Experiential Marketing 101: Why Audi Decided to Rebrand from the Inside Out

Audi’s experiential marketers are on a roll, and they’re revamping the brand’s image from the ground up. From Audi’s A3 launch events to its CES exhibit floor, its high focus on consumer marketing has been batting a thousand. It’s made an appearance in Miami’s Wynwood, Alcatraz and even at a Major League Soccer sponsorship event. From head to toe, Audi has gotten a high-adrenaline makeover.

Rebuilding a Brand

Audi didn’t necessarily need a solid rebranding initiative, but its recent live engagements have revitalized the age-old mantra of, “If you can strategize it, it’ll work.” A key difference between Audi’s newest marketing maneuvers and competitive brands is its high focus on in-the-moment action.

Audi’s experiential team hasn’t pulled any punches. While it’s previously used typical auto shows to launch new vehicle reveals, it’s prioritized the consumer experience across various markets with hands-on track introductions. Closed-course programs were at the foundation of Audi’s grand scheme, powering later driving experiences with a solid history, alone.

That isn’t to say Audi’s experiential marketing is strapped for ideas, either. Rather, Audi’s senior manager of events and experiential marketing, Erin Keating, placed a high focus on property exposure, product coordination and—of course—global appeal.

Power to the Marketers: Revitalizing with Engaging Experiences

Audi’s experiential marketing department, powered by incredible minds and practical solutions, doubled its staff. Now sitting at 10 innovative leaders, it exists as a comprehensive power-house consisting of a VIP and influencer specialist, a motorsports manager, a European product delivery coordinator and more. Audi’s experiential outreach team isn’t new to the game, and they’ve put incredible detail into revamping the Audi Driving Experience.

The Audi Driving Experience, itself, is Audi’s rebranding platform—based upon comprehensive exposure campaigns, local launch events and trade shows. A big part of Audi’s experiential rebranding effort is its regional sponsorships. Already, the brand has activated two national sports entities, obtaining support from both Major League Soccer and the U.S. Ski Team.

Technology Outreach

In a surprising move, Audi recently solidified its action-packed experiential marketing campaign with a high degree of technological aestheticism. Audi’s Dome of Quattro, for example, debuted at the Denver International Airport. The high-definition, 30-foot tall techno dome featured a hospitality lounge, Audi’s sleek design, a curved bar and a massive digital screen presenting documentaries about Le mans and the U.S. Ski Team.

The technological angle is telling, because immersive tech, itself, is becoming synonymous with lifestyle and sports marketing. Free Wi-Fi goes a long way, especially when it’s sued to present a gigantic digital tunnel video. Make no mistake: Audi’s marketing tactics are rising quickly, and they’re only getting better. When equipped with a solid experiential marketing team, brands have incredible potential.

Audi Presents LED Art Exhibit at New York City Club


Since inventing LED daytime running lights back in 2005, Audi has been at the forefront of LED technology. With this achievement in mind, the company recently sponsored a truly unique art installation entitled Bold Notion: Art of Innovation. The exhibit, created by New York artist Matthew Schreiber, is built around the physical structure and geometry of one of New York City's most elite clubs, CORE:club. In this method, Schreiber uses LED lights to transform an ordinary building to interactive exhibition in a modern and playful way . The lights crosshatch through entryways, hallways, and walls, each one tailored specifically around the structure of the building to create a spectacle for the eye. To accomplish this feat, he turned off all of the main lights in the building to give more focus to his red lasers.

The design features over 400 individual diode lasers which shoot out across the space, challenging viewers to become part of the artwork as they move about the room. According to Schreiber, he intended for the lights to be daunting at first as a challenge to those who wanted to enter. His inspiration for the piece centered around his desire for attendees to be scanned when they entered the exhibit. In this way, he hopes people attending should feel slightly uneasy at first, as if they are not welcome, because this represents the clubs exclusivity as well as a challenge they must overcome.

In order to promote the exhibit, CORE: club held a public reception for the first time in their history, allowing non-members to peruse the art. The event included vaporized cocktails and drinks with LED ice cubes to match the theme of the evening. Finally, Schreiber also was available for an hour long question and answer session to inform the audience about his work and its purpose. Finally, a dinner was held that offered several courses of fine delicacies to choose from.

This exhibit is actually the seventh of its kind to be hosted by CORE:club. The Bold Notion series is committed to offering artists a space to unleash their creativity in unusual ways, much like Soho Studies. Previous events have included paintings, application of light, and even iconography.

