Experience Kissimmee Creates Zip Line Adventure to Get People Wishing for Warm Sunshine


Most promotional events seek to make the comfort of the visitors paramount. And when holding an outdoor event in Chicago in February, snowfall would usually be viewed as bad news. But when Experience Kissimmee they hosted an outdoor zipline in Millennium Park, snow was the perfect final touch. The goal of the event was to provide residents of the windy city with a fun experience, but also to get them thinking about how welcome Florida sunshine really would be. Though it was frigid, people waited in long lines, sometimes more than two hours, to take a ride on the zipline. Altogether, 1,362 people took the ride, warmed only by their adrenaline.


After, they were invited to sip hot chocolate while enjoying a warming tent, complete with baby alligators, ready to pose for a photo. A total of 4,220 people visited the tent. Inside the tent, visitors could speak with representatives from Experience Kissimmee to learn about the many tourist and travel opportunities they offer. Adding a community service component that tied into the staying warm in winter theme, Experience Kissimmee worked with One Warm Coat, inviting participants to donate a winter coat. 1,000 coats were donated to Chicago Public Schools because of the event.

The novelty of frigid ziplining provided by a tourism company based in the sunshine state got lots of attention—the goal of any experiential marketing campaign. All told, there were 32 unique stories broadcast in the press, including on NBC and CBS local affiliates. Word spread fast on social media as well, garnering seven million impressions across social.

Adding to the event was the fact that this was the first marketing event that has been hosted in Chicago's Millennium Park. Also, that it was held over Valentine's Day weekend made it the perfect adventure before a romantic evening for couples, and because it was free, young couples who would have had a hard time affording what generally constitutes a special day, could partake. Also, the events official title, "Escape the Cold. Warm Your Heart." tied in perfectly with all aspects of the event.

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