South Florida Distillers

South Florida Distillers Present the Art of Rum

South Florida Distillers proposes its newest brews and craft methods on January 30. The producers of FWAYGO Rum offer the Art of Rum as a monthly informational gathering, extending its brand ideologies while targeting rum enthusiasts with keen taste and a love of fine spirits.

Public Coordination and Cultural Outreach

Part of the FATVillage Artwalk, the Art of Rum celebrates 2016’s local mixology alongside local art. South Florida is well-known for its art deco lovers and creators, and South Florida Distillers succeeds in coordinating cross-market segments in its grand event. Art of Rum brings everything crafty to the table, featuring over 10 of local-favorite mixologists and handcrafted cocktails from FWAYGO.

Each design is inspired by Florida artists, and each contains a slice of recognizable Florida culture. South Florida Distillers ensures total event coverage between 7pm and 11pm; local providers are open for brewing discussion, flavor information and—of course—craft brew walkthroughs.

Brand Sampling

South Florida Distillers further extends its brand outreach by offering sample sessions run by the masters. During the event, attendees may taste each hosted cocktail alongside the industry’s best minds. The brand’s outreach through FWAYGO is certainly positive, as new and old brews alike are examined for market viability on a first-hand basis. As consumers move throughout the event, they’re engaged by cocktail demos, live art, local musicians and a FWAYGO Meet and Greet.

The South Florida Distillers Rum Diary

South Florida Distillers capture its brand extensions and marketing efforts through its continuous Rum Diary. A notable platform exuding the brand’s confidence and market viability, the Rum Diary, when matched with the Art of Rum, paints a distinct picture capable of capturing the brand’s best side.

The Rum Diary rallies potential brew lovers to the South Florida Distillers cause—engaging local culture while enjoying capitol brews. Of course, South Florida Distillers extends far beyond its blog entries. While a fantastic platform for local outreach, the Rum Diary identifies the South Florida Distillers outreach plan. The brand features the South Beach Syrup Company, stands behind the Redland Riot Road Rallye and visits East Coast Wood Barrels.

South Florida Distillers engages culture on multiple levels, and it succeeds in pairing local enthusiasts with nation-wide engagement. The brand is unique in its aggressive strategy—yet its strategy, itself, is patient and intelligent. Every South Florida Distillers marketing move is calculated, innovative and successful, rendering an admirable business plan for others to follow.