Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines, Millennials and Music

Wouldn't it be great if companies could tap into the ideas of student entrepreneurs, and bring to the forefront brilliant ideas that the Millennials have in business? And then take those ideas and bring them into fruition? It sounds like a far-fetched idea, but that's exactly what Southwest Airlines did in their Recess 2016 Spring Tour.

Mix Music and Business to Attract New Entrepreneurs

Mid April (April 5 through April 18) Southwest Airlines reached out to 18 universities and colleges to find current student entrepreneurs. Southwest Airlines gave the students the opportunity to meet with the biggest investors and venture capitalists in the country to pitch their startup ideas. These entrepreneurs were then entered into a bracket style competition to compete for a cash prize of $250,000.

After each stop on the tour, the students were invited to an after party concert which featured artists such as Tory Lanez, GoldLink, and Lil Dicky. The concerts and party atmosphere of the competition's after party attracted students to consider the message that Southwest Airlines had to offer: “Your ideas are important and we want to know what you think is important to your generation.”

A Win-Win Situation for All Involved

In Southwest Airlines' Recess 2016 Spring Tour, everyone who participated was a winner. It encouraged Millennials who are naturally more attracted to innovation to team up with investors and venture capitalists, thus networking the two groups. It helped Southwest Airlines develop loyalty among the Millennials that are the most brand loyal generation to come along. Southwest Airlines fostered further loyalty with offering round-trip airline tickets as giveaways.

By introducing new companies and new brands to college students, it is likely to foster brand loyalty in those students throughout their lives. This is vitally important when considering that college students are often the business leaders of tomorrow. By introducing the college students to investors and venture capitalists, it gives the students a deeper understanding how business works and what's required to take their brilliant idea all the way to a product or service. At the very least, it gives the college students inroads into investors and venture capitalists.

Creating Loyalty through Innovation

Because the Millennials embrace technology and innovation more than previous generations, it's important for companies to position themselves as innovators. Millennials look for new technology when considering their brand loyalty. Consumers often form their brand preferences while they are young, which is why it is imperative to reach the Millennials now. Through Recess 2016 Spring Tour, Southwest Airlines has created an appealing way to reach Millennials in an unique venue.

Southwest Airlines Sponsors and Supports Dinosaurs Live

Southwest Airlines is directly sponsoring Dinosaurs Live until February 21, engaging travel lovers with one of the world’s most beloved time periods. Dinosaurs Live is a life-sized animatronic spectacle, featuring bio-specific animal creations. With a 46-foot T-Rex, a slew of other creatures and the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary’s wonderful trails, Dinosaurs Live promises to be an event all can enjoy.

The Exhibit and Attendance

Dinosaurs Live is the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary’s 9th annual version. Its intertwined Heard Exhibit promotes the museum’s year-round actions while the main event is displayed. Dinosaurs Live offers fun for families and friends alike, featuring educational activities, holiday events, indoor amenities and demonstrations. Event runners utilize years of museum experience to ensure quality, making Dinosaurs Live a legitimate and quality walkthrough experience.

The Heard Natural Science Museum dedicates its efforts to promoting its visibility. Often, museums experience a lack of funding from unknowing crowds or simple city dynamics. Dinosaurs Live promises to provide ‘spillover’ from the event into the museum’s mainstays and attractions. Moving, roaring dinosaurs are positioned near the museum’s play area and photo op. Viewing trails are stroller and jogger friendly, granting access to all walks of life.

The Heard Wildlife Sanctuary and Southwest Airlines

Dedicated to its energy goals, Southwest Airlines takes pride in promoting anything green. The Heard Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the previously restored Blackland Prairie, exists in less than one percent of its former area. Many of Southwest Airlines marketing efforts attempt to support diminishing North American ecosystems, taking part in community events and restoration projects.

The Heard Wildlife Sanctuary is currently one of North America’s most endangered ecosystems, too, and the area’s impactors constantly support the habitat by applying rich soil and other materials. Dinosaurs Live nods to this by explaining the Cretaceous Period’s natural mineral deposits and soil material. The Blackland Prairie is the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary’s chief concern, and Southwest Airlines intends to directly fuel the establishment capable of enhancing its health.

The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization, yet its direct sponsorship provides great opportunity. Event-goers can donate, assisting local wildlife and environmental programs. Similarly, the Southwest Airlines approach to clean, clear flying constantly builds up the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary’s efforts. The world of marketing sponsorship is wide and varied, but Southwest Airlines fits the bill in terms of on-the-mark support.