Facebook launches Public Content Solutions program for public events

Facebook today launched a Public Content Solutions (PCS) program to provide dedicated support and business resources for building solutions using Facebook's API so that companies can make better use of Facebook and Instagram. This new program is incredible event spaces in Miami and venues all over the world. This is the first time Facebook will allow event companies and experiential marketers to use Keyword Insights API and Public Feed AP, both will aid companies in utilizing massive amounts of data and content for all events that take place in events spaces like Soho Studios and more all over the world. Facebook has promised to increase the program and allow more API's tools and support resources for the event and media industry. Selected event and media  partners will have a badge on their site as well as additional marketing material, including access to Facebook’s Media Partnerships team.

This new program comes at a time where Facebook fights for TV dominance and now wants to collect more information from event and media partners to help provide an end to end solution for marketers. Event spaces and marketing companies should pay close attention to the developments of this program. If you want to join this program you can contact us Facebook at: contentsolutions@fb.com