Viral Video - The Blue Bouquet

One of the most cutting edge marketing tools available today is experimental marketing or experiential marketing. Brand sponsored flash mobs, large art installations and events are just some examples of experiential marketing. Another way to go is to film a social experiment and post a video of it on YouTube.

Recently, Taco Bell staged a social experiment to promote the launch of their latest culinary creation, the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Fans of Taco Bell’s Facebook page were given directions to go to a flower shop in Manhattan’s meat packing district and provide the secret password – The Blue Bouquet. Once the password was given, a Taco Bell representative, cleverly disguised as flower shop worker, presented them with a bouquet of blue flowers and a Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Some folks came in and asked for the taco directly and were met with perplexed stares. The whole thing was wildly entertaining and the video went viral with over a million hits on YouTube.

Another way for effective brand exposure via experiential marketing is through an event production. At Soho Studios, a venue in Miami, Absolut Vodka hosted Absolut X, a free concert featuring indie rock favorite Bloc Party and drinks mixed with the clear libation Absolut is famous for. Soho Studios is known as a hub for experiential marketing events. Among all the other venues in Miami, Soho Studios versatility and capacity for large scale events allows event planners the freedom to use their imaginations to produce top of the line experiential marketing events that create the buzz that all brands are looking for. Whether you are looking to launch your brand or looking to increase the exposure of your existing brand, experiential marketing is a highly effective marketing tool.