Minimize Event Planning Stress

Planning an event can make you feel like you are juggling balls of fire. There are so many things that can go wrong and it seems like it falls completely on your shoulders alone to keep the whole thing from crashing and burning. That's one reason why it seems like a high volume of stress and event planning go hand-in-hand.

It does not need to be this way. You don't need to put yourself in nervous breakdown territory just to put an event together. Following these tips can show you how to plan an event while maintaining your health and sanity:

Create Smaller Tasks

Stress can come from trying to do too many things at once. Break the event down into smaller tasks and write them down on a checklist. Writing down these smaller tasks will help you put the event on paper and allocate different tasks to various people, so you aren't solely responsible for everything from A to Z.

Avoid Multitasking

The ability to multitask is seen as a good trait. It's one of those overused resume buzzwords people use to convey the idea they are a hard worker. There's nothing wrong with working hard. Still, to borrow a football term, you should not out kick your coverage either. Find capable people you trust, form committees from these people and delegate event responsibilities to those committees. Micromanaging every little thing is not good for you or your event staff.

Prepare for Every Scenario

If you are afraid something will go wrong at the last minute, create back-up plans to address any potential problems that could arise. Preparation is a good way to combat stress. You can't control every detail related to an event. Accept that fact and just focus your planning on the details you can control. Don't leave these details to the last minute, though. Do your part to see that everything is in place well ahead of time.

Schedule a Few Breaks

Give your body rest when it requires rest. That means getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy, exercising and carving out downtime where you can do a relaxing activity. Event planners are much more productive and less likely to feel stressed if they take care of themselves.



Blackberry Z10 Launch in Miami

Yellow House Events produced Blackberry''s Z10 launch in Miami on March 21st at Soho Studios. Based in Miami's arts district, Wynwood is the perfect place for marketing agencies and brand marketers to launch new products. Whether its Ford's Fusion brand launch or  Blackberry's Z10's launch Soho Studios is a perfect venue and launch pad for brands to kickoff their new products.  

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is confident ini his new product. Thorsten told ABC News in an interview that Blackberry z10 will be a whole new expericence that cell phone users will love. Thorsten said "They are innovating, they are always improving the hardware, for example," Heins said. "But from a pure user experience perspective, we did something that was new. We did something different and that is more attractive to users because it just makes their lives easy."


Its been a long time coming after first glimpses of BlackBerry 10 appeared more than a year and a half ago. Starting this week the BlackBerry Z10 will launch nationwide and is the first range of phones to utilize the new overhauled software. The Z10 will launch on AT&T, with Verizon carrying it as of March 28. Sprint is not carrying the Z10. BlackBerry’s keyboard phone, the Q10, will launch in June, with the phone not being available on all three networks will be bothersome for some.

If you are a marketing agency looking for a venue in Miami then look no further than Soho Studios. Our venue is the largest venue in Miami with the ability to perform amazing brand launches. If your looking for an Untraditional venue then look no further and call us today.

Check out Engadget's review of the Blackberry Z10.

Largest Harlem Shake in the World

Miami Jouvert is known as the biggest Caribbean paint party in the world. Going to a Miami Jouvert is like no other event. Guests that attend come prepared to have the best night of fun by getting wet and painted at the same time. This event takes place twice a year in March and September and brings in thousands of people to Soho Studios, the largest venue in Miami.

paint party venue in miami

This year Miami Jouvert 2013, decided to do something even bigger at their event. They brought the Harlem Shake to Soho Studios in world record fashion. Rather than imagining what thousands of people do to partake in the Harlem Shake, you can now see it for yourself!

Enjoy the largest Harlem Shake in the world at Soho Studios during Miami Jouvert March 2013.