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Tasting Event in Miami

During November 8, 9, and 10, Soho Studios will host a tasting event in Miami where fine crafted spirits and beers will be available to taste, while having the opportunity to educate and enjoy the fine art of how these drinks came to be. Jennifer Massolo is the founder of The Liquid Projects and is the former executive director of the Miami International Wine Fair. If your interested in attending the best tasting event in Miami then click here to purchase tickets. Tickets start as low as $25. There's also the opportunity in tasting the finest American Craft Whisky and Dinner with host Chuck Cowdery. Don't hesitate, book now for the ultimate tasting event in Miami.

Jennifer has explored the world of craft spirits and will bring what she has learned to Miami through a rare and common selection of drinks during this tasting event in Miami. Jennifer has a hope of bringing women together with a desire to educate and empower them so they have a better understanding of where, how and why these craft drinks are made. This tasting event in Miami should not be missed!


Interviewed on Comcast News Makers, Jennifer explains the importance of tasting white wines and wines that she would like to introduce to people that are different from the rest.

You may ask why women? Jennifer explains;


"Historically, the world of making and appreciating spirits, especially darker spirits - whisky, rum, brandy etc. - has been populated by men. That is changing, as more and more, women are sharing that same appreciation, not only due to our refined palates, but also because we are interested in a unique and sophisticated experience. Craft spirits are increasingly present in our restaurant experiences, our shopping choices and in the many unique cocktail bars we like to visit. It's hard to know what's what sometimes. Why craft spirits? Let's consider the farm-to-table food movement we have watched grow over the past decade. Why is it so appealing? It's appealing because we care about taste, supporting the smaller producer and the quality of what we put in our bodies. There are passionate individuals involved and traditional methods practiced at the core of craft spirits. That's worth supporting!"

Want to find out more information then check out regularly for updates. You can also keep in touch with Jennifer's updates through her Spirited Sirens Blog.

If you are interested in becoming sponsor or want to contact Jennifer for the tasting event in Miami you can email

Miami Asian Culture Festival

If you are interested in taking a trip to the Far East, then the Miami Asian Culture Festival has your ticket. Featuring a wide variety of Asian cultures, from Pakistan to Japan, the festival incorporates dances, shows, food, art, and other cultural displays to allow the people of Miami to get a genuine taste of the East.

The Asian Culture Festival has been held for over two decades, and continues to attract visitors from both the local population as well as tourists. This year it was on March 3, 2012 from 10 am to 6 pm in Fruit & Spice Park located at 24801 S.W. 187th Avenue in Homestead.

One of the more popular events to witness is the tournament of Sepak Takraw, which originates in Malaysia. It is often compared to a volleyball game except participants are not allowed to use their hands. Some of the other more popular performances include the Chinese Lion Dances, the Japanese Taiko drummers, and the Dragon Boat display.

Children also find many fun activities to do in the global village, oriented towards the younger visitors. The children have a access to a variety of games, rides, and activities to introduce them to the wide variety of cultures found throughout Asia.

Of course, no Asian festival would be complete without the food. The Miami Asian Culture Festival offers a wide variety of foods. To begin, there are the popular demonstrations of fruit and vegetable carving techniques. The finished products are stunning to behold. There are also a variety of meat and pasta dishes such as kabobs and beef and chicken cooked in a variety of ethnic sauces. There are also fun ethnic creations such as bubble tea, which are very popular. A great deal of the food is cooked right on site which makes the experience even more enjoyable for visitors.

When you are looking for a chance to step outside of your normal cultural experience and witness all Asia has to offer, the Miami Asian Culture Festival is the place to be. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Florida Renaissance Festival

The Miami, Florida Renaissance Festival allows visitors to take a momentary time machine back to the ages when it was normal to drink a quart of warm mead and a leg of turkey in one's finest wear without any comments or staring. Put on annually with the works, including jousting, arts, festivals, time-period costume wear, and entertainment for the kids, the Florida Renaissance Festival is definitely a sight not to miss. The Festival draws visitors from across the state as well as from out of town and international visitors as well. Given the fact that Miami is an international destination, the marketing for the Festival often draws visitors who happened to be in town and wanted something different for a day versus being at the beach.

For businesses, the Festival is a chance to engage in community goodwill as well as selling unique products that don't normally subscribe to mainstream retailing. Artwork, furniture and clothing that draw from time periods do exceptionally well at the Festival, drawing customers from all over the state and tourists as well.

For event space in Miami to coincide with the Florida Renaissance Festival, Soho Studios can help coordinate space needs as well as logistics, particularly for larger scale vendors needing room to establish their presence for an extended period. Soho Studios regularly works with clients seeking party venues in Miami for all types of celebrations, festivals, and public ceremonies, including supporting vendor space as well.

So if you're thinking that this spring it’s about time to hop into your best leather britches, tankard in hand and harp in the other to try your success as a minstrel in the Renaissance, then the Florida Renaissance Festival is your destination. And once you're done with planning for festivities, remember that Soho Studios can provide the spacing and facility resources your event or business might need to operate a corollary event to work in tandem with the Renaissance Festival.

The bean scene in the Wynwood District

The creation of an excellent cup of coffee requires skill, delicate execution and exquisite knowledge of the journey from bean to cup. Beans must be grown within the precise convergence of climate and horticulture and then roasted to perfection before they become the wake-up beverage of choice for many across the world.

Two of the world’s most prominent regions are famous because exactly that. Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, responsible for growing 1/3 of the planet’s coffee beans. In recent years coffee culture was put on the map by the Pacific North West, with cities such as Seattle and Portland, opening numerous coffee houses and roasters serving as a platform for multiple coffee giants (For example Starbucks) to spread coffee culture awareness and participation on a global scale.

At Panther Coffee in the Wynwood District these two delectable coffee worlds collide and complement each other immensely. Owners Joe and Leticia Pollack take their collective coffee experience and bring Pacific North West coffee culture to Miami with a Brazilian twist. Leticia grew up in the Brazilian coffee region of Serra De Mantiquera and worked for an espresso machine company. Joe is from Portland Oregon where he worked for years as a professional roaster. After meeting at a coffee convention in Minneapolis the two moved to Miami and Panther Coffee was born.

On the second Saturday and third Friday of every month you can go to Panther Coffer for a free coffee tasting or ‘’cupping” and experience the true essence of the coffee roasted there. Similar to a wine tasting it, it’s recommended that you spit out the coffee after each taste to prevent the effects of coffee from tainting your perception.

To find out more about Panther Coffee read this great article by Miami Herald reporter Linda Bladholm titled Wynwood’ s Panther brings West Coast coffee culture to Miami

Next time you’re in the Wynwood District be sure to stop by Panther Coffee to take a big gulp of what happens when Brazil Beans meet West Coast Roasting techniques and lands in Miami…