likes." If it's Twitter, you're looking for "retweets." Other platforms use different names, but each has some method of sharing that is far better than the platform's other options.

Recently, Jack Daniels nailed this aspect of social media marketing so well that it broke its prior records for shares. Here's what they did:

Set Up an Entire Themed Venue

In the case of Jack Daniels, this was not a bar or distillery, but instead, a motel. "Motel No. 7," to be exact. Visitors "checked in" at the front desk and then were sent through a series of rooms and other areas each with their own themes. In these areas, 25 distinct "photo shareable" attractions were set up. These put the visitors into scenes that they would naturally want to post on their social media accounts. One example was a hair salon where visitors picked their styles by spinning a wheel-of-fortune type selector. It was almost instinctual for the people to post these eye-catching scenes.

Included Themed Peripherals

One such peripheral was the "Bung" donut shop. The donuts were infused with whiskey, but the old-timey set were what made it so photogenic.

A few aspects of the extravaganza were more directly related to the Jack Daniels brand and its actual product. There was a limited-seating discussion on whiskey-making by one of its master distillers, a history area focusing on music photographer Jim Marshall (who is connected to the brand), and Kevin the Barrel Maker who demonstrated his craft. This cemented the association between the Jack Daniels band and the event.

Pre-Event Advertising

Some advertising was still used. After all, a seed group of people have to see an event before they can start sharing its highlights. Jack Daniels generated hype by having two characters from the event promote it over social media channels. It also had a pre-event extravaganza including DJs, bands, and even a pillow fight. This drew people to come in and see the rest.

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Jack Daniel's Motel No. 7 at Soho Studios

Photo Credit: Jack Daniels

Photo Credit: Jack Daniels

America's passion for Jack Daniels was recently celebrated in style with a pop-up Motel No. 7 at Soho Studios. Access to Motel No. 7 was granted through the event website, via secret limited registration codes, and referrals from friends with tickets. Prior to the event, the motel's address was only given to those on the registration list. In the lead-up to Motel No. 7's launch, over 9,000 Jack Daniel's enthusiasts RSVP'd for the exclusive event. These guests were only allowed to check in if they presented a special motel key. Upon checking in to the pop-up motel, attendees were granted RFID tags that allowed them to upload personal pictures from the numerous photo booths stationed at the event. Throughout the evening, guests made amazing memories and celebrated with the premium whiskey brand that has added cheer to American parties for well over a century.

Free Drinks

No Jack Daniel's event would be complete without lots of liquor. Based on this criteria, the event at Soho Studios was a huge success, as its lucky attendees were given free drink tickets. Nearly every variety of Jack Daniel's was served, although many guests preferred to stick with traditional shots of Old No. 7. Whiskey was clearly the drink of the evening, but several guests also indulged in craft cocktails, which were served in one of the motel's themed rooms.  In addition to downing free drinks, guests were able to see how Jack Daniel's whiskey is stored. Real whiskey barrels were transported from Lynchburg, Tennessee (home of the Jack Daniel's distillery) to Soho Studios, where they were examined by numerous whiskey enthusiasts.

Themed Rooms

The overarching theme of Soho Studios event was Motel No. 7, with the old school Americana vibe mixed with modern technology to great effect. Within the pop-up motel, rooms were given a variety of additional themes. Several guests let loose in a room entirely dedicated to pillow fights. Attendees were also invited to lounge in or alongside a small pool that was created specifically for the event.  The motel featured a chapel, in which four couples tied the knot! Prior to getting hitched, these couples (as well as their fellow event attendees) were given the chance to have their hair cut in the motel's exclusive barbershop. One of the most unique and appealing rooms in the motel featured a group of bachelorettes singing karaoke.

Music and Entertainment

From the beginning, Jack Daniel's has been associated with good music. This tradition was upheld at Motel No. 7, which featured a Frank Sinatra cover band and two EDM DJs. The act of the night, however, was Ja Rule, who offered a blast to the past with such hits as Put it on Me and What's Luv.

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Miami's edition of Jack Daniel's Motel No. 7 tour was a clear success, on par with the well-attended Brooklyn event last November. After the motel was taken down and moved to its next location, guests enjoyed reliving the memorable party by viewing the photo booth shots taken throughout the venue's many interactive rooms. The Wynwood-based Jack Daniel's fun may be over for now, but additional events are set to take place in Chicago, Austin, and Los Angeles.