7 Best Cities to Host a Pop Up Event

7 Best Cities to Host a Pop Up Event

Are you considering hosting a pop-up event? You should. They are becoming increasingly popular, and are an excellent way to get your brand out there, make an impression, and gain new customers. If you aren't familiar with pop-up events, the concept behind them is pretty simple. They started becoming a "thing" about a decade ago, and are more popular now than ever. They are events that seem temporary or unplanned, but are actually anything but. To pull one off, you have to have an event planner who knows how to make an intricately designed event look totally casual, even like it was thrown together on the spur of the moment. You also need a large audience, because you want your event to gain a lot of public attention.

This need for an audience of passersby means you should ideally be having your pop-up event in a place where it will be easy for you to get a lot of foot traffic. These are the seven best cities in which to host a pop-up event, including a few examples of successful ones, to give you a few ideas for your own.

1. New York City, NY

As one of the busiest cities on Earth, and a top tourist destination to boot, New York City is an ideal location for any kind of pop-up event. In the world's melting pot city, you may even attract the attention of a few celebrities to your event. There will certainly be no shortage of potential participants.

A really successful pop-up event that was held here was done by the Culinary Institute of America, where students took over the famed Pangea restaurant to host a unique dinner. The menu was planned to contain only items that drew attention to how we will feed the planet as our resources dwindle in future generations. Conscious dining was the theme, and innovative, sustainable dishes were served to great acclaim. Because the event let visitors feel good about the cause they were supporting, they were also willing to pay more for it than a typical restaurant.

2. Los Angeles, CA

The home of the world's entertainment industry is another ideal location for a pop-up event. The possibility for celebrities coming and bringing attention and prestige to your brand is high. Like NYC, there is also a lot of tourist traffic. Plus, the paparazzi are everywhere here, and likely to cover your event, especially if someone famous shows up.

A pop-up store was set up in LA before the premier of the movie, Where the Wild Things Are, to sell memorabilia. The store was created to look like a nest in one corner, and a giant child's fort in another corner. The mannequins were given horns to resemble wild creatures. It was such a fun place to shop, and looked like it had always been there. For the short time the store was there, it pulled in an amazing amount of traffic and sales.

3. London, UK

The NYC of the UK, London is a city that always has something happening, and foot traffic from regular people, celebrities, and nobility alike. It is also the location of a highly creative pop-up event that shows their versatility. This one was put on by the Wieden+Kennedy ad agency, and its purpose was to show anyone who happened by what it is like to work there. The front window of the office was transformed into a cartoon set, where employees took turns working. It looked like they were working in an animated cartoon environment, and passersby loved it. There was even a webcam on the agency's website so anyone in the world could watch. This event went on for a few weeks, and gained a huge amount of attention and brand recognition for the agency.

4. Paris, France

Probably the second-best place to have a pop-up event in Europe besides London, Paris has everything going for it that London does, only with that traditionally romantic Parisian background. It would be a perfect location for any dating or romance-themed event.

5. Seattle, WA

Known for its eclectic residents, this is the home of Starbucks and grunge rock, among other things. With a large population, and high tourist traffic, with people who are known to be environmentally aware, this is the perfect location for any "save the planet" or sustainability pop-up event.

6. Orlando, FL

It's the vacation capital of the world. If you are looking to put on a family-friendly event, or one that caters to a fun-loving, irreverent crowd, like college students or hipsters, this is the place to do it.

7. Miami, FL

The southernmost home of the nation's celebrities, heirs and heiresses, and other glitterati, as well as vacationers and partiers of all ages, Miami is a hotspot of non-stop activity, making it an ideal place to host a pop-up event of just about any kind. Plus, it has the advantage of having Soho Studios there, which is a perfect location for an event, or to find the people with the right experience and knowledge of the Miami crowd to plan an incredible one for you.

The Mountain Dew Dance Party in Chicago


Moderne and Latin Works partnered to deliver Mountain Dew’s own brand of party to Chicago’s Cuban Festival, Taste of Mexico and Puerto Rican Festival. A summertime bash, the Mountain Dew party celebrated with lights, a flash tattoo station and on-the-spot snapshots to show brand support.

A Taste of Something Different

Mountain Dew’s appearance wasn’t at all unfounded, but it spiced up Chicago’s Hispanic events with a huge, multi-night bash. The Mountain Dew Party, premiering its all-Dew dance floor, presented lights, a Mountain DJ and a reason to remember its presence.


Taste of Mexico, the Chicago Cuban Festival and Puerto Rican Festival were prime locations for Mountain Dew’s presence. South-of-the-Border food-lovers, culinary masters and Chicago’s Little Village residents were all exposed to the event’s musical happening, and flavorful food was certainly not forgotten. Above all, Mountain Dew’s presentation aligned its all-fun strategy with some of Chicago’s best food. A taste of something different, Mountain Dew promised a fantastic pallet cleanser alongside each event’s much-sough-after food. Nearly a dozen Chicago restaurants presented all-time-favorite dishes, ranging across enchiladas, tacos, flautas, gorditas and tortas.

