Florida Renaissance Festival

The Miami, Florida Renaissance Festival allows visitors to take a momentary time machine back to the ages when it was normal to drink a quart of warm mead and a leg of turkey in one's finest wear without any comments or staring. Put on annually with the works, including jousting, arts, festivals, time-period costume wear, and entertainment for the kids, the Florida Renaissance Festival is definitely a sight not to miss. The Festival draws visitors from across the state as well as from out of town and international visitors as well. Given the fact that Miami is an international destination, the marketing for the Festival often draws visitors who happened to be in town and wanted something different for a day versus being at the beach.

For businesses, the Festival is a chance to engage in community goodwill as well as selling unique products that don't normally subscribe to mainstream retailing. Artwork, furniture and clothing that draw from time periods do exceptionally well at the Festival, drawing customers from all over the state and tourists as well.

For event space in Miami to coincide with the Florida Renaissance Festival, Soho Studios can help coordinate space needs as well as logistics, particularly for larger scale vendors needing room to establish their presence for an extended period. Soho Studios regularly works with clients seeking party venues in Miami for all types of celebrations, festivals, and public ceremonies, including supporting vendor space as well.

So if you're thinking that this spring it’s about time to hop into your best leather britches, tankard in hand and harp in the other to try your success as a minstrel in the Renaissance, then the Florida Renaissance Festival is your destination. And once you're done with planning for festivities, remember that Soho Studios can provide the spacing and facility resources your event or business might need to operate a corollary event to work in tandem with the Renaissance Festival.