Mountain Dew

The Mountain Dew Dance Party in Chicago


Moderne and Latin Works partnered to deliver Mountain Dew’s own brand of party to Chicago’s Cuban Festival, Taste of Mexico and Puerto Rican Festival. A summertime bash, the Mountain Dew party celebrated with lights, a flash tattoo station and on-the-spot snapshots to show brand support.

A Taste of Something Different

Mountain Dew’s appearance wasn’t at all unfounded, but it spiced up Chicago’s Hispanic events with a huge, multi-night bash. The Mountain Dew Party, premiering its all-Dew dance floor, presented lights, a Mountain DJ and a reason to remember its presence.


Taste of Mexico, the Chicago Cuban Festival and Puerto Rican Festival were prime locations for Mountain Dew’s presence. South-of-the-Border food-lovers, culinary masters and Chicago’s Little Village residents were all exposed to the event’s musical happening, and flavorful food was certainly not forgotten. Above all, Mountain Dew’s presentation aligned its all-fun strategy with some of Chicago’s best food. A taste of something different, Mountain Dew promised a fantastic pallet cleanser alongside each event’s much-sough-after food. Nearly a dozen Chicago restaurants presented all-time-favorite dishes, ranging across enchiladas, tacos, flautas, gorditas and tortas.

The Culinary Stage

Chicago’s wild events didn’t stop there, nor did Mountain Dew miss an opportunity to pair off with Chicago’s nightlife. Each event’s non-stop musical lineup, food workshops and daily cooking demonstrations took place on a big-time culinary stage. Top chefs, arts and crafts and even carnival rides were present, and the brand’s flexible approach to excitement, sports and hospitality was a welcomed guest.

Marketing Via Snapchat

Probably Mountain Dew’s most memorable addition was its snapcode-driven marketing event. Within the Mountain Dew dance, event-goers were given the chance to scan Mountain Dew snapcodes—signing them up for the brand’s own Snapchat channel. You’d be correct in guessing Mountain Dew’s strategy, here. Nightlife, action, food and music are all wonderful Snapchat opportunities, and event-goers didn’t miss a beat in hopping to the brand’s Snapchat channel.

Sent Snapchats were given event-exclusive geofilters, making Mountain Dew’s presence clear. Printing Snapchats, too, was an option—an option presented to immediate guests to support the event’s all-access environment.

Drink Variety and New Flavors

While dancing, Mountain Dew party-goers were also urged to try Mountain Dew’s bartending station. Its hosted variety of Dew drinks included eight flavors—including the brand’s much-loved Kickstart Orange Mango and Voltage flavors. Kickstart Orange Mango, in particular, has been deserving of the brand’s marketing love for some time. Chicago, ever-sought for its attribution to fine dining and drinking culture, couldn’t have served as a better platform for it. Where get-out-and-go marketing efforts are considered, Mountain Dew dominates in selecting prime advertisement real estate. Many event-goers sampled, promoted and became lifetime lovers of the Dew—making this event a win-win at every angle.

Mountain Dew at All Star 2016

Marketing has evolved significantly in recent years to reach an increasingly diverse client base and accommodate changing industry trends. Events such as trade shows, for instance, are taking on entirely new dimensions designed to entertain, engage, and inform. An excellent example of modern marketing strategies that speak to 21st century culture is Mountain Dew's recent event at All-Star 2016 in Toronto.  This event was part of a customized campaign that began when the parent company of Mountain Dew, PepsiCo, signed with the National Basketball Association (NBA) as their official food and beverage sponsor.  What was different about the Toronto event was its essentially interactive nature, transforming it from just another trade show booth to a virtual reality art experience. Art Meets Basketball

Highlights of the event include a social media app that allowed participants and fans to enjoy one-on-one texting with basketball great Russell Westbrook  and ask him advice on fashion and lifestyle related issues. Other NBA superstars were well-represented at the three-day event, ensuring that Mountain Dew's area was always buzzing with fresh fun and excitement. Mountain Dew also hired emerging local artists to craft 3-D artwork featuring basketball themes using Google's Tilt Brush tool, and offered fans the opportunity to test drive the new app prior to its introduction to consumers in April. Live DJs kept things moving with music, and a Twitter-based promotion offered fans All-Star cards inspired by old school trading cards. A brand new television commercial starring several basketball stars was unveiled at the event.

Attendees were also offered the opportunity to vote for warm-up songs before Sunday's game and to create Vine videos to post. Mountain Dew products were available for sampling throughout the course of the event. Focus was on the lifestyle that revolves around the game rather than on-court performance of the players, creating a scene in which anyone can participate.

Fans living in areas other than Toronto weren't left out, either -- they were provided with the opportunity to enjoy the festivities via an interactive website.

What This Means for Modern Businesses

The Mountain Dew event and others like it have thoroughly transformed the face of modern marketing strategies. Businesses can connect with and engage the public by crafting their own events in similar style. Here in Miami, Soho Studios offers a seamless combination of expression, flexibility, connection, and expertise for businesses seeking an adventure with experimental marketing Our campaigns provide impact, innovation, and inspiration. Please don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience to learn more about how we can assist you in crafting a vibrant marketing event that leaves potential customers wanting more.