How to choose an event venue

When deciding suitability for an event venue, there are many factors to consider. Many people who put on an event really have no idea what they are getting into until they speak with an expert, or the cold reality catches up to them. Not every venue is the same. Some have wonderful acoustics that are ideal for live music, while other are better suited for parties and weddings.

The first thing on your list should be to consider your audience, or attendees. How many will be there? Do they need entertainment, or are you the entertainment? Having an idea about how much space you will need is a good idea. Then there is the issue of capacity and size with a venue. Just because a venue has a maximum capacity of 300 people does not mean that those 300 people will be comfortable at the location. It's also a good idea to start as early as possible to make sure there will be availability with the venues you are scouting.

Here are a few categories of things to consider and go over when considering a venue.


Call and talk to different venues when you are in the planning stages of your meeting or event. You may have a budget in mind, but unless you have done something like this before, you may not be in the ballpark on price. Consider the facilities that venues have when considering price as well. That little renovated theater in downtown may have the lowest price, but will they provide everything that you need? How do they handle payment if you are charging a cover charge?

Facilities and Infrastructure

Many venue managers will volunteer information and be helpful when you are planning and point out that you may be new at this. Make sure to let your contact person know that you are putting an event together and want to make sure you leave nothing out. Then you can consider the facilities and infrastructure of the venue.

What is the physical condition of the venue?

Do they have a concessions area?

Do they provide sound and/or lighting?

Is their parking area safe and well lit?

Do they have their own security, or will you need to hire off-duty police officers yourself?

These are many of the things that you should consider to have a successful event and leave a lasting image in your attendee’s memories.