White Hot HEAT week 2016

Although the Miami Heat lost to the Toronto Raptors in game 7 on May 15, 2016, they started off the season with a bang!  The White Hot HEAT 2016 week began on Sunday April 10th, with a host of activities for all HEAT fans to enhance and enjoy more of their HEAT playoff experience. White Hot; the 2016 HEAT Playoffs presented by Miccosukee & Gaming, urges all HEAT fans to embrace their roles throughout the post-season by dressing in white. This is to support HEAT in all the daily activities, especially in its playoff games.  Many companies got into the spirit and participated in the weeks events as well. The weeks’ schedule was packed with activities for all ages!


April 10th- Fan Appreciation Night

At 6.00 pm

The week kicked off with a fan appreciation night at the AmericanAirlines Arena as the HEAT took on Orlando Magic in the final home game of the regular season. HEAT fans got the chance to win player-autographed memorabilia and HEAT giveaways among more.

April 11th- White Hot HEAT Playoffs car Decal event presented by Metro Signs Inc

6.00am -10.00am

If you stopped by the AmericanAirlines Arena during this time, fans got a free White Hot Heat window decal fitted on their rear windshield. Burnie, Heat dancers and the Xtreme Team will also present to take photographs.

April 12th- White Hot Heat road rally presented by Bacardi

6.30 pm

The first in a pair of seamless White Hot Heat road rallies got a chance to be at the Tarpon Bend in Ft. Lauderdale.  While there fans joined the Xtreme team, Miami HEAT dancers, In-Area host Uptown Dale, Michael Baiamonte, In-Arena Announcer and other HEAT fans and watch FOX Sports’ Sunday telecast of the HEAT playing the Detroit Pistons.

April 13th- XFINITY East Plaza White Hot Heat road rally presented by Bacardi

7.00 pm

Fans enjoyed the HEAT experience outdoors as White Hot Heat road rally took to the XFINITY East Plaza located on the AmericanAirlines Arena, and overlooking the beautiful Miami skyline. The festivities which included; delicious Bacardi drink specials, HEAT giveaways, and chances to win some HEAT playoff tickets.

April 14th-HEAT After Dark


The HEAT fans over 18 years got the chance to engage in the excitement of playing a pickup basketball game on the Miami HEAT hardwood, at the AmericanAirlines Arena. The event was hosted by the In-Arena Host as well as Uptown Dale, and fans enjoyed music, hoops and a special lighting along with entertainment from HEAT dancers, the Xtreme Team and Burnie. HEAT fans received a free HEAT t-shirt while supplies lasted.

April 15th- White Hot Heat Bar Crawl presented by Miller Lite


All the Miami Heat dancers, Burnie, Uptown Dale, and the Xtreme Team hit the streets on FOX Sports Sun HEAT Fan Express for a White Hot Heat bar crawl in the Wynwood area. Fans received giveaways and other fan kits from HEAT.

If you missed it check out @MiamiHeat on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat to see all the highlights of the week.

Facebook's "Buy Tickets" Button

Social media has become a highly mobile realm, and Facebook’s approach to event access hits the mark with total smartphone control. Now, event-goers can access tickets immediately, engaging well-known local artists, providers and businesses via the social media giant’s services.

The Facebook Interface

Total access to event times, locations and details via Facebook’s ‘Buy Tickets’ button reinvents the way event-lovers engage providers. Facebook’s extensive social network coverage has made it an able location provider, and smartphone owners need only select their app’s ticket offers beneath event pages to turn their social media experience into a fully functional event site.

Facebook is partnered with a wealth of artists, venues, promoters and location sponsors, granting users quite a bit of access to popular happenings. Facebook as an e-commerce too succeeds, too. Its off-website control easily navigates consumers between social media and event pages, creating a dynamic environment for “everything eventful.” Facebook may remain strictly social while offering a great amount of cultural, e-commerce and even informational resources.

Facebook’s Big Boom

While Facebook isn’t taking price cuts from tickets yet, their outreach will likely dictate a new direction in marketing. On its own, Facebook’s approach to live event marketing is a near “match made in heaven.” Facebook lovers connect, share information and meet up daily. Now, its attachment to off-platform events has proposed a step in the right direction.

Currently, Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” option is active in the Bay Area. Local concerts beyond the area aren’t yet available, but the entity’s industry presence will likely push the effort further. Facebook’s adoption of map-based services have already become commonplace, and its influence over event-hosting sites will likely increase in upcoming years.

Will Call Tickets

Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” option doesn’t extend to print or electronic options, either. Users must pick up their tickets at will call. Likely, this feature is a logistical one. Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” button is still picking up steam, and it likely operates on a scale too small to regulate without physical ticket pickup.

Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” button will likely grow, however. The social media titan has moved towards commercialization in recent months, and it carries a lot of momentum. Facebook’s recent plans have extended to the integration of messaging services, and its shift in purpose hasn’t been ignored by business professionals. The “Buy Tickets” button, while a small inclusion, promises a slew of new things to come.

A Nod to Business Culture

Event linking, in its smallest form, still succeeds in creating potent business culture. Future event venues linked with Facebook might receive offers, promotion or—at the very least—a lot of visibility. Facebook’s overarching capabilities have inspired more information-based services, and optimization, customization and integration, to say the least, are probably its next steps.

As Facebook’s “Buy Tickets” option receives feedback, new regions might experience the service. In the world of marketing efforts, trends expand quickly. Facebook’s newest innovation, while small, proposes a huge leap into the world of location marketing. Location-based services have redefined the mobile experience, and big-name providers are catching on.


Facebook launches Public Content Solutions program for public events

Facebook today launched a Public Content Solutions (PCS) program to provide dedicated support and business resources for building solutions using Facebook's API so that companies can make better use of Facebook and Instagram. This new program is incredible event spaces in Miami and venues all over the world. This is the first time Facebook will allow event companies and experiential marketers to use Keyword Insights API and Public Feed AP, both will aid companies in utilizing massive amounts of data and content for all events that take place in events spaces like Soho Studios and more all over the world. Facebook has promised to increase the program and allow more API's tools and support resources for the event and media industry. Selected event and media  partners will have a badge on their site as well as additional marketing material, including access to Facebook’s Media Partnerships team.

This new program comes at a time where Facebook fights for TV dominance and now wants to collect more information from event and media partners to help provide an end to end solution for marketers. Event spaces and marketing companies should pay close attention to the developments of this program. If you want to join this program you can contact us Facebook at: contentsolutions@fb.com