The Culinary Stage

Chicago’s wild events didn’t stop there, nor did Mountain Dew miss an opportunity to pair off with Chicago’s nightlife. Each event’s non-stop musical lineup, food workshops and daily cooking demonstrations took place on a big-time culinary stage. Top chefs, arts and crafts and even carnival rides were present, and the brand’s flexible approach to excitement, sports and hospitality was a welcomed guest.

Marketing Via Snapchat

Probably Mountain Dew’s most memorable addition was its snapcode-driven marketing event. Within the Mountain Dew dance, event-goers were given the chance to scan Mountain Dew snapcodes—signing them up for the brand’s own Snapchat channel. You’d be correct in guessing Mountain Dew’s strategy, here. Nightlife, action, food and music are all wonderful Snapchat opportunities, and event-goers didn’t miss a beat in hopping to the brand’s Snapchat channel.

Sent Snapchats were given event-exclusive geofilters, making Mountain Dew’s presence clear. Printing Snapchats, too, was an option—an option presented to immediate guests to support the event’s all-access environment.

Drink Variety and New Flavors

While dancing, Mountain Dew party-goers were also urged to try Mountain Dew’s bartending station. Its hosted variety of Dew drinks included eight flavors—including the brand’s much-loved Kickstart Orange Mango and Voltage flavors. Kickstart Orange Mango, in particular, has been deserving of the brand’s marketing love for some time. Chicago, ever-sought for its attribution to fine dining and drinking culture, couldn’t have served as a better platform for it. Where get-out-and-go marketing efforts are considered, Mountain Dew dominates in selecting prime advertisement real estate. Many event-goers sampled, promoted and became lifetime lovers of the Dew—making this event a win-win at every angle.

Experience Kissimmee Creates Zip Line Adventure to Get People Wishing for Warm Sunshine


Most promotional events seek to make the comfort of the visitors paramount. And when holding an outdoor event in Chicago in February, snowfall would usually be viewed as bad news. But when Experience Kissimmee they hosted an outdoor zipline in Millennium Park, snow was the perfect final touch. The goal of the event was to provide residents of the windy city with a fun experience, but also to get them thinking about how welcome Florida sunshine really would be. Though it was frigid, people waited in long lines, sometimes more than two hours, to take a ride on the zipline. Altogether, 1,362 people took the ride, warmed only by their adrenaline.


After, they were invited to sip hot chocolate while enjoying a warming tent, complete with baby alligators, ready to pose for a photo. A total of 4,220 people visited the tent. Inside the tent, visitors could speak with representatives from Experience Kissimmee to learn about the many tourist and travel opportunities they offer. Adding a community service component that tied into the staying warm in winter theme, Experience Kissimmee worked with One Warm Coat, inviting participants to donate a winter coat. 1,000 coats were donated to Chicago Public Schools because of the event.

The novelty of frigid ziplining provided by a tourism company based in the sunshine state got lots of attention—the goal of any experiential marketing campaign. All told, there were 32 unique stories broadcast in the press, including on NBC and CBS local affiliates. Word spread fast on social media as well, garnering seven million impressions across social.

Adding to the event was the fact that this was the first marketing event that has been hosted in Chicago's Millennium Park. Also, that it was held over Valentine's Day weekend made it the perfect adventure before a romantic evening for couples, and because it was free, young couples who would have had a hard time affording what generally constitutes a special day, could partake. Also, the events official title, "Escape the Cold. Warm Your Heart." tied in perfectly with all aspects of the event.

If you're interested in hosting an event that gets great organic attention and excellent press, planning the unexpected is the perfect way. Our multiple event spaces in Miami's Arts District provide incredible opportunities to go against the grain and create an experience that will get you noticed. To find out more, give us a call.

Kiwi's Boutique Holiday Ride in Style


Kiwi’s Boutique offers exclusive brand coverage during its December 13th Holiday Ride in Style. A grand event for everything Kiwi’s, the Holiday Ride in Style promotes Kiwi’s clothing best offers, exclusive style and Chicago’s finest destinations. Genuine fashion lovers are provided with elite-level destination guidance and tip-top industry knowledge, facilitating a grand adventure capable of incorporating the Kiwi fashion trend.

Chicago Streets as a Marketing Destination

Kiwi’s Boutique excels at sculpting a city-centric fashion profile. Its vision of providing a specific clientele with on-point trends, newsworthy updates, style information and budgeting options renders it a top selection for Chicago shoppers. Understandably, the Kiwi’s name is glued to Chicago urban lifestyle. Elite clientele, on-trend options and seasonal upgrades are constantly on the move.

The Kiwi’s Boutique Holiday Ride in Style brings Kiwi’s Boutique buyers to a destination worthy of dining and networking. The Mag Mile is littered with great deals, fashion destinations and hot avenues. Kiwi’s Boutique, shuttled via Five West Luxury Car Service, focuses on an upscale experience, using the Chiquita White name and approach to fashion. Chicago’s streets offer unique marketing utility in their design, as Kiwi’s Boutique riders are graced with the area’s biggest, boldest fashion appearances.

