Miami Music Week 2017


Let's get this party started Miami!  Picking up from where it left off in 2016, Miami Music Week 2017 promises to be the place to be this March 21st through the 26th.  In 2016, there were more than 1,180 artists performing at over 260 events that were hosted at 78 plus venues and the event planners hope to top that during Miami Music Week 2017. For the past 7 years, Miami has transformed itself during the MMW into a dance music paradise.  This is a week-long marathon of non-stop parties and concerts featuring all the major artists in the electronic dance music scene.

Soho aka "The Miami Music Week Hotel" is the place to be during this year's MMW.  Located right in the heart of Delano, the prestigious urban resort, in South Beach.  This will be the epicenter of the parties throughout the week and the gathering place, both day and night, for music fans from all over the world.  These promise to be the best parties Miami has to offer the dance music enthusiast.

During the grand finale, also known as the world's premier electronic music festival or "Ultra Music Festival" which is held over the course of the final 3 days of Miami Music Week expect to join more than 165,000 fans from over 90 countries during the culmination of this amazing week.

Miami Music Week's 2017 highlights:

At Soho check out:

Marshmello and Friends. 10 p.m. Wednesday, March 22, at Soho Studios, 2138 NW First Ave., Miami; 305-600-4785; sohostudiosmiami.com. Tickets cost $40 via ticketfly.com.

or  Mosaic. With Maceo Plex, Marcel Dettmann, Stephan Bodzin, Mike Servito, North Lake, and Danyelino. 9 p.m. Saturday, March 25, at Soho Studios, 2138 NW First Ave., Miami; 305-600-4785; sohostudiosmiami.com. Tickets cost $20 to $40 via residentadvisor.net.

Some other hot spots that week include:

Party all night on March 21, 2017with Firebeatz & Friends and Special Guests from 11:00 PM til 5:00 AM at FDR at the Delano

M.A.N.D.Y. will be at Do Not Sit on the Furniture on the 21st from 10 PM till 5:00 AM. Ticket prices are $20 and up.

Axtone's throwing a major Miami Pool Party on Wednesday, March 22nd from 2:00 PM till 11:00 PM.  Hosted by Delano Beach Club, the Tickets start at $48.

For those looking for free fun, there is a night with S E R A F I N and Friends happening on Wednesday, March 22nd.  Check them out at the Foxhole located at 1218 14th Court, Miami Beach.

Ultra Music Festival begins on Thursday, March 23rd  and runs through Saturday, 25th.  This show will feature headliners such as: Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, and Underworld.

You do not want to miss year's Miami Music Week.  Check out the whole schedule online at www.miamimusicweek.com.  We at Soho can't wait to see you in the house.

Once Again, SOBEWFF Delights its Guests

The South Beach Wine & Food Festival, more commonly known to its fans as the SOBEWFF, celebrated its 16th anniversary in Miami this past weekend. Even though the event just ended, we can still look to it to see this year's top trends and adapt them for our own events in the upcoming months. Here are some of the things that took the spotlight:

Tastings and Demonstrations

This year's tastings didn't stop with serving up food to curious attendees. The Grand Tastings were all accompanied by demonstrations by KitchenAid so people could see how to make the dishes at home. Of course, doing so would presumably involve buying some KitchenAid products. These were integral to the demonstrations, and many people who view such demos come to the feeling that they have to have the items shown within them. Needless to say, that's the plan.

Intimate Dinners Hosted by Well-Known People

While the big A-listers of Hollywood weren't hosting dinners, SOBEWFF did get some notable personalities to do the honors. Each dinner featured a different person or group who, for the most part, are known for their food or wine expertise. This type of dinner has been trending for a few years now, and many people are fans. Importantly, the term "intimate" doesn't refer to the sort of dinner that caters to lovebirds. Instead, it's a chance to talk to the hosts in a setting that is far more personable, or intimate, than the typical stage-to-audience speech setup.

Fitness Events

Companies have tried to make fitness into a trend for years, but it is now finally catching on. Two "Buddhas and Bellinis" events happened over the course of SOBEWFF and drew plenty of people to the yoga-themed mass classes. Other fitness-related events were geared toward families, and some included healthy cooking. It's clear that people are still interested in fitness and healthy food, and that the longstanding association between these things and deprivation dieting is continuing to fade.

Celebrity Chef Talks and Signings

A couple of decades ago, the very idea of a celebrity chef was all but unheard-of. Now, there are several making the rounds. People always love to get closer to celebrities, so it was a hit for SOBEWFF to bring in well-known chefs and home experts. The topics were highly varied, with one on the future of restaurant operations on all sizes and another that claimed that political discussion outright belongs at the dinner table.

