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Star Trek into Darkness Trailer

Star Trek has come along way since JJ Abrams took over the franchise. This new Star Trek into Darkness movie also come with new movie marketing tactics. Star Trek into Darkness comes out nationwide on Friday 17,2013 - however publicity and marketing for this event feels like its from the future. Hollywood studios are trying to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of movie marketing. For example in this upcoming movie, Star Trek into Darkness has had its own mobile app for the last 6 months. This may not be the first movie to have its own mobile app but its the first movie to advertise its mobile app and made a big push during the Superbowl, including the itunes url into the marketing material.

The most clever part of this movie marketing is making effective use of the character Spock or Spocks that appeared in the fist Star Trek directed by JJ Abrams. In this advert, Audi conceptualizes the old and new Spock as the same person in the present time. Where the new and younger spock is ready to meet the older Spock for a game of golf. The only problem? the car the older Spock uses is a Mercedes and turns up late to meet his younger self. The clever part of this advert is making out to the viewer that only grandpas drive Mercedes while the younger generation drive Audis. To tease both Spocks at the end, a different golfer drives up in an Audi thats built with self-driving technology. Watch the Audi advert and Star Trek into Darkness trailer below

When looking to market an event or choose the right direction for a commercial you can learn a lot from Audi's co branding capabilities. The skill is taking a plot from a movie and using it to leverage an idea for another product. At Soho Studios in Miami we have the perfect space to film all types of movie trailers, commercials and film.

STEP UP REVOLUTION - Filmed in Miami

This week, Step Up 4 will be released in theaters nationwide. Summit Entertainment selected Soho Studios as their Miami production location. This major motion picture is one of several recent films and television shows being produced in South Florida. Miami is an amazing backdrop and of course the weather is fantastic. Miami has a cinematic environment perfect for location shoots and scenery that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Step Up Revolution is the 4th of its series, this film is based in Miami and combines dance and real estate - the two main industries in Miami. This film is sure to be a hit and will undoubtably spark more film production in Miami.

It was great to have Summit Entertainment film production at Soho Studios and the entire Step Up team was fantastic. Our massive facility is ideal for large production studios in Miami. If you're looking to film your next television series or movie in Miami, check out Soho Studios.

Now that you've seen the trailer for Step Up 4, here's the promo reel for Soho Studios.

Look for movie showtimes in Miami for Step Up Revolution - opening July 27, 2012.

-- This isn't the only dance party to hit Soho Studios. During Winter Music Conference and throughout the year, large-scale events are hosted at Soho Studios.