Legoland California Resort

LEGOLAND's Kids Marathon Mile

January 16 plays host to LEGOLAND’s exclusive marketing outreach event. The special, one-mile run-a-thon, titled the Kids Marathon Mile, invites kids and parents alike to experience everything LEGO. Before the event’s doors are opened to public arrivals, LEGOLAND hosts sound-packed entertainment, a park wind-up and a spectator-filled race. Event-goers can skip, stroll, walk or run through the event, facing an end reward inspired by LEGO's grand product designs.


LEGOLAND’s Kids Marathon Mile is presented alongside its newest SEA Life Aquarium grand opening. The Kids Marathon Mile begins early at 6:30 AM, offering activities, a DJ, refreshments and LEGO-bound booths. Concluding at 10 AM, the Kids Marathon Mile compliments the SEA LIFE Aquarium’s door opening. Event-goers are welcomed to enter with specialty deals, including a parental 50 percent discount and free tickets for any under age 12.

LEGOLAND regards the SEA LIFE Aquarium’s opening with grand appeal. The brand excels at utilizing its sheer recognizable power, enriching its market slice with toys, entertainment and enthusiasm. Each finisher’s flashy medal showcases efforts with success. No walker is left behind, and all benefit from the SEA LIFE Aquarium’s opening discounts—discounts which are alluring to post-event families.

Youth Marketing and the Tyke Hike

LEGOLAND’s feature Tyke Hike stages the Kids Marathon Mile. Instantly recognizable, the Tyke Hike utilizes LEGOLAND’s comforting premises. Youth marketing often engages parents, and LEGOLAND extends every effort to the parent’s behind tiny legs. Each registered youth may be accompanied by an adult, imbuing the direct marketing effort with long-lasting parental relationships.

The Kids Marathon Mile isn’t timed, and results aren’t posted. Complimentary refreshments span the premises, too, engaging both children and parents at every level. Experiential marketing typically engages unique attributes, and the Kids Marathon Mile maintains an excellent pre-opening strategy. Following the event’s completion, parents are enriched by LEGOLAND’s shops, newest products and promotions.

The Merlin Entertainments Group

LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE both benefit from the LEGO logo, the area’s brick configuration, the Minifigure and LEGOLAND California’s unique design. The Merlin Entertainments Group, powering both LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE, streamlines the area for perfect visitor retention and SEA LIFE’s promotion. SEA LIFE is tied to LEGOLAND in both brand and spirit the aquarium, part of the LEGOLAND California RESORT, is its newest attachment, tying a love for toys with a love for animals.

The SEA LIFE Aquarium offers interactive and educational dynamics. Unrivaled, its featured fun facts, play zones and quiz trails enhance the LEGO-lover’s experience. Parents are enticed by the event’s willingness to teach, engaging further with everything LEGO. SEA LIFE is primarily designed to be a child’s guide to the ocean’s diverse life. Due to LEGO’s widespread product coverage, SEA LIFE absolutely benefits the “urge for exploration” felt by many brand lovers.

SEA LIFE, powered by The Merlin Entertainments Group, embodies the LEGOLAND promotion strategy. Similar routes, mysterious encounters and fun events align it with LEGOLAND directly, and its location’s LEGO brick inclusions identify it directly with LEGOLAND’s exterior, interior and products.