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STEP UP REVOLUTION - Filmed in Miami

This week, Step Up 4 will be released in theaters nationwide. Summit Entertainment selected Soho Studios as their Miami production location. This major motion picture is one of several recent films and television shows being produced in South Florida. Miami is an amazing backdrop and of course the weather is fantastic. Miami has a cinematic environment perfect for location shoots and scenery that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Step Up Revolution is the 4th of its series, this film is based in Miami and combines dance and real estate - the two main industries in Miami. This film is sure to be a hit and will undoubtably spark more film production in Miami.

It was great to have Summit Entertainment film production at Soho Studios and the entire Step Up team was fantastic. Our massive facility is ideal for large production studios in Miami. If you're looking to film your next television series or movie in Miami, check out Soho Studios.

Now that you've seen the trailer for Step Up 4, here's the promo reel for Soho Studios.

Look for movie showtimes in Miami for Step Up Revolution - opening July 27, 2012.

-- This isn't the only dance party to hit Soho Studios. During Winter Music Conference and throughout the year, large-scale events are hosted at Soho Studios.

Soho Studios made the cut

Did you catch the Sun Sentinel article, "Movie and television productions in South Florida make for excellent celebrity spotting," by Rod Stafford Hagwood? The streets of Miami and Wynwood are pulsing with celebrity buzz and movie magic. The Sun Sentinel article gives a snapshot view of the various scenes popping up around town. Miami is clearly on the map of celebrities and those that like to be a part of the scene - are you in or out?

Here's a glimpse of the hot spots that made the cut - for the full article and list visit Movie and television productions in South Florida

DINING RATHER THAN DANCING: Julianne Hough -- also of "Dancing With the Stars" fame -- often dines at South Beach staples Prime 112 and Prime Italian, especially when boyfriend Ryan Seacrest comes into town to visit. Hough joined her brother Derek Hough, Mary J Blige and Seacrest at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana on Lincoln Road.

SPEAKING OF DANCING: It's all kinda hush-hush, but the dance-movie franchise "Step Up" is filming its fourth installment at the Soho Studios in Wynwood. If you see legwarmers and leotards in that area, it's probably the young dancers.

MEET ME IN SOBE: Singer Cee-Lo, Heat hoopster Chris Bosh and soccer stud Gerard Pique (Shakira's boyfriend) all hit Kane Steakhouse in Miami Beach (South of Fifth…or SoFi as the locals say).


Have you seen a celebrity around town? Let us know where and when.

The Kardashians at a photo shoot in Miami - anyone spot them when they were in town?

Step Up 4 @ Soho Studios

The search lights are on Miami and the red carpet leads to Soho Studios, currently the home of the film Step Up 4. Our 65,000 square foot facility is quickly being embraced by film studios that need the space and versatility for film production and photography. This is in high demand, and our large under-air venue is an oasis in Miami. We have an established reputation that has earned the privilege to coordinate with some of the nation's top brands, television studios, media companies, and film studios. Soho Studios is becoming the fastest growing film studio location in Miami - click to learn more about our Miami film studio.

The Step Up 4 dance film series has become an international phenomenon and its fans are eagerly waiting the release. The Internet pipelines have been buzzing about the movie since it was announced that they were coming to Miami. Here's a glimpse of a blog that has popped up regarding the Step Up 4 announcement - Step Up 4 blogger. There have also been many unofficial trailers circulating around Youtube, here's one of them that surfaced.

It's a no-brainer for a film studio to choose Miami. The weather is amazing, the locations are sexy, and the incentives are great. Learn more about the resources in South Florida at these two great websites - Film in Florida and FIlMIAMI.COM

Our film production location in Miami can host cast, crew, movie equipment, sound stages, dollies, cranes, and much more. It's an exciting time when film studios make their home at Soho Studios in Miami and we feel that this will be a regular scene in South Florida. We're proud to be at the center of the new wave of film production in Miami and we'll continue to open our doors to the latest projects on the radar of film studios around the globe.

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