Red Bull at Lollapalooza

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Lollapalooza isn’t going anywhere, and its ties to Perry Farrell, Jane’s Addiction’s farewell tour and high-spirited music has kept it rolling for over 20 years. Lollapalooza is one of the world’s finest events for parallel brands, food providers, record companies and long-term industry followers. This year’s Chicago-bound location will enrich Grand Park between July 29 and August 2, featuring iconic music inspirations like Metallica, Florence + The Machine and Paul McCartney.  

Connectivity and the Remote World

With highlights like Young Thug, Tove Lo, Tyler, Flying Lotus, Sam Smith and The War on Drugs, Lollapalooza’s intense visibility is viable for several marketing avenues. Modern connectivity, social media and instant-access multimedia—and Red Bull has, yet again, taken advantage of a multifunctional marketing doorway.

Lollapalooza’s multi-event days span across glory-filled restaurants, street events, jam sessions, product purchases and backstage interviews. Massive gatherings benefit musical shenanigans, and world-class artists are high-profile network leaders in the entertainment marketing world. Red Bull TV will broadcast the events as they occur, taking advantage of their internet media resources to expand brand awareness and associations.

Live Sets and Industry Quality

Red Bull’s brand connects with Lollapalooza at an empirical level. Lollapalooza is associated with enrichment, education and artistic value. More than a high-energy thoroughfare, Chicago’s hosting streets provide venues for some of the world’s best organizations. Over 100 thousand festival fans are brought brand awareness, and Red Bull’s experimental marketing tactics in 2014 are back.

Encompassing high-profile, altruistic partners like Working Bikes, the Love Hope Strength Foundation, Syd Rocks, Oxfam America and HeadCount, Red Bull TV effectively associates itself with multiple industries and caring foundations. Early-stage research projects, inspirational sustainability options, environmental conservation and economic awareness all promote Lollapalooza’s values.

Festival Highlights and Red-Bull’s “Wings”

Red-Bull Live’s unique angle further connects its brand with full access, exclusive shots and behind-the-scenes actions. As viewers tune in, the heart of Lollapalooza is discovered, and online access—essentially—generates a “better-than-live” window. In many ways, Red Bull’s innovative approach is possible due to its market segment. High energy, active lifestyle, music and classic fun are its associations, and Lollapalooza’s atmosphere is perfect for future marketing efforts.

While not entirely reliant on multi-brand networking, Red Bull’s reporter-like marketing approach further engrains it into online culture. Brands associated with active lifestyle have notoriously suffered such entry barriers, creating inaccessible, segmented markets. However, Red Bull’s midway access is generated through its nod to younger culture. The brand has already become somewhat synonymous with Lollapalooza—and it’s widely regarded as one of the event’s primary viewing spectacles.

Late July and Early August are great impact dates for Red Bull, and live performances enhance its brand access. While outreach, online access and market emergence are Red Bull’s primary goals, live brand association and boosted sales further their industry dominance. Viewers are reminded to “not miss a beat” on Red-Bull’s website, further declaring its attachment to Lollapalooza on an intimate level. Festival highlights, point-of-view shorts and unprecedented coverage have already been established by Red Bull’s 2014 Lollapalooza access—and they’ll only continue to benefit the brand’s powerful market presence.

MCCI Medical Group and the Miami Family Event’s Wellness & Lifestyle Expo

This Miami event is all about healthy living. The Miami Family Event Wellness & Lifestyle Expo offers an entertaining, health-centric weekend for the whole family. The health and wellness expo brings activities, events, information and great opportunities for visitors. Raffles, cooking classes, contests, surprising appearances and live performances are all included. The event takes place October 3 and October 4.  

Sponsored and Enacted by MCCI Medical Group

MCII Medical Group’s outreach has taken great lengths to empower the Miami Family Event. A Physician group with years of experience, MCII’s origins rest in applicable knowledge and effective treatment. Their constantly improving treatments and analysis have increased their patients’ attention, and their goals, products, services and industry dedication have made them a commonly referred group.

The Miami Family Event takes a similar avenue to community, focusing on direct application for health and wellbeing. MCCI Medical Group’s community outreach, public appearance and expansive resources match the Miami Family Event Well—crafting a bond between communal health and medical support.


Affiliates and Opportunity

MCCI Medical Group has over 200 affiliated specialists and 100 primary care physicians. Within the medical industry, powerful affiliate connections define accessibility and patient flexibility. The Miami Family Event’s social atmosphere, great activities and lifestyle resources are very important to MCCI Medical Group’s community marketing efforts.

The Featured Kids World offers arcade fun, kid-friendly cooking classes, dance competitions, arts, crafts, animal interactions and more. Community interaction isn’t necessarily innovative—but it prospers when an organization reaches out to connect with consumers in new, creative ways. Parents are involved, too, as the Lifestyle Pavilion welcomes newcomers with local vendors, food, relaxation and family getaway planning.

Expression, Wellness and Activity

The Miami Family Event conducts a healthy environment for consumer-business relations, as medical assistance relies heavily upon client comfort. The event’s travel section, in particular, holds great opportunity for MCCI Medical Group, as a high focus on opportunity, family connections and novel approach matches its company morals. For many medical groups, community connection is often “just business.” The Miami Family Event Wellness & Lifestyle Expo, while aimed towards wellness, still innovates common marketing approaches.

Informative presentations, music performances and health screenings are similarly available—bringing consumers closer to their providers. Attendees are welcomed to engage in informative discussions, activities and family workshops, too. Recreational support, family assistance and experienced physician help are all discussed at the expo—so prospective patients feel supported before services are ever “in the picture.” A marketing effort conducive to relaying commonly “unknown” information, MCCI Medical Group’s unique approach to public appearance is both honest and integrative.

MCCI Medical Group takes pride in its physician-operated, founded and owned business, and the Miami Family Event is perfect for its outreach. Still an experimental appearance in the works, the Miami Family Event will likely be a great platform for MCCI Medical Group. In a community valuing health, wellness and service transparency, such companies excel. A highly practical approach to one of the medical industry’s most difficult marketing hurdles, the sponsored event values communication above all for the future consumer.