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Miami Asian Culture Festival

If you are interested in taking a trip to the Far East, then the Miami Asian Culture Festival has your ticket. Featuring a wide variety of Asian cultures, from Pakistan to Japan, the festival incorporates dances, shows, food, art, and other cultural displays to allow the people of Miami to get a genuine taste of the East.

The Asian Culture Festival has been held for over two decades, and continues to attract visitors from both the local population as well as tourists. This year it was on March 3, 2012 from 10 am to 6 pm in Fruit & Spice Park located at 24801 S.W. 187th Avenue in Homestead.

One of the more popular events to witness is the tournament of Sepak Takraw, which originates in Malaysia. It is often compared to a volleyball game except participants are not allowed to use their hands. Some of the other more popular performances include the Chinese Lion Dances, the Japanese Taiko drummers, and the Dragon Boat display.

Children also find many fun activities to do in the global village, oriented towards the younger visitors. The children have a access to a variety of games, rides, and activities to introduce them to the wide variety of cultures found throughout Asia.

Of course, no Asian festival would be complete without the food. The Miami Asian Culture Festival offers a wide variety of foods. To begin, there are the popular demonstrations of fruit and vegetable carving techniques. The finished products are stunning to behold. There are also a variety of meat and pasta dishes such as kabobs and beef and chicken cooked in a variety of ethnic sauces. There are also fun ethnic creations such as bubble tea, which are very popular. A great deal of the food is cooked right on site which makes the experience even more enjoyable for visitors.

When you are looking for a chance to step outside of your normal cultural experience and witness all Asia has to offer, the Miami Asian Culture Festival is the place to be. It will be an unforgettable experience.

Winter Party Festival

The Winter Party Festival offers party goers the opportunity to dance with thousands of other people from around the world. It is considered one of the hottest winter parties in the world and eagerly anticipated by those who enjoy Miami’s nightlife each year.

The Winter Party Festival is designed to benefit the National Gay and Lesbian Task force as well as local Miami non-profit organizations that are dedicated to serving the LGBT community. This year the festivities will last six exciting and action filled days from March 6 to 11, 2013. Those who enjoy supporting these causes find this a fantastic way to have fun while helping these organizations.

Guests have the option of purchasing one of a variety of passes and tickets allowing them access to several of the anticipated events. There are seven categories of passes, which allow party goers access to several of the events. The Climax Pass offers access to three events for $170, the New Generation 21-25 Pass also offers access to three events for $125, the Women’s Pass gives access to four events for $80, the Florida Resident Pass has access to three events for $150, the Gold Pass has access to 5 events for $275, the Platinum Pass offers access to seven events for $375, and the Titanium VIP pass has access to 9 events for $595. Interested participants can also buy tickets for individual events such as various dance parties, pool parties, brunches, and other opportunities. The event organizers even have a variety of special offers such as VIP and private party tents, shuttle rides, and exclusive access passes for sale. All tickets and passes are available for pick up at the Shelborne South Beach Hotel, located at 1801 Collins Avenue. Starting on Sunday March 10, Will Call will be moved to the entrance of the Beach Party, located at Lummus Park, which is near 12th Street.

Those who support the LGBT causes will find few more exciting ways to do so than by attending the Winter Party Festival. It is a fantastic way to beat the winter blues and enjoy some time in the sun for residents and tourists alike.

Miami Music Festivals

Miami is known for many things, its fashion, its sports, and of course the weather but the city is also a rich cornucopia of musical events. The plethora of music festivals in Miami will help you discover new music or revisit favorites. Miami is well known as an international hotspot for clubs and events that focus on electronic music, making it inviting place for many! Check out all the buzz for last year's Winter Music Conference.

Miami's Ultra Music Festival attracts chart topping names such as DJ David Guetta, Tiesto and Deadmau5 and local favorites like AfroBeta, Juan Basshead and many more. This world class roster of talent has helped to make this festival in Miami highly successful for over fifteen years. Ultra Music Festival is must go to event for electronic music lovers all over the planet attracting hundreds of thousands.

Winter Music Conference is a week long event that happens every year. WMC attracts industry professionals, electronic acts and record labels from all parts of the globe. WMC has different shows and events all around the city, making it one of the most-awaited electronic music events in the world. One major stop on a WMC attendees list is Soho Studios. Most recently noted was the Swedish House Mafia party at Soho Studios which also celebrated the release of Absolute Greyhound – a grapefruit infused vodka.

Soho Studios also hosts the annual Sunset Music Festival, another electronic music festival where DJs showcase their skills on the turn tables, re-mix music and craft their own original songs. The Sunset Music Festival is twelve hour long music festival held every fall that easily packs in many musicians, DJs and music fans. Hypnotic Productions sells tickets for a reasonable price, and The Sunset Music Festival is open to music lovers of all ages.

A music festival in Miami is sure to be a memory maker! Be sure to check out some of these amazing festivals at Soho Studios for the time of your life! If you're interested in planning your own music festival and hosting it at Soho Studios, we are here to help.