Kiwi's Boutique Holiday Ride in Style


Kiwi’s Boutique offers exclusive brand coverage during its December 13th Holiday Ride in Style. A grand event for everything Kiwi’s, the Holiday Ride in Style promotes Kiwi’s clothing best offers, exclusive style and Chicago’s finest destinations. Genuine fashion lovers are provided with elite-level destination guidance and tip-top industry knowledge, facilitating a grand adventure capable of incorporating the Kiwi fashion trend.

Chicago Streets as a Marketing Destination

Kiwi’s Boutique excels at sculpting a city-centric fashion profile. Its vision of providing a specific clientele with on-point trends, newsworthy updates, style information and budgeting options renders it a top selection for Chicago shoppers. Understandably, the Kiwi’s name is glued to Chicago urban lifestyle. Elite clientele, on-trend options and seasonal upgrades are constantly on the move.

The Kiwi’s Boutique Holiday Ride in Style brings Kiwi’s Boutique buyers to a destination worthy of dining and networking. The Mag Mile is littered with great deals, fashion destinations and hot avenues. Kiwi’s Boutique, shuttled via Five West Luxury Car Service, focuses on an upscale experience, using the Chiquita White name and approach to fashion. Chicago’s streets offer unique marketing utility in their design, as Kiwi’s Boutique riders are graced with the area’s biggest, boldest fashion appearances.

In-Depth Consumer Relationships

Kiwi’s Boutique is well-known for its deep consumer relationships. In the modern marketing world, prioritizing such relationships guarantees a business edge. Chiquita White, well-known to fashionistas, socialites and entrepreneurs, has fostered the Kiwi’s connection for many years.

Now, the Holiday Ride in Style guarantees a night of mingling, shopping, sightseeing and dining in Chicago’s best holiday landmarks. Networking during the event’s Mercedes Benz Sprinter glam ride is a must, and the Kiwi’s Boutique Sip n' Shop experience transports event-goers to the Ivy Hotel, where a red carpet experience with complimentary food, photos and tours are available. Experiential marketing, in the past, has scaled with buyer brackets—and Kiwi’s approach is no different. An upscale boutique, Kiwi’s caps off its tour with grandeur destinations like Winter Wonderland, the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier and the Millennium Plaza.

The Kiwi’s Shopping Experience

Kiwi’s Boutique has a telling event marketing strategy. While its destinations and travel vehicles are bold, exquisite and provocative, the event’s content is surprisingly comfortable. While Chicago’s latest chic wear, trends and options are highlighted by Kiwi’s Boutique, the event creators have subscribed to a cozy environment. Such an environment promotes consumer relations while creating a unique shopping experience.

Kiwi’s Boutique is renowned for making buyers “feel at home.” Its endless styling options reduce purchasing stresses, and its complimentary services craft the boutique’s brand to the consumer’s decision. Kiwi’s Boutique is fully stocked to outfit the consumer from head to toe. Natural styles, accessories and lifestyle options are a Kiwi way of life, and they’re reflected by the Holiday Ride in Style’s grace and goodwill to others.

Boutiques rely heavily on word of mouth to garner attention, and Kiwi’s attention to trend details repeatedly grants it success among big-time Chicago businesses. The Holiday Ride in Style, undoubtedly, continues this trend.