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Organic food on wheels Miami Food Trucks

Miami is a popular destination for thousands of people every year. Like any major city, Miami has a culture that they can call their own. Even within the city there are divisions of culture that are unique and must be experienced individually. One major hub for art, culture and cuisine in Miami is the Wynwood Arts District, where the Food Truck Round-Up happens during the second Saturday of each month during Art Walk.

The Bocadito's Food Truck has been serving the Miami area for over a year and has made relationships of trust along the way. At Bocadito's you will find only the best organic food and ingredients in each dish. Bocadito's uses the friendliest and greenest methods for producing their foods. This mobile operation has many stops but one that they frequent often is located outside the Wood Tavern. They serve food when the Wood Tavern is not serving. This shows the trust and tenacity of the Bocadito's owner. Some food trucks have been known to setup near open restaurants and compete for business, but Bocadito's is concerned with building lasting relationships. They know that attract customers they must be a trusted truck in the area, because after all the word will spread that they are a good place to eat.

Bocadito's can also be found at the Wynwood Green Art Walk on the last Sunday of every month. They continue at each location to offer the best in food choices. They have been a part of the Wynwood District area since it came about. They have become an icon to many events that go on there. Their food is organically produced and the people who eat there don't have to ask about the food since they already know all about this organic delight of the Food Truck Round-Up.

To find out more check out this great article by NBC Miami reporter John Wood entitled… NiteTalk: Ryan Echaus Brings Bocaditos Back to Wynwood Green

Soho Studios is located minutes from the Food Truck scene in Wynwood. Next time you're checking out the area during Art Walk Miami take a visit to Soho Studios.

The bean scene in the Wynwood District

The creation of an excellent cup of coffee requires skill, delicate execution and exquisite knowledge of the journey from bean to cup. Beans must be grown within the precise convergence of climate and horticulture and then roasted to perfection before they become the wake-up beverage of choice for many across the world.

Two of the world’s most prominent regions are famous because exactly that. Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, responsible for growing 1/3 of the planet’s coffee beans. In recent years coffee culture was put on the map by the Pacific North West, with cities such as Seattle and Portland, opening numerous coffee houses and roasters serving as a platform for multiple coffee giants (For example Starbucks) to spread coffee culture awareness and participation on a global scale.

At Panther Coffee in the Wynwood District these two delectable coffee worlds collide and complement each other immensely. Owners Joe and Leticia Pollack take their collective coffee experience and bring Pacific North West coffee culture to Miami with a Brazilian twist. Leticia grew up in the Brazilian coffee region of Serra De Mantiquera and worked for an espresso machine company. Joe is from Portland Oregon where he worked for years as a professional roaster. After meeting at a coffee convention in Minneapolis the two moved to Miami and Panther Coffee was born.

On the second Saturday and third Friday of every month you can go to Panther Coffer for a free coffee tasting or ‘’cupping” and experience the true essence of the coffee roasted there. Similar to a wine tasting it, it’s recommended that you spit out the coffee after each taste to prevent the effects of coffee from tainting your perception.

To find out more about Panther Coffee read this great article by Miami Herald reporter Linda Bladholm titled Wynwood’ s Panther brings West Coast coffee culture to Miami

Next time you’re in the Wynwood District be sure to stop by Panther Coffee to take a big gulp of what happens when Brazil Beans meet West Coast Roasting techniques and lands in Miami…

South Florida honey makes Wynwood sweet

Honey is a delicious natural sweetener. This delightful gift from one of nature’s queens is surprisingly low in calories and super good for you. Honey can help ease a sore throat, soften dry patches on skin and soothe a sun burn. Studies have shown that eating honey from a local source can help ease the pain of allergy sufferers by building a tolerance to local pollen. Bees are they only insects in the world that that produce a food supply humans can eat. Bees are truly amazing!

Honey is also pretty tasty and local honey is usually the tastiest. One South Florida beekeeper is keeping the Wynwood District Pretty Sweet. Meet Ian Wogan of South Florida Raw Honey. His backyard beehives produce about 200 gallons of honey a week. He started out by giving the honey away and now it’s become a full fledged business. “To see it grow into something that's becoming a business is not surprising, just not expected," Wogan told South Florida News Chanel WPLG. And business is booming! He started out selling to Wolf’s Wine in Coral Gables and the “buzz” spread from there and now he supplies South Florida Raw Honey to Sustain Restaurant in Mid-Town and the Wynwood District’s Panther Coffee.

Check out this great video of WPLG’s news story here…. Buzz over Locally Grown Honey Grows

So the next time you are in the Wynwood District be sure to stop by Panther coffee and take a taste of this sweet nectar of the animal kingdom. You’ll be supporting your health, local business and the amazing honey bee. BZZZZ!