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Event Marketing Trends: What to Watch for in 2017


Event marketing has come a long way. In 2016, marketers innovate constantly to offer unique, engaging displays. In recent years, a few trends have risen to the top—and decision makers are utilizing the world’s newest technology to create unprecedented initiatives. Check out these winning event marketing trends guaranteed to make a splash in 2017, and set your sights on creativity.

One: Event Sponsorship

In the past, event hosts and sponsors united with logos, branding partnerships and insight seminars. Now, intensive sponsorship opportunities highlight the relationship. Today’s experiential marketing platforms are expanding to event marketing initiatives, and both brands and hosts are joining hands to elevate sponsors. They’re boosting ROI while furthering symbolic partnerships. Unlike the symbolic partnerships of the past, however, these partnerships are highlighted, grown and promoted via intensive funding campaigns.

Two: Event Streaming

Live events are here, and they’re only getting better. Already, platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope and Meerkat are emerging to create next-level events. Hosting quality content at break-neck speeds, these platforms are advancing the world of seamless event presentations.

While live steaming is still being improved upon, it shows a lot of promise. Initiatives like Thursday Night Football, created by Twitter, reached 243,000 streamers. Audiences are being primed for real-time event broadcasts, and event marketing is next in line for the batter’s box.

Three: Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

You’ve probably heard about the much-touted augmented reality initiatives. AR, too, is still being worked on—but it’s gained a lot of ground in recent years. Brands are expected to experiment with augmented reality quite a bit in 2017, utilizing mobile platforms as jumping off points. If Pokémon Go is any evidence of AR’s capabilities, event marketers had better hustle to catch up. Already, brands are utilizing the iPhone’s visual overlay services to create scavenger hunts, product promotions and in-store sales events.

Four: Data Analytics

Big data is already a major marketing tool. In 2017, experts believe it’ll emerge in the event marketing world. Mobile event apps aren’t new, but in-event data gathering is still fresh. With mobile beacon technology, mobile polling, real-time surveys and social media mobile analysis available, decision makers have incredible resource power. State-of-the-art cloud computing services, too, are making headway in the event marketing world, giving event marketers total reign over gathered data to further entire marketing campaigns.

Advanced marketing automation is likely to boost many of 2017’s event marketing initiatives. Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and it’ll expand upon business opportunities as the Internet of Things grows. Big data, of course, is a leading factor. In any event, real-time services will probably frame leading event marketing initiatives. After all, who doesn’t like seamlessness?

Friskies Teams up with Grumpy Cat at the 2016 South by Southwest Festival

On March 12 and March 13, 2016, at the South by Southwest interactive (SXSWi) festival, Friskies well known mascot, Grumpy Cat, graced the crowd with an appearance to promote its most recent wet cat food product, Cat Concoctions. This new product has unusual flavor combos for the curious cat, like cod in cheesy bacon flavored sauce and chicken in creamy crabby sauce. The Inspiration Behind Cat Concoctions

“For the launch of Friskies’ Cat Concoctions, we really thought it was important for people to understand the product proposition—the fact that this line of cat food was inspired by cats,” said the brand manager at Friskies, Jessica Nichols. “And since people aren’t actually eating the product, having this tangible, physical event really helps bring that concept to life. Live experiences allow us to connect with media and consumers in a fun and unique way that really resonates.”


Friskies at South by Southwest

This year marked the fourth year that Friskies and Grumpy Cat teamed up at SXSWi to form a fun experience for consumers. Feline fans were able to enjoy food, music and fun photo opportunities. Music sensations Ryan Cabrera and Blake Lewis combined talents and stopped by to sing a soft, endearing rendition of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" that almost turned Grumpy Cat's frown upside down. Check out the You Tube video for the sweet harmonies of a Platinum selling recording artist and a runner-up from season six of American Idol. Very calming indeed!

Some Frisky Photo Ops

A fan favorite of the event was the official Friskies' spokes cat herself being on hand for a meet and greet. Quirky, fun props were available for fans to pose with alongside Grumpy Cat. Some of the silly items included a hat in the shape of a clamshell and crab claws you can slip on. There were also signs with phrases such as, "Strike a frown." For even more photo fun, a selfie station was available. At the station, participants were able to do a mash-up so that their faces were combined with Grumpy Cat's world famous scowl.

Ultimately about 1,600 festival goers attended the Friskies event. Those who could not attend were able to follow all the fun on Friskies' Instagram and Snapchat accounts or to join the online activity with #CatConcoctions. Social channels also featured Nala and Waffles, Grumpy Cat's fellow friends.

Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour ft. Mayer Hawthorne


  experiential car launch MiamiMercedes-Benz are launching a new compact SUV, known as the 2015 GLA. Mercedes-Benz will launch the 2015 GLA SUV by touring nine different cities, including Soho Studios event space in Miami. This nine music tour set, has been created to showcase the connection between music, cars and the evolution of the Mercedes-Benz brand. The tour started in New York  with a performance by Alabama Shakes at Terminal 5, with special DJ performance by Questlove and a live interactive art exhibition by Mr. Brainwash. 

