How to Use the Pantone Color of 2017 for Your Next Event


Every event deserves a personal touch, and Pantone’s 2017 color—Greenery—hits the mark when lively, refreshing tones are needed. The fresh, zesty color isn’t new to the marketing world, but Pantone’s dedication to lushness, refreshing beginnings and the wide, open outdoors is unique. Take a deep breath, organize your event and implement Pantone’s Greenery color into your setup. Check out these great options.

Option One: Grassy Centerpieces

To take full advantage of Pantone’s Greenery, you should, first, implement grassy centerpieces. Greenery thrives due to its natural allure and incredible flexibility. That said, your event won’t be complete unless Greenery is featured in its primal state. Grassy centerpieces are natural complements to unfinished wood surfaces. So, if you’re trying to promote an atmosphere of health, energy and rustic stylization, Greenery grass centerpieces are your best bet.

Option Two: Backlit Bar Foliage

Next, find a way to incorporate Greenery into your refreshment area. Whether you’re hosting a wet bar or a café, Greenery is incredibly flexible to your ambitions. Add a light, and frame your Greenery display for your guests. The idea, here, is to reinvigorate your event-goers. To do so, you’ll need to prioritize green backlighting, natural hues and—of course—a little foliage.

Option Three: Green Carpets and Tabletops

The Oscars nodded to their organization’s green initiatives via Global Green this year, and you should, too. By featuring earth-toned carpets and tabletops, you can create a centerfold dedicated to your initiative’s environmentally conservative side. More importantly: You’ll refresh event-goers as they disperse between booths, speeches and planning seminars. At the end of the day, you should want your patrons to socialize around any Greenery installations.

Option Four: Green Balloons and Ceiling Decorations

No, you don’t need an organic canopy to get the point across. You should, however, put your Greenery attribution somewhere high. Balloons, streamers and other green artistic creations are best served high and hanging. Toss in some silver, too, and blend in a little gold. Balloons and streamers might lack natural vines, but your interior landscape needn’t be completely natural. Besides, hanging plant-matter gets messy.

Option Five: Green and White Furnishings

Another Greenery-tie-in idea, green and white furnishings are exemplary additions to typically hard-cut lounge areas. Like the ceiling decorations, your furnishings should incorporate Greenery while maintaining a professional, clean vibe. Consider lighter shades, and work with pillows, drapes and small carpets.

While primarily promoting clean energy, restorative projects and environmental conservation, Greenery is an excellent indicator of ambition. Use the color wisely, and blend it into your event’s landscape with care. Your patrons will love the tilt—and your event, of course, will benefit from the natural twist on regularly conservative ideologies.

Event Marketing Trends: What to Watch for in 2017


Event marketing has come a long way. In 2016, marketers innovate constantly to offer unique, engaging displays. In recent years, a few trends have risen to the top—and decision makers are utilizing the world’s newest technology to create unprecedented initiatives. Check out these winning event marketing trends guaranteed to make a splash in 2017, and set your sights on creativity.

One: Event Sponsorship

In the past, event hosts and sponsors united with logos, branding partnerships and insight seminars. Now, intensive sponsorship opportunities highlight the relationship. Today’s experiential marketing platforms are expanding to event marketing initiatives, and both brands and hosts are joining hands to elevate sponsors. They’re boosting ROI while furthering symbolic partnerships. Unlike the symbolic partnerships of the past, however, these partnerships are highlighted, grown and promoted via intensive funding campaigns.

Two: Event Streaming

Live events are here, and they’re only getting better. Already, platforms like Facebook Live, Periscope and Meerkat are emerging to create next-level events. Hosting quality content at break-neck speeds, these platforms are advancing the world of seamless event presentations.

While live steaming is still being improved upon, it shows a lot of promise. Initiatives like Thursday Night Football, created by Twitter, reached 243,000 streamers. Audiences are being primed for real-time event broadcasts, and event marketing is next in line for the batter’s box.

Three: Augmented Reality Mobile Apps

You’ve probably heard about the much-touted augmented reality initiatives. AR, too, is still being worked on—but it’s gained a lot of ground in recent years. Brands are expected to experiment with augmented reality quite a bit in 2017, utilizing mobile platforms as jumping off points. If Pokémon Go is any evidence of AR’s capabilities, event marketers had better hustle to catch up. Already, brands are utilizing the iPhone’s visual overlay services to create scavenger hunts, product promotions and in-store sales events.

Four: Data Analytics

Big data is already a major marketing tool. In 2017, experts believe it’ll emerge in the event marketing world. Mobile event apps aren’t new, but in-event data gathering is still fresh. With mobile beacon technology, mobile polling, real-time surveys and social media mobile analysis available, decision makers have incredible resource power. State-of-the-art cloud computing services, too, are making headway in the event marketing world, giving event marketers total reign over gathered data to further entire marketing campaigns.

Advanced marketing automation is likely to boost many of 2017’s event marketing initiatives. Technology is growing at a rapid pace, and it’ll expand upon business opportunities as the Internet of Things grows. Big data, of course, is a leading factor. In any event, real-time services will probably frame leading event marketing initiatives. After all, who doesn’t like seamlessness?