In-Depth Consumer Relationships

Kiwi’s Boutique is well-known for its deep consumer relationships. In the modern marketing world, prioritizing such relationships guarantees a business edge. Chiquita White, well-known to fashionistas, socialites and entrepreneurs, has fostered the Kiwi’s connection for many years.

Now, the Holiday Ride in Style guarantees a night of mingling, shopping, sightseeing and dining in Chicago’s best holiday landmarks. Networking during the event’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter glam ride is a must, and the Kiwi’s Boutique Sip n' Shop experience transports event-goers to the Ivy Hotel, where a red carpet experience with complimentary food, photos and tours are available. Experiential marketing, in the past, has scaled with buyer brackets—and Kiwi’s approach is no different. An upscale boutique, Kiwi’s caps off its tour with grandeur destinations like Winter Wonderland, the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier and the Millennium Plaza.

The Kiwi’s Shopping Experience

Kiwi’s Boutique has a telling event marketing strategy. While its destinations and travel vehicles are bold, exquisite and provocative, the event’s content is surprisingly comfortable. While Chicago’s latest chic wear, trends and options are highlighted by Kiwi’s Boutique, the event creators have subscribed to a cozy environment. Such an environment promotes consumer relations while creating a unique shopping experience.

Kiwi’s Boutique is renowned for making buyers “feel at home.” Its endless styling options reduce purchasing stresses, and its complimentary services craft the boutique’s brand to the consumer’s decision. Kiwi’s Boutique is fully stocked to outfit the consumer from head to toe. Natural styles, accessories and lifestyle options are a Kiwi way of life, and they’re reflected by the Holiday Ride in Style’s grace and goodwill to others.

Boutiques rely heavily on word of mouth to garner attention, and Kiwi’s attention to trend details repeatedly grants it success among big-time Chicago businesses. The Holiday Ride in Style, undoubtedly, continues this trend.


Red Bull at Lollapalooza

getty-full-getty-14078-453691415 (1).jpg

Lollapalooza isn’t going anywhere, and its ties to Perry Farrell, Jane’s Addiction’s farewell tour and high-spirited music has kept it rolling for over 20 years. Lollapalooza is one of the world’s finest events for parallel brands, food providers, record companies and long-term industry followers. This year’s Chicago-bound location will enrich Grand Park between July 29 and August 2, featuring iconic music inspirations like Metallica, Florence + The Machine and Paul McCartney.  

Connectivity and the Remote World

With highlights like Young Thug, Tove Lo, Tyler, Flying Lotus, Sam Smith and The War on Drugs, Lollapalooza’s intense visibility is viable for several marketing avenues. Modern connectivity, social media and instant-access multimedia—and Red Bull has, yet again, taken advantage of a multifunctional marketing doorway.

Lollapalooza’s multi-event days span across glory-filled restaurants, street events, jam sessions, product purchases and backstage interviews. Massive gatherings benefit musical shenanigans, and world-class artists are high-profile network leaders in the entertainment marketing world. Red Bull TV will broadcast the events as they occur, taking advantage of their internet media resources to expand brand awareness and associations.

Live Sets and Industry Quality

Red Bull’s brand connects with Lollapalooza at an empirical level. Lollapalooza is associated with enrichment, education and artistic value. More than a high-energy thoroughfare, Chicago’s hosting streets provide venues for some of the world’s best organizations. Over 100 thousand festival fans are brought brand awareness, and Red Bull’s experimental marketing tactics in 2014 are back.

Encompassing high-profile, altruistic partners like Working Bikes, the Love Hope Strength Foundation, Syd Rocks, Oxfam America and HeadCount, Red Bull TV effectively associates itself with multiple industries and caring foundations. Early-stage research projects, inspirational sustainability options, environmental conservation and economic awareness all promote Lollapalooza’s values.

Festival Highlights and Red-Bull’s “Wings”

Red-Bull Live’s unique angle further connects its brand with full access, exclusive shots and behind-the-scenes actions. As viewers tune in, the heart of Lollapalooza is discovered, and online access—essentially—generates a “better-than-live” window. In many ways, Red Bull’s innovative approach is possible due to its market segment. High energy, active lifestyle, music and classic fun are its associations, and Lollapalooza’s atmosphere is perfect for future marketing efforts.

While not entirely reliant on multi-brand networking, Red Bull’s reporter-like marketing approach further engrains it into online culture. Brands associated with active lifestyle have notoriously suffered such entry barriers, creating inaccessible, segmented markets. However, Red Bull’s midway access is generated through its nod to younger culture. The brand has already become somewhat synonymous with Lollapalooza—and it’s widely regarded as one of the event’s primary viewing spectacles.

Late July and Early August are great impact dates for Red Bull, and live performances enhance its brand access. While outreach, online access and market emergence are Red Bull’s primary goals, live brand association and boosted sales further their industry dominance. Viewers are reminded to “not miss a beat” on Red-Bull’s website, further declaring its attachment to Lollapalooza on an intimate level. Festival highlights, point-of-view shorts and unprecedented coverage have already been established by Red Bull’s 2014 Lollapalooza access—and they’ll only continue to benefit the brand’s powerful market presence.