South Florida honey makes Wynwood sweet

Honey is a delicious natural sweetener. This delightful gift from one of nature’s queens is surprisingly low in calories and super good for you. Honey can help ease a sore throat, soften dry patches on skin and soothe a sun burn. Studies have shown that eating honey from a local source can help ease the pain of allergy sufferers by building a tolerance to local pollen. Bees are they only insects in the world that that produce a food supply humans can eat. Bees are truly amazing!

Honey is also pretty tasty and local honey is usually the tastiest. One South Florida beekeeper is keeping the Wynwood District Pretty Sweet. Meet Ian Wogan of South Florida Raw Honey. His backyard beehives produce about 200 gallons of honey a week. He started out by giving the honey away and now it’s become a full fledged business. “To see it grow into something that's becoming a business is not surprising, just not expected," Wogan told South Florida News Chanel WPLG. And business is booming! He started out selling to Wolf’s Wine in Coral Gables and the “buzz” spread from there and now he supplies South Florida Raw Honey to Sustain Restaurant in Mid-Town and the Wynwood District’s Panther Coffee.

Check out this great video of WPLG’s news story here…. Buzz over Locally Grown Honey Grows

So the next time you are in the Wynwood District be sure to stop by Panther coffee and take a taste of this sweet nectar of the animal kingdom. You’ll be supporting your health, local business and the amazing honey bee. BZZZZ!