How Corona Brought More Light to this Year's Electric Beach Event


In partnership with Live Nation, Corona celebrated a beer-exclusive event at the country’s favorite EDM music festivals. The Electric Beach program has been around for a while—five years, in fact—but has revamped its proprietary approach to fun with Corona’s newest, brightest additions.

Fun at the Auto Club Speedway

Electric Beach was sparked at the Auto Club Speedway at Hard Summer. Celebrated in Fontana, CA, the event was followed by San Bernardino, CA’s Nocturnal Wonderland between September 2 and 4. Lounge-in experiences, dine-out options, parties and an environment charged to excite were present—as were intimate performances.

The End-All Party Scene

Corona isn’t a stranger to all-in party ideas, and its presence at Nocturnal Wonderland displayed its capacity for Vegas-like experiences constructed to emulate parties which never end. Packed with sand, palm trees, turf grass, dj sets, misters and cabanas, the beer brand’s presence at Nocturnal Wonderland didn’t come lightly.

Famous artists like Grandtheft, Keys N Krates, Autograf, Astronomar, Giraffage and Sluggers and Wuki arrived, fulfilling their annual promise to Corona’s flashy events. Electric Beach celebrated Corona’s outstanding industry successes with interactive experiences, giving partygoers the option to use its underwater photo activation display.

Targeting with Visuals

The underwater photo activation wasn’t an event-only deal, either. Partiers could link their photos to Instagram, creating stenciled artwork promoting the event’s “Nocturnal” presence. With logo assets and body paint galore, Corona lovers were never far from visually stunning stations designed to carry the brand name far into digital realms.

Yes, there were cold Coronas. The brand’s experiential events, however, have historically focused upon the consumer—not the consumed beverage. Beach resorts, rooftop bars and pools are only as great as their visitors, one must remember, and the Electric Beach Instagram account reflected this. The event’s followers could receive updates, receive RSVP information and check out future renditions.

Love for Beer and Everything Music

Beer and music match well, and Corona didn’t cut corners in tying multicultural Millennials to Corona via EDM. Each Electric Beach program prioritized the music world’s biggest listeners, and the brand’s inclusion of local artists, musicians and cultural gurus has only enhanced its popularity.

Where local artists are considered, social media influence is an undeniable factor. Sure, Instagram might’ve been at the event’s front-and-center angle, but it didn’t receive all the attention. Facebook and Twitter are notorious Twitter accessories, and each promoted Corona via EDM. Music, while a wonderful addition to any beer-heavy event, rarely gets the cultural attention it deserves. Corona’s event serves to rework the way marketers view classical promotion with tunes. Electric Beach isn’t going anywhere, and that’s certainly fine. After all, the world of marketing deserves a little excitement during late night hours.

KBY Designs Livens Up the Dead Sea


When a special event needs to be taken to the very top level of specialness, KBY Designs pulls out all the stops. One recent example of their work was a beach party, which was set up to show potential customers what they could do. What made it so different from other such parties? The first difference was its location on the banks of the Dead Sea. What happened next, however, is what made it so special. Ten Truckloads of Sand Start Things Off

Bringing sand to a beach may seem strange to those who don't live near water, but it's actually basic preparation in many areas. The sand naturally found near water is often more like gravel, is muddy, or has other undesirable traits. Covering it up with a better grade of sand is often the solution. KBY Designs, however, wasn't satisfied with a small patch of improved beach. They used 10 truckloads' worth of good sand to make sure that the entire planned space would look and feel beautiful.

No Mere Volleyball Net for This Party

Since this was a high-end event, the right trappings had to be brought in. Some of the added accouterments included an eatery under an open-sided tent, outdoor market-style plants, fruits, and other themed items, market umbrellas to keep the people cool, pails of Dead Sea mud for children to play with, and plenty of services. The company worked with a multitude of subcontractors to make sure everything went off perfectly. These subcontractors included caterers, bar service providers, and a company that provides child-watching services for events.

The catering was especially notable. Instead of bringing in pre-cooked food on trucks, it brought in a big tabun oven and cooked everything on the spot. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and breads were also displayed around this stand and were used in the meals. In keeping with the overall theme, the food was of a light Mediterranean style.

The Possibilities Are Endless

This is just one example of how a special event can be made unforgettable, and how it can be used to truly show potential customers a party planner's capabilities. The key is to make such an event match the tastes of the target market and then do it in truly grand style. Word will quickly get out, greatly increasing the memorability of the brand. After it's over, consider releasing a highlight reel as an advertisement so more people know how well the company fits their interests.

If you're looking for a place to hold an experiential marketing event that doesn't require traveling to the Dead Sea, check out our space at Soho Studios. We make it easy to set up the perfect experience.

Hermes Party

As 2015 comes to a close, Soho Studios would like to wish everyone a Happy New year. 2015 was a great year for us, so in the spirit of celebrations we would like to share with you some photos and videos of the best party at Soho Studios of 2015.