In Mayer Hawthorne's world, the stars "are ours." Mercedes Benz latest SUV to wear the Silver Star, the 2015 GLA, could soon be yours. Presenting an evolved take on “The Stars Are Ours,” from the Evolution Tour. Visit to configure your own GLA before visiting a retailer, and then see when Mayer Hawthorne and the Evolution Tour will be visiting an area near you, at

Take a look at the new GLA 2015

This tour will make its way to our event space in Miami and we have a great surprise. Mayer Hawthorne, musician extraordinaire will blow the crowd away. If you want to try and get in  just follow the link here . Fancy a test drive in the ultimate SUV then follow the link here. In order to win exclusive tickets you need to upload a photo that captures the spirit of the #MBEvolutionTour or share a note about why you should be allowed in.

We look forward to hosting the new GLA SUV 2015 by Mercedes-Benz and we hope that you are as luck to get in and see Mayer Hawthorne.   Experiential Car Launch Miami Watch Mayer Hawthorne's live performance at Soho Studios event space in Miami.

You can see pictures of this event below.

and from the auto show

Your Hello, Again Miami experience will feature: Panther Coffee Turbo Cupping Experience Commissioned art installation by Evoca1






Tour of Wynwood Cigar Factory








Art drive curated by RAW












Behind the scenes tour of Shikany










As you can imagine, space will be limited. We encourage you to RSVP today.

Throwing the best launch party EVER

Throwing a launch party can become your ticket to making a strong first impression. It can influence for good or bad how people view your brand. Launch parties are the time and place for attracting new clients and investors who want to take a chance on your brand.

How can you turn your launch party into an unforgettable event? Getting these elements right is a good starting point:


Location means everything with a launch party. Where you throw it should fit with the messaging for your brand. You can reserve the best party venue Miami has to offer, but the party won't work if the venue doesn't match your branding. If you are opening a new dance studio, for example, a launch party at a local club might be the right fit. A corporate launch party might be best suited to a convention center or hotel.


Who you invite to your launch party matters as much as the party itself. Your guest list should include a mix of potential clients, potential investors and representatives from the media. Send out a media advisory or press release announcing the launch party to local TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, magazines and bloggers related to your brand's niche. This will alert the right people to show up at the right time and in the right place.


Think beyond an open bar and dance music to keep your guests engaged at your launch party. Entertainment options work best when they incorporate the party theme. One excellent idea is to feature a live demo of the product or service central to the launch party. Live music, food and drink, games and raffles are other good entertainment options for launch parties.


Sponsors should play a huge role in your launch party. They can provide free food and drinks to guests. They can donate gifts to give to party guests. And they can donate a venue for hosting the party. Donations from sponsors can help you keep costs down so that your launch party doesn't break the bank.


Tasting Event in Miami

During November 8, 9, and 10, Soho Studios will host a tasting event in Miami where fine crafted spirits and beers will be available to taste, while having the opportunity to educate and enjoy the fine art of how these drinks came to be. Jennifer Massolo is the founder of The Liquid Projects and is the former executive director of the Miami International Wine Fair. If your interested in attending the best tasting event in Miami then click here to purchase tickets. Tickets start as low as $25. There's also the opportunity in tasting the finest American Craft Whisky and Dinner with host Chuck Cowdery. Don't hesitate, book now for the ultimate tasting event in Miami.

Jennifer has explored the world of craft spirits and will bring what she has learned to Miami through a rare and common selection of drinks during this tasting event in Miami. Jennifer has a hope of bringing women together with a desire to educate and empower them so they have a better understanding of where, how and why these craft drinks are made. This tasting event in Miami should not be missed!


Interviewed on Comcast News Makers, Jennifer explains the importance of tasting white wines and wines that she would like to introduce to people that are different from the rest.

You may ask why women? Jennifer explains;


"Historically, the world of making and appreciating spirits, especially darker spirits - whisky, rum, brandy etc. - has been populated by men. That is changing, as more and more, women are sharing that same appreciation, not only due to our refined palates, but also because we are interested in a unique and sophisticated experience. Craft spirits are increasingly present in our restaurant experiences, our shopping choices and in the many unique cocktail bars we like to visit. It's hard to know what's what sometimes. Why craft spirits? Let's consider the farm-to-table food movement we have watched grow over the past decade. Why is it so appealing? It's appealing because we care about taste, supporting the smaller producer and the quality of what we put in our bodies. There are passionate individuals involved and traditional methods practiced at the core of craft spirits. That's worth supporting!"

Want to find out more information then check out regularly for updates. You can also keep in touch with Jennifer's updates through her Spirited Sirens Blog.

If you are interested in becoming sponsor or want to contact Jennifer for the tasting event in Miami you can email