Blackberry Z10 Launch in Miami

Yellow House Events produced Blackberry''s Z10 launch in Miami on March 21st at Soho Studios. Based in Miami's arts district, Wynwood is the perfect place for marketing agencies and brand marketers to launch new products. Whether its Ford's Fusion brand launch or  Blackberry's Z10's launch Soho Studios is a perfect venue and launch pad for brands to kickoff their new products.  

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is confident ini his new product. Thorsten told ABC News in an interview that Blackberry z10 will be a whole new expericence that cell phone users will love. Thorsten said "They are innovating, they are always improving the hardware, for example," Heins said. "But from a pure user experience perspective, we did something that was new. We did something different and that is more attractive to users because it just makes their lives easy."


Its been a long time coming after first glimpses of BlackBerry 10 appeared more than a year and a half ago. Starting this week the BlackBerry Z10 will launch nationwide and is the first range of phones to utilize the new overhauled software. The Z10 will launch on AT&T, with Verizon carrying it as of March 28. Sprint is not carrying the Z10. BlackBerry’s keyboard phone, the Q10, will launch in June, with the phone not being available on all three networks will be bothersome for some.

If you are a marketing agency looking for a venue in Miami then look no further than Soho Studios. Our venue is the largest venue in Miami with the ability to perform amazing brand launches. If your looking for an Untraditional venue then look no further and call us today.

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