Live to Work and Work to Live

The way people live and work is changing lately. More and more people are working out of their home and within walking distance of their work. This trend is caused by many things; because of fuel prices, to reduce stressful commutes, and so that people are able to live healthier lives. Communities in Miami are changing the way they work and live. There is a new type of residence immerging in these communities; they are called live/work spaces.

Live/work spaces offer tenants a place where they are able to obtain a multi use space, one in which they can live and work. If you are looking for a large artist space Miami is a great place to look. It has long been a problem for artists to afford a creative commercial rental space and pay for separate place to live. In art communities such as the Wynwood District you can have both in the same space. Areas of the Wynwood District have developed buildings that allow a combination of commercial and residential units in the same building.

There are many people enjoying the freedom of having a zero commute time. They are saving money and time by living and working in the same space, or immediate area. Within these communities that are built for artist, photographers, poets, jewelry designers, clothing designers, and others who do other types of work such as real estate sales and other career fields. The Wynwood District is now a buzzing place, transformed from a nearly deserted area. This is great for businesses and the growth of the community. There are plans for expansions such as adding coffee shops, more restaurants, and more grocery stores.

This trend in affordable rental space the Wynwood District offers is growing, people are going back to the way people lived many years ago when they used to live in or above their businesses. Everything you may need is being developed for the convenience and comfort of this new class of residents. Artists who choose to live in or near the Wynwood District in Miami are also enjoying the benefits of living near Soho Studios where that can hold events such as fashion shows, art displays, concert space, photography shoots, and among many other events. Living and working near Soho Studios is an excellent opportunity for artists, and many others, it gives them an opportunity to be near the high end clientele of Soho Studios and the surrounding community.