CORE:club is not the only venue that can offer such a versatile space for exhibits. Ready to host your own unique event in a space that can be matched to your needs? Consider renting our Pavilion, Armory, or Parliament studios. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.



Golden Angels Gala at Soho Studios


Soho Studios is proud to announce that we housed the 2016 Golden Angels Gala, the annual charitable event of the Jackson Health Organization. We're delighted to play a role in such a wonderful function. The Jackson Health Organization has been an active for more than 20 years, and they raise 100s of thousands of dollars every year at their events. The 2016 gala was similar to other Golden Angels events, with a divine dinner paired with dancing exclusively for those who sponsor or support the Jackson Health Organization. Approximately 1,200 people attended the Golden Angels Gala. Tickets range from $1,000 to $2,500 and, as always, are worth it. Guest had the ability to mingle with some of the top minds in the health field and with many of the most influential individuals in the community. Jackson consists of highly renowned facilities like Holtz Children's Hospital, Ryder Trauma Center, Jackson South, Jackson North and Jackson Memorial Hospital. All proceeds went to the Jackson Health Foundation, a nonprofit section of the Jackson Health Systems, and went toward technological systems, new construction and innovations.

It's not surprising that tickets sell out for this event fast. Each year, the banquet has a theme, and this year wasn't any different. The entire night was centered around a cool winter theme to advocate that Jackson has cool medical miracles happening on a regular basis. From icebergs to igloos to a life-sized snowball, decorations adorned the Soho Studios facility and accurately represented the concept that "Something Cool is Happening at Jackson."

The event was produced by the amazing Wow Factor and catered by Starr Catering Group , the hottest and exciting catering company in Miami.

This event is known for being one of the most outstanding balls in Miami. We've had the opportunity to host many unforgettable productions, and this was definitely one of them. It was truly a night we'll never forget, and we're sure all guests felt the same way.

Audi Dealership Conference


Where does luxury automotive company Audi choose to do an event in Miami? None other than Soho Studios event space in Miami for their Audi Dealership conference. In conjuction with MVP Collaborative , Audi thrilled 400 attendees with theatrical presentations to get the dealers motivated, including facetime with Audi executives. Audi always get's creative and with our event space in Miami, Audi decided to create their first mural in Wynwood's Arts District designed by Lebo aka David Lebatard. With the need to exhibit 20 vehicles, our event space in Miami was perfect to showcase the ultimate luxury vehicles. Our Armory Studio is the largest private event space in Miami, and perfect for car launches, brand awareness campaigns and annual dealership events. The Audi 2013 annual dealership conference had their flagship event at Soho Studios in Miami and also chose 1111 Lincoln Road event space in Miami Beach for their cocktail reception, produced by Joy Wallace. Audi always reinvents itself as the creative automtive brand and pushes the boundries of what luxury means. Audi extends its creativity and luxury by fusing art with its brand. Enjoy photos of Audi's 2013 Dealship event at Soho Studios event space in Miami, courtsey of Presitge Autos.

Audi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Iron Man
Audi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi R8Lebo Audi MuralAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi ETRONAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi Dealership eventAudi

Audi walkthrough in slow motion

Star Trek into Darkness Trailer

Star Trek has come along way since JJ Abrams took over the franchise. This new Star Trek into Darkness movie also come with new movie marketing tactics. Star Trek into Darkness comes out nationwide on Friday 17,2013 - however publicity and marketing for this event feels like its from the future. Hollywood studios are trying to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of movie marketing. For example in this upcoming movie, Star Trek into Darkness has had its own mobile app for the last 6 months. This may not be the first movie to have its own mobile app but its the first movie to advertise its mobile app and made a big push during the Superbowl, including the itunes url into the marketing material.

The most clever part of this movie marketing is making effective use of the character Spock or Spocks that appeared in the fist Star Trek directed by JJ Abrams. In this advert, Audi conceptualizes the old and new Spock as the same person in the present time. Where the new and younger spock is ready to meet the older Spock for a game of golf. The only problem? the car the older Spock uses is a Mercedes and turns up late to meet his younger self. The clever part of this advert is making out to the viewer that only grandpas drive Mercedes while the younger generation drive Audis. To tease both Spocks at the end, a different golfer drives up in an Audi thats built with self-driving technology. Watch the Audi advert and Star Trek into Darkness trailer below

When looking to market an event or choose the right direction for a commercial you can learn a lot from Audi's co branding capabilities. The skill is taking a plot from a movie and using it to leverage an idea for another product. At Soho Studios in Miami we have the perfect space to film all types of movie trailers, commercials and film.