While it's hard to match the scale of a festival like SOBEWFF, you can make your event a big hit by using it for inspiration. The other thing you need is a great venue. Try our flexible 70,000 square foot space here at Soho Studio for your own Miami extravaganza.

Experience Kissimmee Creates Zip Line Adventure to Get People Wishing for Warm Sunshine


Most promotional events seek to make the comfort of the visitors paramount. And when holding an outdoor event in Chicago in February, snowfall would usually be viewed as bad news. But when Experience Kissimmee they hosted an outdoor zipline in Millennium Park, snow was the perfect final touch. The goal of the event was to provide residents of the windy city with a fun experience, but also to get them thinking about how welcome Florida sunshine really would be. Though it was frigid, people waited in long lines, sometimes more than two hours, to take a ride on the zipline. Altogether, 1,362 people took the ride, warmed only by their adrenaline.


After, they were invited to sip hot chocolate while enjoying a warming tent, complete with baby alligators, ready to pose for a photo. A total of 4,220 people visited the tent. Inside the tent, visitors could speak with representatives from Experience Kissimmee to learn about the many tourist and travel opportunities they offer. Adding a community service component that tied into the staying warm in winter theme, Experience Kissimmee worked with One Warm Coat, inviting participants to donate a winter coat. 1,000 coats were donated to Chicago Public Schools because of the event.

The novelty of frigid ziplining provided by a tourism company based in the sunshine state got lots of attention—the goal of any experiential marketing campaign. All told, there were 32 unique stories broadcast in the press, including on NBC and CBS local affiliates. Word spread fast on social media as well, garnering seven million impressions across social.

Adding to the event was the fact that this was the first marketing event that has been hosted in Chicago's Millennium Park. Also, that it was held over Valentine's Day weekend made it the perfect adventure before a romantic evening for couples, and because it was free, young couples who would have had a hard time affording what generally constitutes a special day, could partake. Also, the events official title, "Escape the Cold. Warm Your Heart." tied in perfectly with all aspects of the event.

If you're interested in hosting an event that gets great organic attention and excellent press, planning the unexpected is the perfect way. Our multiple event spaces in Miami's Arts District provide incredible opportunities to go against the grain and create an experience that will get you noticed. To find out more, give us a call.

South Florida Distillers Present the Art of Rum

South Florida Distillers proposes its newest brews and craft methods on January 30. The producers of FWAYGO Rum offer the Art of Rum as a monthly informational gathering, extending its brand ideologies while targeting rum enthusiasts with keen taste and a love of fine spirits.

Public Coordination and Cultural Outreach

Part of the FATVillage Artwalk, the Art of Rum celebrates 2016’s local mixology alongside local art. South Florida is well-known for its art deco lovers and creators, and South Florida Distillers succeeds in coordinating cross-market segments in its grand event. Art of Rum brings everything crafty to the table, featuring over 10 of local-favorite mixologists and handcrafted cocktails from FWAYGO.

Each design is inspired by Florida artists, and each contains a slice of recognizable Florida culture. South Florida Distillers ensures total event coverage between 7pm and 11pm; local providers are open for brewing discussion, flavor information and—of course—craft brew walkthroughs.

Brand Sampling

South Florida Distillers further extends its brand outreach by offering sample sessions run by the masters. During the event, attendees may taste each hosted cocktail alongside the industry’s best minds. The brand’s outreach through FWAYGO is certainly positive, as new and old brews alike are examined for market viability on a first-hand basis. As consumers move throughout the event, they’re engaged by cocktail demos, live art, local musicians and a FWAYGO Meet and Greet.

The South Florida Distillers Rum Diary

South Florida Distillers capture its brand extensions and marketing efforts through its continuous Rum Diary. A notable platform exuding the brand’s confidence and market viability, the Rum Diary, when matched with the Art of Rum, paints a distinct picture capable of capturing the brand’s best side.

The Rum Diary rallies potential brew lovers to the South Florida Distillers cause—engaging local culture while enjoying capitol brews. Of course, South Florida Distillers extends far beyond its blog entries. While a fantastic platform for local outreach, the Rum Diary identifies the South Florida Distillers outreach plan. The brand features the South Beach Syrup Company, stands behind the Redland Riot Road Rallye and visits East Coast Wood Barrels.

South Florida Distillers engages culture on multiple levels, and it succeeds in pairing local enthusiasts with nation-wide engagement. The brand is unique in its aggressive strategy—yet its strategy, itself, is patient and intelligent. Every South Florida Distillers marketing move is calculated, innovative and successful, rendering an admirable business plan for others to follow.