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The Vans Warped Tour

On July 19, Vans unleashes its iconic Warped Tour at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. Well respected for its cultural additions, Vans has repeatedly underlined the indie, punk and skating industry with great music shows, unique events and rock and roll lifestyle. Warped Tour fans resonate with their favorite artists in a jam-packed day session built to please. Organized from the ground up, annual Warped Tours deliver intuitive design, the world’s favorite rock artists and highly accessible admittance.

The Vans Warped Tour Clientele

Warped Tour does cater to younger audiences, though their recent program changes admit free parents. Warped Tour offers a single, complimentary parental admission ticket to accompany a ticket-holder under the age of 18. Wise in both responsibility and brand exposure, Vans supports the 2015 Warped Tour admittance policy vita its centrally located, yellow-top Vans Warped Tour guest tent.

Located near the venue’s forefront, the Vans tent idealizes the event’s sponsorship while gathering the event’s primary consumer base and fiscally empowered parental consumer base, too. Non-transferable, patrons must show actual ticket proof to gain entrance. This selective clientele program is new, likely expanding the Vans brand to parents capable of supporting its primary youngsters—teens under age 18.

The Music Saves Lives Program

Additionally, the Vans Warped Tour brings something new, hearty and altruistic to the music scene. The nonprofit Music Saves Lives program offers free backstage wristbands for up to 100 ticket holders. The only requirement is a blood donation before Warped Tour’s event setup. Patrons can earn their Music Saves Lives voucher in an official Music Saves Lives tent, gaining backstage admittance for the event’s duration. Drives begin April 2015 and are active until July 19.

Free Giveaways and the Vans Sponsorship

While Vans has sponsored Warped Tour in the past, its newest hallmark exists within the many non-profit freebies accessible through the tour’s wheel-spin event. Games, vendor villages and associate brands are all there, and visitors meet the music industry’s lead impactors alongside the adjacent fashion industry’s hottest styles.

Music has historically impacted fashion culture, and Vans has taken great leaps with its Warped tour build-up, design and attribution. Sponsorship prevailing, Vans will continue expressing its up-to-date identity with modern artist selection, new ticket selection options and its famous “compilation CD” downloads. Of course, Vans extends its patron services to online portals, where download links, ticket obtainment and event schedules are available.

The SideOne Dummy tent is available for visitors, creating a small economy for “everything Warped”. Warped Tour’s lineup varies per stop, though New Jersey’s featured event harnesses some of the brand’s newest, innovative options. The Warped Tour Fan Club has recently benefited from Vans, too, and its ticket holder line has become a primary mode for access—further expanding the Vans brand into primary, on-location ticket sales for eligible buyers.

Warped Tour is one of the music industry’s most memorable occasions, and its featured venues notoriously profit from its appearance and spillover marketing boons. Retaining its great inertia, Warped Tour will likely last years—Vans at the helm.