7 Best Cities to Host a Pop Up Event

7 Best Cities to Host a Pop Up Event

Are you considering hosting a pop-up event? You should. They are becoming increasingly popular, and are an excellent way to get your brand out there, make an impression, and gain new customers. If you aren't familiar with pop-up events, the concept behind them is pretty simple. They started becoming a "thing" about a decade ago, and are more popular now than ever. They are events that seem temporary or unplanned, but are actually anything but. To pull one off, you have to have an event planner who knows how to make an intricately designed event look totally casual, even like it was thrown together on the spur of the moment. You also need a large audience, because you want your event to gain a lot of public attention.

This need for an audience of passersby means you should ideally be having your pop-up event in a place where it will be easy for you to get a lot of foot traffic. These are the seven best cities in which to host a pop-up event, including a few examples of successful ones, to give you a few ideas for your own.

1. New York City, NY

As one of the busiest cities on Earth, and a top tourist destination to boot, New York City is an ideal location for any kind of pop-up event. In the world's melting pot city, you may even attract the attention of a few celebrities to your event. There will certainly be no shortage of potential participants.

A really successful pop-up event that was held here was done by the Culinary Institute of America, where students took over the famed Pangea restaurant to host a unique dinner. The menu was planned to contain only items that drew attention to how we will feed the planet as our resources dwindle in future generations. Conscious dining was the theme, and innovative, sustainable dishes were served to great acclaim. Because the event let visitors feel good about the cause they were supporting, they were also willing to pay more for it than a typical restaurant.

2. Los Angeles, CA

The home of the world's entertainment industry is another ideal location for a pop-up event. The possibility for celebrities coming and bringing attention and prestige to your brand is high. Like NYC, there is also a lot of tourist traffic. Plus, the paparazzi are everywhere here, and likely to cover your event, especially if someone famous shows up.

A pop-up store was set up in LA before the premier of the movie, Where the Wild Things Are, to sell memorabilia. The store was created to look like a nest in one corner, and a giant child's fort in another corner. The mannequins were given horns to resemble wild creatures. It was such a fun place to shop, and looked like it had always been there. For the short time the store was there, it pulled in an amazing amount of traffic and sales.

3. London, UK

The NYC of the UK, London is a city that always has something happening, and foot traffic from regular people, celebrities, and nobility alike. It is also the location of a highly creative pop-up event that shows their versatility. This one was put on by the Wieden+Kennedy ad agency, and its purpose was to show anyone who happened by what it is like to work there. The front window of the office was transformed into a cartoon set, where employees took turns working. It looked like they were working in an animated cartoon environment, and passersby loved it. There was even a webcam on the agency's website so anyone in the world could watch. This event went on for a few weeks, and gained a huge amount of attention and brand recognition for the agency.

4. Paris, France

Probably the second-best place to have a pop-up event in Europe besides London, Paris has everything going for it that London does, only with that traditionally romantic Parisian background. It would be a perfect location for any dating or romance-themed event.

5. Seattle, WA

Known for its eclectic residents, this is the home of Starbucks and grunge rock, among other things. With a large population, and high tourist traffic, with people who are known to be environmentally aware, this is the perfect location for any "save the planet" or sustainability pop-up event.

6. Orlando, FL

It's the vacation capital of the world. If you are looking to put on a family-friendly event, or one that caters to a fun-loving, irreverent crowd, like college students or hipsters, this is the place to do it.

7. Miami, FL

The southernmost home of the nation's celebrities, heirs and heiresses, and other glitterati, as well as vacationers and partiers of all ages, Miami is a hotspot of non-stop activity, making it an ideal place to host a pop-up event of just about any kind. Plus, it has the advantage of having Soho Studios there, which is a perfect location for an event, or to find the people with the right experience and knowledge of the Miami crowd to plan an incredible one for you.

Starbucks and the Hot Java Cool Jazz Event

Seattle jazz fans have been enriched with Starbucks’s Hot Java Cool Jazz show in the past, experiencing the region’s top Edmonds-Woodway musicians. Mount Si, Garfield, Roosevelt High and Mountlake Terrace High Schools will, once again, meet to inhabit a dynamic evening of fun and music on March 25, 2016. The Paramount Theatre will play host to the event, invigorating the true Seattle jazz tradition with great allure and size.

Funding and Participation

The Hot Java Cool Jazz event has, in the past, received over $55,000 from evening ticket sales. Such success has been funneled into participating school music programs since 1995. Each year, the Hot Java Cool Jazz music show raises above $450,000 in total to empower local educational music programs.

Big-name music bands, like Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman, inspire the event’s young minds. Student-level participation defines the Hot Java Cool Jazz event, making it, solely, an educational-level promotional experience. Participation is always promoted in the event’s lead-in weeks, when Starbucks promotes the Hot Java Cool Jazz event in the local area’s Starbuck's University Village store. Many Roosevelt and Garfield High School parents attend this location for coffee—granting them direct access to event information.

The Event

The Hot Java Cool Jazz sensation has skyrocketed its participants into success. Event players have, in the past, received highest honors at the New York Ellington Festival. Today’s Hot Java Cool Jazz is still inspired by the company’s previous attention to detail, success and enthusiasm. The show has evolved into a multifaceted night of excitement, sometimes selling out the Paramount with 3,000 guests.

The show, itself, carries an astounding vibe. The Hot Java Cool Jazz plays approximately four songs, with several intervals between. The pacing doesn’t inhibit, and the crowd has been historically pleased to wait between sets. Band directors and students alike wear formal attire, playing solos and top-game floor sets. For kids, jazz’s essence takes form on a year-to-year basis, where new songs, new sets and new approaches liven up the event’s attribution to annual, international festivals.

Starbucks and Youthful Event Marketing

Starbucks has, in the past, shown excellent dedication to its surrounding youth culture. Focusing on its age 15 to 21 market, Starbucks hasn’t spared much in terms of relevancy.

Considered an upper-scale coffee establishment, Starbucks utilizes the Hot Java Cool Jazz event to inspire its primary consumer base with artistic merit, class and a nod to evolving musical culture. Starbucks currently owns more than 18,000 retail locations across 60 countries. Starbucks’s growth continues to soar, becoming increasingly popular across college, and high school, campuses. Hot Java Cool Jazz brings something new, pulling parents into pre-event meetups.

Having inserted itself into America’s urban landscape, Starbucks’s trendy company culture is similarly important. Its young staff, sponsoring and impacting the Hot Java Cool Jazz event, are entirely supportive of the brand’s growing image. The company’s market success, in large part, is due to its excellent allocation of resources during experimental marketing events. In the world of events, staffing with primary age denominations is a good idea.